Deciding to design a custom piece of artwork is the easy part. The hard part is choosing the content! When there are so many photos and paintings you love, it can be difficult to pick the perfect composition of memories. Maybe you want to combine a meaningful photograph with a print from your favorite artist, or maybe you want to stick to photos from a single event. There are tons of possibilities when it comes to creating your own piece of wall art. We’ve created a handy guide to help you decide!

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Switching Seasons

Combining Colors

The Correct Composition

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Custom Canvas Prints: A Summary

Large Custom Canvas Prints

If you’re going to opt for a customized piece of wall art, why not go big? Show off your personality and your passions with an oversized piece of artwork. You can choose from a multi-panel set, or a single expansive canvas. The biggest mistake beginning designers make is choosing a print that is too small for the overall space. If you’re planning on filling an empty wall, or adorning the space above your sectional, make sure your wall art is properly proportioned. Follow our “Ultimate Wall Art Size Guide” to ensure the most visually pleasing dimensions. With custom canvas prints, you have the benefit of a one-of-a-kind appearance. Lean into your unique vision with a piece of art that grabs your guests’ attention from the moment they step into your home.  

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best custom canvas prints

Custom Framed Canvas Prints

A sleek alternative to a multi-panel canvas is a single, framed print. Framed artwork is totally timeless, and it’s ideal for homeowners looking to create a traditional interior. If your ultimate goal is to create a refined space, framed art is something to seriously consider. While multi-panel art looks modern and playful, framed wall art is a tried-and-true classic. The lightweight, sleek appearance of a framed piece will match practically any existing décor. Plus, it doesn’t get more sophisticated than a solid, black frame! Fill the frame with custom memories and photoprints that fill you with joy.

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Framed vs Unframed: A Breakdown

If you’re looking for more tips on how to choose a framed or unframed custom print, visit our expert page on the two styles.

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custom canvas photo prints

Switching Seasons

First, consider a seasonal-inspired photo print. Select images of you and your family around the holidays for a winter-inspired piece, or choose photos from a sun-soaked event to display during the summer months. If you’d rather create a canvas you can display all year long, look for timeless memories that showcase occasions that are not seasonally specific.

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Wall Display Canvas Photo Prints

Combining Colors

Even if you’re using family photos for your custom canvas, you can still make sure the colors of each image complement each other! Pay close attention to the lighting in each photo. For instance, if your favorite pictures are dark and moody, add images with shadowy depth to the rest of the spread. If you’re going for more of a lighthearted look, seek out photos with pastel colors and high-exposure lighting. For customers who want to add artistic prints and creative imagery to their collage, we recommend sticking to a warm or cool-toned color palette.

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Custom Prints Ideas

The Correct Composition

While it’s important to look cohesive, it’s also crucial to add dimension and visual interest. That means you should include a variety of shots from a plethora of angles. Combine a close-up with a wide shot from far away. Add images with multiple subjects next to a single portrait. Make sure your subjects are positioned differently in each shot. This is your opportunity to showcase a variety of moments and emotions, which means you don’t want to hang images that look too similar to one another.

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Collage Canvas Photo Prints

Get Sentimental

Go ahead and get sappy! It’s your home after all. Hang custom photo prints that capture the sweetest memories with your loved ones. Take it a step further by adding a written caption to commemorate your precious moments. Get a personal message printed at the bottom of your canvas collage, or upload your own custom typography. Hang prints of words or names that hold important meaning. From an inside joke to a meaningful quote, use your words to express how you feel!

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Custom Prints Ideas

Showcase Your Style

The best part about a custom canvas is that it can be whatever you want it to be! As you keep in mind the rules for optimal design, it’s all up to you in the end. Make a statement with your custom photo prints, and wow house guests with your creativity. If you’re a daredevil at heart, choose images of adventurous activities! If you prefer a more traditional interior, upload photos in black and white. For the modern homeowner, combine artistic prints with your custom canvases for a contemporary look.

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Custom Hexagon Canvas Photo Prints

Custom Photo Print Ideas

Custom prints are ideal for anyone who wants to design an eye-catching interior. Choose your color scheme, perfect your layout, and start hanging! Just because you may be using personal photos, doesn’t mean you can’t get artistic with the composition. Each piece in your home should be curated to complement the surrounding décor, so it’s important to use your existing interior as inspiration. Most importantly, designing your house should be fun! Custom canvas prints add to the personal process of building a home.

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