Whether you’re moving into a new space, or you just want to make your space FEEL brand-new, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to redecorating your interior. Wall décor is a super easy way to make your house feel like a home. Moving can be overwhelming, but the more personal your home feels, the easier the transition will be. Experiment with trending styles and statement pieces to change the atmosphere of your interior. Tons of people are making a major transition at the end of summer, which is why we created this comprehensive piece. Our interior design experts have endless advice for anyone who has recently relocated. If you’re moving in the near future, start planning your space now! The sooner you feel moved in, the sooner you’ll feel settled in your new space.

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Pick Décor Based on Your Personality

Choose Wall Art that Fits Your Space

Create a Custom, One-of-a-Kind Home

Select Inspirational Home Wall Décor

Home vs Apartment Wall Art

More Trending Home Wall Art Ideas

Pick Décor Based on Your Personality

Your home is a direct reflection of who you are. Make yourself (and your guests) more comfortable by being open about your taste and personal style. Hang a piece of wall art in the center of your space that shows off your unique aesthetic. If you’re a minimalist, play with clean lines and neutral hues. For more traditional interiors, opt for an eye-catching floral print. If boho is more your vibe, try out a geometric print that incorporates organic hues. The best part about wall art is that you can swap it out according to your mood, which makes it the perfect addition if you’re still working on furnishing your interior.

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Top Trending Wall Art Styles

If you love playing with current trends, our art director has the perfect pick! Curated by Tirzah Goodman, our Warhol-inspired collection puts a modern twist on pop art. These brightly colored prints are perfect if you’re looking for an eye-catching statement piece. Plus, the colorful nature of Warhol’s artwork will match a wide variety of color schemes and palettes. Ideal for a highly visible space like a living room or dining room, these iconic prints act as excellent conversation pieces. Plus, they will instantly make your new home look more intentional and put together.

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Choose Wall Art that Fits Your Space

A home that feels too empty is the tell-tale sign of an unfinished interior. Plus, it’s impossible to feel cozy and comfortable in a space that’s visibly barren. Choosing the right size décor is imperative when building out your brand-new space. Make sure to fill empty areas with cozy elements like potted plants, textiles, and even chic storage. Display personal knickknacks that fit with your space. You want to avoid clutter, but a few personal pieces can add to the warmth of your interior. It’s always better to go too big with your wall décor rather than too small. Amateur designers tend to pick prints that are too small for the designated wall. If you’re filling a smaller nook like an entryway or stairway, go with an oversized piece of wall art that spans almost the entire length of your wall to ensure a well-proportioned atmosphere. If you need help choosing the right dimensions for wall décor in any location, check out our comprehensive Ultimate Wall Art Size Guide

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Create a Custom, One-of-a-Kind Home

Looking for an ultra-personal way to upgrade your new home? We have the perfect solution! Our custom wall art is the perfect way to preserve memories with family and friends. If you’ve recently relocated away from your loved ones, a custom piece of wall art is a great opportunity to make you feel closer to them. Simply upload pictures of your favorite moments, and we’ll turn your photos into a high-quality piece of art.

PS If you have a friend who recently moved into a new space, these also make excellent housewarming gifts!

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Select Inspirational Home Wall Décor

Push yourself to reach your full potential every day. A big move is the perfect opportunity to turn over a new leaf and start fresh. Reach your personal and professional goals in your new locale. Inspirational artwork can give you the boost you need to be your best. Hang a piece of motivational wall art above your desk to make you feel driven and eager to achieve. Creating a productive space is essential, and inspirational typography will instantly increase your desire for greatness.

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Home vs Apartment Wall Art

Are you moving into a house or a new apartment? The size and layout of your space can dictate the type of décor you should explore. If you’re renting a space, wall art is a great way to elevate your living area without sacrificing your security deposit! If you own your new home, consider painting an accent wall behind your new piece of artwork to make a major visual impact. For a home, you might consider opting for a more timeless piece of artwork if you see yourself in the space long-term. If your living situation is more transient, play with trendy pieces of wall art. Exploring trends is a great idea for any interior, but you have an especially good excuse if you’re in a more short-term space.

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More Trending Home Wall Art Ideas

If you just moved into a new space (or you’re moving soon), you likely have LOTS of decorating to do. Our décor blog is full of expert interior design advice! Explore top trends and current styles, and get major inspiration for your new home. Create your dream space with a few affordable tips and tricks. Your home should be your sanctuary, and the right décor can make it feel like a personal haven. Good luck with your big move!

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