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Supporting fine artists is more important than ever. With such a diverse array of artwork to choose from, it can be difficult to select your favorite style. Art is about more than just the colors and the imagery, it’s about the story behind each piece. We’ve rounded up three fascinating artists with distinct portfolios to showcase for our readers. Whether you love abstract wall art or observations on pop culture, each artist has a unique perspective that shines through their work. Let us introduce you to the wonderful inner worlds of Mayka Ienova, Annette Schmucker, and Tom Reeves.

Mayka Ienova

A multimedia artist with a rich cultural background, Mayka Ienova hails from Monterrey, Mexico. Her deep passion for the fine arts stems from an early childhood fascination with creating unseen worlds. She seeks to create imagery that has never been seen before. First, she sketches her imaginative ideas on paper, and then transfers them to a digital medium. Her unique technique produces vibrant digital artwork with striking visual dimension. She uses vectors to build on her original concepts, and favors classic celebrities as her subject of choice. From geometric representations of Audrey Hepburn, to fantastic reimagining of historic scenes, Ienova achieves a unique sense of culture mixed with surrealism.

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Neutral Line Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Annette Schmucker

Residing in southern Germany, Annette Schmucker is a master of oil paintings. She plays with light, depth, and color to create ethereal dreamscapes. Another artist from birth, Schmucker maintains an unparalleled composition of unexpected shades. Each painting is wholly unique, but her signature style is instantly recognizable. For homeowners looking for a piece that is both sophisticated and striking, Schmucker’s work cannot be beat. She bridges the gap between tradition and experimentation, and often includes acrylic paint in addition to classic oils. There’s no other artist who has mastered vivid hues quite like Schmucker, and each abstract acrylic painting is a kaleidoscope of reveries.

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Another Morning Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Tom Reeves

A skilled artist with an abstract eye and a passion for neutrals, Tom Reeves chose to devote his life to painting after making the move from Oklahoma to sunny SoCal. While he didn’t begin painting until after the birth of his first child, his artistic awakening was a revelation. He describes his style as “contemporary with a touch of abstract.”  He is specifically inspired by The Museum of Contemporary Arts in Los Angeles, and he mainly paints using modern acrylics. His work reflects a combination of his Southern roots and the creative spirit of California. With a distinctly recognizable style, his unique pieces lie somewhere smack dab in between calming and invigorating. Influenced by sunsets and the sea, his unique interpretation of nature has to be seen to be believed.

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Beach Wood Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Artists and Beyond

Browse the collections of these proficient artists and find a piece that speaks to you. Each of these artists offers a varied assortment of canvas prints. No matter your existing color scheme or style of decor, you can easily find a work of art that fits seamlessly with your current interior. Choosing art is an emotional experience, and it’s an exciting moment when a print instantly captures your heart. Discover more diverse artists through our “Artist Spotlight” page, and stay tuned for a new interview every month.

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