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Pets are a huge part of our lives. If you have a fur baby you love, create a home that’s conducive to their presence. Whether you have a brand-new pup or a decade-old cat, there are tons of ways to combine style with functionality in your home. Curate a space that is safe for your furry friend, as well as trendy for 2022. If you’ve been itching to give your home a makeover but you’re worried about your four-legged friend loving it a little TOO much, don’t fret! These expert design tips are meant to blend practicality with aesthetics. Create a home that you and rover will both love!

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Pet-Friendly Décor Trends

Protect Your Pets AND Your Home

Materials & Textiles for Easy Clean-Up

Don’t Take Your Décor Too Seriously

Add a Custom Touch to Your Home

Instantly Elevate Your Interior

Let’s start with the fun part – trendy décor. We’ll work through the practical tips and tricks later, but first, let’s break down top 2022 trends. First, choose a color palette that is super-hot this year. While your pet may be colorblind, your guests won’t be! A trendy color scheme is a great way to add a splash of style that won’t interfere with your pet-friendly space. Pantone has chosen “Very Peri” as the Color of the Year. This experimental tone is a surreal take on a classic periwinkle hue. Pair this color with trendy terrazzo details and speckled patterns for a space that matches a dalmatians spots! Hang a two-panel print in the center of your living room to instantly modernize your home.

Expert Tips

If you’re searching for the perfect piece of pet-themed wall art, try a piece of our “Definition Wall Art” collection. Curated by our art director, Tirzah Goodman, these split prints combine typography with an eye-catching image. We even have pet-themed definition canvas prints! Use your wall art to tie together your color scheme.

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Protect Your Pets AND Your Home

Pets are like children. You have to protect them from the hazards of daily life. Avoid delicate glass furniture and accessories that can break and cut their previous paws. We all know cats have a penchant for pushing objects off of teetering surfaces, so anything highly breakable should be avoided. If you have a dog, wicker and wood furniture can be totally safe. However, organic textiles can be tempting for a scratch-happy cat. If you’ve just brought your pet home, it might be a smart idea to hide the more delicate furniture pieces and accessories while you get a sense of their behavior and personality.

Pro Tip: Pillow covers and couch covers are a great way to add interesting patterns to your space in an easy-to-wash way!

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Animal wall art

Materials & Textiles for Easy Clean-Up

Beyond washable textiles, avoid fabrics that are a magnet for fur. For example, steer clear of velvet, shag, or silky finishes. Remember, the smoother the surface, the easier it is to clean! For example, fabrics like leather can be wiped off with very little effort. When it comes to flooring, consider tile or laminate. If you want to add a rug so your furry friend doesn’t slip and slide, make sure the rug is machine washable. Finally, go with a semi-gloss paint rather than a more matte finish because it’s much easier to remove pet hair and stains.

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Animal wall decor ideas

Don’t Take Your Décor Too Seriously

One reason we love our fur babies is because they make us laugh! Silly pets are the best pets. Choose a piece of wall art that highlights the humor that pets add to our lives. Our “pets wall art” collection has both serious and silly prints, but we have a special spot in our hearts for the comedic pieces of art. Put a smile on the face of everyone who enters your home with a funny, animal-themed canvas print. Keep the rest of your décor classy and sophisticated for the perfect balance between serious and lighthearted décor. Embrace minimalism and let your comedic print be the center of attention.

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Funny Pet Art

Add a Custom Touch to Your Home

No two pets are alike, and your home should be equally unique! We have a couple of custom options to make your interior one-of-a-kind. Consider ordering a photorealistic print of your four-legged friend. We’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of creating your very own piece of wall art. For a more artistic twist on custom artwork, try one of our creative coloring canvases. These prints are meant to give you a dynamic guideline to make your own piece of pet-themed art.

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Pet Wall Decor

Instantly Elevate Your Interior

Animal-inspired wall art is the perfect way to give your home a cheeky, pet-friendly touch. From mess-free materials, to décor that celebrates your furry friend, elevate your interior with these expert tips. If you’re looking for more ways to up your interior style game, visit our inspiration blog. Our resident décor pros have highlighted the top trending design ideas for 2022, and there’s no time like the present to create the home of your dreams.

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