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Moving is both stressful and exciting. If you’ve ever swapped one neighborhood for another, you know how overwhelming the change can be. Whether your best friend just moved across the country, or your new neighbors just moved in next door, a housewarming present is a thoughtful gift that can turn an intimidating situation into a welcoming one. The question is – how do you choose the perfect housewarming present? From wall art to custom prints, we have several ideas that are sure to put a smile on the face of any new homeowner.

Canvas Prints

For a close friend or family member who just made a big move, give them something meaningful! A one-of-a-kind canvas print is perfect for turning homesickness into a celebration of memories. It’s the modern version of a visual mixtape! In addition to practically endless layout options, you can choose from a single or multi-panel canvas. Create this personalized gift yourself, and add sentimental photos for your recipient to hang on their new walls.

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Custom Photo Prints


Forget a typical bouquet of flowers; opt for a houseplant that will live for years! Indoor greenery is universally appreciated, and potted plants are ideal if you’re not sure about the recipient’s taste. A green gift is risk-free but still unique, making it perfect for practically anyone! For foolproof foliage, choose a low-maintenance plant like a succulent or bamboo. Looking for a houseplant with guaranteed longevity? Choose an air plant that doesn’t require dirt whatsoever!

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Housewarming gift ideas

City Skyline Art

Help your friends and family celebrate their new city with a piece of art that shows it at its best. Get them excited about their move with a sleek skyline print. This gift is perfect for a regional or international move. Choose a photo of their city at sunset, or go for a classic black and white print. Put a positive spin on this formative time, and celebrate new beginnings.

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San Francisco Sunrise Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art


City Map

Another gift that embodies a warm welcome is a classic city map! Give your friend a map of their home city, or give them a fresh perspective of their new home. Not only is this a practical gift, but it also makes a stunning art piece for any empty wall. Point out your favorite landmarks, and pair the piece of art with a city guide book! Choose from a small piece of framed artwork, or a canvas that stretches from wall to wall.

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Chicago Map Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Custom Collage

For an extra-personal touch, create a custom collage. Not only can you choose a bespoke selection of images, but you can also place a personalized message at the bottom. Write an inside joke, or a simple “welcome” message! Choose several photos from a variety of life events, or a handful of photos from one special moment. It’s an unexpected gift that makes an emotional impact.

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Collage Canvas Photo Prints

Housewarming Gift Ideas

No matter which housewarming gift you choose, your new neighbor (or longtime friend!) will immediately feel more comfortable in their brand-new space. From custom canvases to potted succulents, there are tons of easy and affordable options that will wow your friends and family.  Owning or renting a new space is a huge milestone, and it’s an important event to celebrate! Don’t be afraid to get sappy, and make your gift as personal as possible.

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