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A collage is a creative décor concept that never goes out of style. Whether you opt for a gallery wall or a classic collage, this timeless trend is a great way to add a touch of flair to your interior. From the living room to your dining space, any area of your home can benefit from a multi-panel canvas collage. You can display your favorite family photos, or showcase your taste in eclectic wall art. A collage is all about celebrating your personal taste in décor and design.

Choose Your Subject

The first step in creating the perfect collage is to choose your ideal subject. If you’re unapologetically sentimental, show off your softer side! Hang photos of your fondest memories with friends and family. You can even tack up a few pieces of memorabilia to fill the space between each photo. If you’re more of an art buff, show off your unique style! Combine images that elevate your space and exemplify your artistic taste. It’s all up to you!

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Collage Canvas Photo Prints

Select a Color Scheme

It’s time to select your shades! You want your collage to look cohesive, so it’s important to choose colors that complement each other. Decide if you want to follow a warm or cool toned color scheme. Another simple technique is to pick hues from around your home, and tie them together with your wall picture collage. If you’re still in the process of furnishing your space, go for riskless neutrals! Still stumped on the perfect shades? We’ve created canvas sets that are designed to look cohesive. Simply choose your favorite set, and collage away!

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Measure for Height

Hanging wall art is a tricky skill to master. Many homeowners make the mistake of hanging their art too high, when the ideal height is at eye level. In a classic gallery, artwork is placed in perfect view for the patrons to admire. You’ll want to mimic this technique when you create your collage. For example, if you’re creating a collage above your couch, you only need a 6-10 inches between the top of the furniture and the lowest photo.

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Mix Shapes & Sizes

Don’t be afraid to incorporate a variety of shapes and sizes! Pick canvases that contrast each other to create maximum visual interest. Add a little dimension by hanging prints both large and small. Play with both scope and texture, and create a one-of-a-kind wall of artwork. The more unique, the better!

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Photo collage wall display ideas

Stick to Odd Numbers

Decorating with odd numbers - it’s a well-known design method for a reason! Odd numbers are proven to be more pleasing to the eye. Rather than focusing on symmetry, interior design is about crafting a multi-dimensional space. Arrange prints in threes, fives, and so on. This will give your home a more aesthetically attractive look.

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Custom Hexagon Canvas Photo Prints

Canvas Collage Ideas

Now that you’re ready to create your collage, it’s time to have some fun! Implement your favorite techniques, and then take some risks! Collages are all about showing your personality and celebrating your individuality. Happy decorating!

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