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Feel a need to instantly boost your mood?
Whether you feel down or less motivated, art can help!
Try painting on a blank canvas, or even simpler, look at wall art in your living room for five minutes. Did you notice the change? You feel happy and positive now, no? Well, art is magical! It eliminates stress and boosts a good mood.

Here's how art can support your wellbeing!

Art Makes You Happy

When you are sad, indulge yourself in art! Art gives a feeling of joy and boosts a good mood. It is an expression that fosters the feeling of relaxation, creativity, and inspiration. Many prominent studies have shown that art can help support mental wellbeing and also improves the quality of life. 
The good news is that any form of art helps reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol and encourages good hormones endorphins and dopamine, in our brain. From playing music to dancing, even doodling in a notebook, art makes you feel good. By creating or appreciating art can transform you into a more positive person!

how art affects the mood

Simply Viewing Art Can Boost Good Mood!

Even looking at an artistic piece, such as wall art, a decorative utensil, or anything alike, does an excellent job for our mood. Any form of art – traditional or contemporary – has the potential to evoke a sense of happiness and positivity.
Whether it is a stunning scene set by Mother Nature or a great manmade piece of art, it triggers powerful mood-enhancing chemicals in our brain. Both the natural world and art are two of the biggest sources of inspiration, especially when we talk about creative pursuits.

Colors Of Expression Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Influence of Colors

Art largely revolves around colors, and colors can play a huge role in enhancing our mood. For instance, lively hues give a feeling of energy, while darker shades can bring a sense of melancholy. Let’s take a look at how four happy colors affect the mood:
YELLOW: The color of friendliness and sunshine! This is definitely the happiest color on the color wheel!
PINK: This cheerful color has a calming effect and can evoke feelings of optimism, love, and compassion.
BLUE: This intellectual color provides a reassuring and calm reaction in individuals. Opt for lighter shades of blue that are more serene.
GREEN: This balancing color brings peace of mind and rejuvenation. As it is often associated with nature, it has a refreshing effect.

Green Field Roses Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

How Does Wall Art Influence You?

Most of us do not think of home décor in this way, but it is important! When choosing wall art for your living room, bedroom, kitchen or any other room, first ask yourself this question "What influence will this wall art have on my mood and emotions?"
If you succeed at getting a satisfactory answer, you can move ahead with it. After all, you will be looking at the wall art quiet frequently. So it should have some meaning in your life. Make sure the artistic home décor you choose should evoke positive and inspiring feelings whenever you look at it. For instance, wall art featuring the elements of nature inspire harmony and positivity in your décor.

Mandala in Blue I Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Art Therapy Is a Thing!

There are many ways to define art therapy, but the simplest definition is – Art is an application of visual art for therapeutic purposes. You don’t always have to see a specialized therapist to experience many therapeutic benefits of artistic expression. You can experience the same by performing simple activities at your home. These activities are journaling, painting, sketching, etc.
Art therapy is not new, it’s been in use since the mid-20th century. It helps people overcome not only mental but also physical traumas. Those who feel pressured and distressed should try art therapy. Creating or even surrounding yourself with art gives a chance to slow down in life and explore your issues. Art therapy can improve the mental health of people who are dealing with anxiety, dementia, eating disorders, depression, etc.

Painting helps boost the mood


The mental and physical benefits of art are countless. So when you are feeling low, create something artistic, or simply observe the same. In this way, you will be able to express your feelings and feel light and happy.
Last but not the least, art is not limited to paintings, but also include wall art, name art, sketches, sculpturing, and much more. Choose something that you really enjoy and that makes you feel good.



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