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Go bold AND go home. 2020 is the year to take risks with your home décor and dare to explore an unexpected selection of shades. A distinct color palette composed of bold colors will not only add an unexpected touch to your space, but it will make the decorating experience even more enjoyable. Stay true to yourself and don’t be afraid to really “go there” when choosing your colors.

Read on for more tips and tricks to transform your home by experimenting with dramatic design techniques!

Don’t Be Shade Shy

Even though the winter months are quickly approaching, that doesn’t mean you have to switch to subdued hues. There are plenty of season-appropriate colors that still pack a punch. Shades like cherry red or muted maroon make for stunning accent shades. These deep, warm colors symbolize passion, elegance, and romance.

Bold color palette

Pair your ravishing rouge details with deep greens and blue-greys. These earthy tones will make the daring reds pop even more. You want to walk the line between refinement and fearlessness, which is exactly what the color red does!

Check out our red collection here >>

Truly Timeless Tones

Although bold colors are often used in contemporary interiors, design history is no stranger to drama. Take inspiration from art deco interiors and paint an accent wall in a deep, commanding hue like dark teal or navy blue.

Bold color palette

Offset this daring choice with bright-colored furniture in retro coral or poppy pink. Use plum to tie together the two contrasting tones. Looking to put a modern twist on this timeless look? Hang a trendy piece of wall art that makes a striking statement.

The Bold and the Beautiful

We know that red is a must when it comes to a bold color palette, and there are plenty of ways to weave this rich hue into your living space. Red and black modernizes a room instantly without looking overbearing.

Bold color palette

Pair red-orange tones with grey and ivory for a look that’s both colorful and classy. Keep your furniture sleek and simple and go bold with your choice of rug. Choose a piece of abstract wall art to complete the contemporary look.

Feelin’ Hot

If black feels too harsh for your space, choose a charcoal grey. A dark grey will still have a bold visual effect without the inherent edginess of black. To keep your space from feeling too cold, weave in warm colors like burnt orange and golden yellow.

Bold color palette

The best part about warm colors is that you can never have too many variations. Find wall art and home décor in everything from rusty red to tangy tangerine. As long as your floor and walls stay white and bright, you can add as much color as you want to your interior.

An Expert’s Advice

Denise Hopkins, architect and owner of Living Design, offers her insight into this fearless trend:

"The use of bold colors is easier than you think. First, choose an art piece that has a multitude of colors, some super saturated and some subtle.”

She suggests our piece titled, Another Blue Morning.

Bold color palette

“The ultra-rich blues are balanced by medium tones and pale tones. If it feels balanced, you’re on the right track. Less is more!” Hopkins continues to explain how to balance your space utilizing dramatic pieces, “Pale grey walls keep the painting center stage. Minimizing [extreme] contrast will keep your room comfortable and still dramatic. Trust your instincts and be brave. If you love it, it works!"

Dare to Dream Big

Looking to make your nest a little flashier? There’s no time like the present. You might prefer to keep some rooms cohesive and others contrasting, and that’s perfectly fine! Play around with dramatic shades in different rooms to discover what feels right in your unique space. A bold color palette is ultimately about being fearless and choosing colors that bring you joy.  



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