Not quite yellow and not quite orange, marigold is trending for 2021. This shade is reminiscent of 1970s warm-toned décor, but it has unique, uplifting undertones. Mix sunny yellow and rich gold to achieve this floral-inspired hue. Get your home ready for spring with a stunning wash of marigold details. If your space is looking a little dull lately, nothing can give it new life quite like marigold. Discover the top five ways to integrate marigold with your current décor. Explore vivid wall art and gilded accessories to bring the illusion of sunshine right into your space.

Complementary Colors

Orange and blue are complementary colors, which means they sit at opposite sides of the color wheel. Put a twist on this classic color combo with marigold and muted blue. Let the marigold yellow be the star of the show, and use a denim color to make it pop even more. This color palette is funky while still looking stylish. Choose a piece of wall art that uses vibrant marigold tones and a hint of blue to tie your room together. This balanced color scheme can also inspire gorgeous navy blue and yellow bedroom ideas.

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A Warm Wash

For the bold designer looking to make a striking change, paint your entire wall in a rich, warm marigold wash. Let your walls be the focus of your space, and give your guests something to marvel at. Hang a monochromatic print with marigold and orange details, and then use darker décor throughout the rest of your space. Experiment with shades like black, charcoal, and teal so that your furniture doesn’t get lost among the bright colors. A dark grey and yellow living room will never go out of style.

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Marigold home decor ideas

Mellow Yellow

While yellow may be regarded as an energizing color, there are ways to make marigold work for calmer spaces. Play with more muted marigold hues with rusty undertones. Combine these orangey shades with warm neutrals like beige, tan, and brown. Pile cozy textiles made up of lush fabrics like velvet and wool. You can easily use marigold to brighten up a bedroom while still maintaining a serene atmosphere.

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Muted Marigold

Another muted marigold idea entails combining natural finishes with modern furniture. Use light wooden details and organic materials throughout your space. Experiment with warm metallic tones like gold, bronze, and copper. Use simple, contemporary elements that will bridge the gap between the raw components and a stylish aesthetic. Incorporate a minimalist layout and avoid excess pieces that will distract from the simplicity of muted marigold.

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Golden Boho

Step back into the 70s with a boho take on the marigold trend. Because yellow is a stereotypically retro color, marigold works perfectly with bohemian-inspired décor. Explore woven elements like traditional crochet and macramé. Use relaxed textures like cotton and hemp for a laid-back appearance. Rattan furniture is a must when it comes to creating a boho/marigold combo.

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Marigold home decor ideas

Orange and Yellow Decor & More

Whether you have a modern or traditional interior, marigold can complement any existing theme. Simply follow our gilded guide and discover the sunny trick that works for you. We could all use a little positivity in our lives, and marigold is the perfect color to deliver a sense of hope and joy. Marigold is all about brightening your mood and your home. You can’t go wrong with a splash of yellow-orange, and marigold is the perfect combination of these two warm hues. Pleasant weather is right around the corner so its high-time to give your interior a glowing new look.

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