Dark walls are a daring trend. This stylish design choice is growing in popularity every day. Décor experts are huge fans of this bold look. You don’t need an expansive space to pull off dark walls. In fact, reserving dark paint exclusively for large spaces is one of the top five rules to break for 2021. We’ve put together the ultimate guide on how to properly pair alternative paint colors with wall art and surrounding décor. Follow our expert tips and turn your home into a stunning space full of character.

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Emerald & Modern

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Black & Contemporary

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Teal & Bohemian

Trending Color Topics

Emerald & Modern

Dark green accent walls are a classic jewel tone, and they’re making a huge comeback. There are several ways to modernize this rich hue. Paint either your entire living room, or an accent wall, in a lush, deep green. Hang an ultra-modern abstract print for a contemporary touch. Keep your furniture neutral and low to the ground to maintain an up-to-date appearance. Explore luxurious textiles like velvet lacquer to complement the refined emerald tone.  

Abstract Brushstrokes

You can’t go wrong with our newest wall art collection: abstract brushstrokes. This catalog of modern art was handpicked by art director, Tirzah Goodman. A combination of simple lines and abstract shapes, these prints are ultra-versatile and will elevate any existing décor.

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dark wall decor ideas

Slate Grey & Retro

While grey is typically toted as a sleek, sophisticated shade, that doesn’t mean you can’t create an eclectic interior with a grey base. Play with funky shapes and shades that contrast the grey backdrop. A blue or lavender-toned slate grey shade is the perfect twist on this classic cool neutral. Play with colors like orange, yellow, and teal for a perfect balance between fun and classy. Let your dark wall and accent colors remain the star of the show, and keep your furniture and décor minimal.

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dark painting ideas

Black & Contemporary

A black wall may seem daunting, but it’s a trend that designers are fawning over this fall. However, keep in mind that a dark grey or espresso brown will appear almost black when painted on your wall. A dark bedroom aesthetic gives off a mature, elegant look. Contrast your almost black wall with ivory bedding for the perfect balance between light and dark. Make sure your lighting is soft to add to the chic ambience. Hang a print that combines light and dark neutrals to tie your space together.

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dark color decor

Navy Blue & Natural

Another dark color to consider for your bedroom walls is navy blue. Add texture to the wall behind your bed, and paint it a muted, dark blue color. Add an organic touch with wooden details and natural textiles. Industrial-style accessories will create an almost-rustic appearance that will make your navy space look completely unique. A greyscale print is the perfect finishing touch to this one-of-a-kind interior.

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dark painted walls

Teal & Bohemian

While the “boho” style may conjure up images of neutrals and predominantly warm details, but why not put a cool twist on the bohemian trend? Paint your room in a teal blue tone, and hang a piece of artwork in a style that celebrates culture and diversity. Keep your décor minimal, but choose pieces that showcase your free spirit and adventurous attitude. A teal wall is dark, daring, and the ultimate alternative to basic white.

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wall decor for dark walls

Trending Color Topics

From dark bedroom ideas to a stunning dark green accent wall, alternative paint colors are taking the design world by storm. Gone are the days when white walls were the industry standard. Swap your plain, neutral palette for something with a pop of dark color. Apply one of these exciting color palettes and watch your space transform in the blink of an eye. For more color trends and décor advice, check out our design inspiration blog. We’ll walk you through the most popular wall art and interior style ideas

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