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If you tend to favor cohesion over contrast, this is the trend for you. A monochromatic interior uses different variations of a single color to achieve a dramatically unified look. Monochromatic décor is a great way to showcase your personality, and assure an integrated atmosphere. Plus, this trend can completely eliminate the concern for clashing colors. When your whole room is made up of one color, clashing and matching become irrelevant. As long as you stick to your chosen palette, your intention will be clear. Whether you choose to base your space around a piece of wall art, or your favorite piece of furniture, anyone can execute a monochromatic look.

Bright White

A white interior is proof that you can achieve drama without any color at all! If you don’t have any pets or young children (…or you’re really brave), use this rare opportunity to try out the all-white trend. This look is striking, chic, and sophisticated. Maximize natural light and visually expand your space with white walls and white furnishings. This museum-inspired look will make your entire room look like an art piece. Guests will be endlessly impressed with your commitment, and your space will look effortlessly refined.

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Monochromatic Trend

Soothing Neutrals

While a neutral color palette may be a looser take on the monochromatic trend, it is popular for a reason. Mix ivory, beige, and grey to create a space that looks both elegant and relaxed. Just because your room is devoid of color, doesn’t mean it has to lack coziness! Use an equal balance of warm and cool tones for an inviting appearance. Utilize shades like off-white and light grey for a soft overall look.

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Walking Down the Street Neutral Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Orange & Gorgeous

The 1970s is making a comeback this year, which means orange is in for 2021! An all-orange interior may seem overwhelming, but it can easily be done tastefully. Orange is a color that immediately brightens your space and lifts your mood. Combine a variety of tangerine tones from rust orange to light peach. You can also walk the line between orange and yellow with shades like marigold and honey. Hang a piece of wall art that combines a variety of orange hues to use as a base for your surrounding décor.

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Summer Poppies Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Blue Hues

There are endless ways to use the color blue. You can go with a nautical-inspired, navy-based color scheme, or you can steal inspiration from the sky. Blue is infinitely versatile, which makes it the perfect color to test the monochromatic look. If you’re going to go blue, go bold! Paint an entire wall in a vibrant cerulean. Layer different textures in various shades of teal and cobalt, and choose royal blue velvet furniture to boot.

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Monochromatic Trend

Think Pink

A pink interior doesn’t necessarily mean froofy frills. Create a soft, dawn-inspired space with delicate shades of rose and carnation. You can even sneak in some purplish hues like mauve and lilac. Purples and pinks are predicted to take 2021 by storm, which means it’s the perfect time to cover your room in this romantic shade. Pink is equal parts fun and calming, which makes it an ideal choice for monochromatic bedroom ideas and living spaces.

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Misty Day in Manhattan Pink Gray Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Monochromatic Room Ideas

If you’re passionate about a specific set of shades, a monochromatic interior may be right for you. 2021 is all about making bold statements, and there is nothing bolder than a room decorated in a single hue. If your goal is to wow your guests, committing to a dramatic style is essential. Go with a modern space composed of neutral tones, or give a nod to retro décor with striking sunny shades. From monochromatic bedroom ideas, to a single-shade living space, a monochromatic interior is easy to create, and the payoff is well worth the plunge.

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