Pantone’s Color of the Year has finally been announced – and we’re here to help you incorporate it into your interior! The Pantone trend predictions are heavily anticipated every year, and this winter they did not disappoint. After careful deliberation, the experts have chosen…*drum roll*…Very Peri! This vivid, almost futuristic shade of periwinkle is vibrant while still being wearable. Self-described as carefree and confident, Very Peri is all about embracing new possibilities. The beauty of this unique color is its ability to fit into a delicate or daring interior. From wall art to color palette ideas, we’ve consulted our experts to bring you the most beautiful ways to add Very Peri to your space. Get ahead of the top trends, and get your home ready for 2022 ASAP!

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The Perfect Combination of Blue and Purple

Create a Modern, Floral-Inspired Space

Mixing Periwinkle with Light Neutrals

Curate A Very Peri Dining Space

Combine Retro and Contemporary Décor

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The Perfect Combination of Blue and Purple

Periwinkle is typically a mix of light blue and purple. While Pantone has categorized Very Peri as a part of the blue color family, it undoubtedly has visible red undertones for an almost-purple appearance. Bring out both colors be adding true blue AND purple décor to your space. Choose a Very Peri piece of wall art for a trendy touch. This shade is the perfect opportunity to add both classic and contemporary elements to your space, while making the contrast look intentional.

A Monochromatic Moment

Another trendy option is to consider a monochromatic-style space. While it may seem bold, using variations of a single shade throughout your home is all the rage for 2022. The cohesive element looks contemporary, and the visual variation is timeless. Pepper your space with periwinkle, and maintain a neutral base to make the periwinkle hues stand out.

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Purple Blue Wall Decor

Create a Modern, Floral-Inspired Space

While periwinkle has more blue than typical colors found in nature, there are a couple of flowers that are purple with blue undertones. Use these stunning natural displays of Very Peri for a delicate touch. Wisteria and bluebells have a whimsical appearance, and they can add a touch of Spring magic to any season. Pair floral details with sophisticated textiles like suede, crushed velvet, and wool. Hang modern pendant lights in bronze or rose gold for a soft, contemporary look. Make sure your space is bright with a few bold pops of color to mimic the appearance of blossoms in the sunlight. You can’t go wrong with a garden-inspired space with periwinkle as your primary tone. If you can’t get your hands on fresh flowers in periwinkle hues – don’t fret! A piece of wall art with a nature-inspired print will do the trick.

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Periwinkle Wall Decor

Mixing Periwinkle with Light Neutrals

If you’re stumped on how to fit Very Peri into your color palette, there’s a simple solution. Start with a cool, neutral color palette for a chic look. Periwinkle is the perfect pop of color for a playful touch that won’t take away from the modernism of your interior. Because periwinkle leans cool but still has red undertones, you won’t risk an interior that looks too cool or uninviting. The understated touch of warmth and personality is just enough to elevate your home. Combine shades like gray, off-white, and taupe for a truly modern feel. Add your accent of Very Peri through pieces like artwork, pillows and throws, and accessories like vases or candles. This look is ideal for communal areas like your main living space, due to its understated nature and crowd-pleasing ability.

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Periwinkle Wall Art

Curate A Very Peri Dining Space

Speaking of communal spaces, Very Peri works beautifully in a modern dining room. Don’t limit the periwinkle touch to your décor. You can also opt for periwinkle upholstered or painted furniture for a colorfully understated look. Wall art is the perfect accessory for a dining space because it ties the entire room together. Plus, a canvas print is ideal for creating the illusion of room separation if you don’t have a dedicated dining room. For smaller areas, choose a large, periwinkle print that will give your dining room a grand illusion without taking up any floor space. Experiment with wood details for a natural feel, and add greenery for organic contrast. Dried flowers also create a rustic vibe if you want your home to lean more traditional. It’s all up to you!

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Periwinkle Wall Decor

Combine Retro and Contemporary Décor

On the topic of traditional décor, there are several ways to use Very Peri in a retro-inspired space. Mid-century modern has been a popular comeback trend for years now, and it’s easy to see why. This simple and sophisticated theme has a playful element that makes your interior feel both luxurious and laid-back. Choose furniture that is low to the ground with clean lines, but don’t be afraid to play around with different geometric shapes. While periwinkle wasn’t a typical tone associated with the mid 20th century, that’s what gives it a 2022 twist!

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Blue Purple Wall Decor

More Top Trending Color Schemes

Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year will undoubtedly stand the test of time. Although it was hand selected as the top shade for this upcoming year, Pantone’s picks tend to stay trendy for years to come. Plus, Very Peri is objectively stunning, and includes the perfect balance of warm and cool. From your bedroom to your dining room, periwinkle is suitable for almost any space. No matter your style, there is way to flawlessly incorporate this confident color. Wow your guests while maintaining a refined interior. For more trending colors and color palettes for the new year, visit our inspiration blog. From Behr to Sherwin-Williams, we cover all of the top tones.

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