Autumn might conjure up visions of muted, deep colors, but we have a super-easy way to add a vibrant twist to your fall living space. Warm tones are ideal for this transformative season, which is why bright yellow is the perfect bridge between summer and fall. Sometimes you need a little pick-me-up when the days get shorter, and yellow is the perfect mood-booster. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to adding a pop of yellow to your cozy fall interior. From wall art to furniture, learn how to create a classy space with an equal balance of comfort and style.

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Classic meets Contemporary

Gold & Green 

Pantone Perfect

Citrus & Symmetry

Retro meets Modern

More Yellow Fall Decorating Ideas

Classic meets Contemporary

Combine classic and contemporary details for a cozy, modern space. Start with sleek, current furniture and a neutral color palette. Then, add vintage accessories and fall-inspired details. Hang a piece of wall art with a still life or classic theme for a homey touch. Incorporate a pop of golden yellow within your décor to ensure a space that doesn’t look too cold. It’s all about curating an interior that appears welcoming without looking traditional.

Yellow Dining Room Ideas

Your dining room is the perfect space to add a pop of yellow. The holidays are right around the corner, which means your dining space is the most important room to decorate. Follow our guide to hosting dinner parties, and then add yellow DIY fall decor for a lively hint that encourages conversation.

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Gold & Green

Autumn conjures up imagery of nature and staring out the window at changing landscapes. Take a cue from the great outdoors and changing leaves with your color scheme. Combine green and gold for a chic, seasonally-appropriate look. Incorporate modern velvet textiles in warm green colors, and add medium-to-dark wood details. Hang a piece of wall art that mixes neutrals with a bright splash of yellow to finish the space.

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Pantone Perfect

Pantone’s colors of 2022 have been Illuminating yellow and Ultimate Gray. While 2022 is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean you should toss these trendy tones! These iconic colors are still popping up throughout design websites and 2023 décor predictions. Cool neutrals and warm accent colors make the perfect pairing. Start with a white of off-white base, and hang an abstract print with yellow and gray tones.

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Citrus & Symmetry

While citrus may be reminiscent of spring and summer, you can easily add the bright and tangy tones to your fall interior. Use deep grey, tans, and beiges to offset the lemony brightness. Matte metals and clean lines will make your room look contemporary, and the yellow will give it a lively boost. A symmetrical space is another way to add a 2022-inspired trendy touch.

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yellow autumn decor

Retro meets Modern

We’ve consistently mentioned the benefit of mixing the old and the new, which is exemplified in the resurgence of Mid-century style. Hang a piece of artwork that uses shapes that are reminiscent of retro patterns. 1960s-style furniture will look brilliant with bright yellow accents. Keep your furniture low to the ground, and use yellow as your primary boost of color to keep it looking current.

Yellow Bedroom Ideas

While your bedroom may be a space meant for rest and relaxation, it is also the room where you start your day. Begin your morning with an energizing splash of yellow. While you don’t want to overwhelm your space with bright, aggressive colors, a few pops of yellow are ideal to enhance your mood and give you a pep in your step. You can incorporate yellow through pillows, bedding, or wall art.

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More Yellow Fall Decorating Ideas

Yellow is the hottest color for fall 2022 – literally! This year is all about breaking rules and choosing décor that brings you joy. If you want to get down to the nitty-gritty of different yellow tones, check out our articles on marigold and mustard. For more interior design ideas, browse every décor trend on our inspiration blog.

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