The top décor trends for 2022 are in, and geometric prints are leading the style shift. While soft prints and grandmillennial maximalism defined 2020 and 2021, sharp lines and classic modernist details are making a comeback. A minimalist energy with a vibrant color palette, this juxtaposition will elevate any contemporary interior. There’s a hint of retro charm in these dynamic prints, while they still maintain a wholly modern look. Our design experts have put together a guide to the trendiest geometric prints, and how to incorporate them into your space. From wall art to color schemes, get ready to completely transform your home.

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Bauhaus-Inspired Prints

Personalized Geometric Wall Art

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Multi-Panel Design Ideas

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Trending Color Schemes

A Summary of Geometric Décor  

Bauhaus-Inspired Prints

The Bauhaus style is defined by an emphasis on functionality with sharp shapes and minimalist details. Originating in Germany in 1919-1933, neutrals are essential to this contemporary design era. However, wall art is a great way to add a pop of color without overwhelming your space. Hang a geometric print inspired by the Bauhaus period. Incorporate industrial details to offset the playful pattern.

For a more in-depth look at the Bauhaus style, preview our article all about the Bauhaus period:

“The most common Bauhaus-approved accent colors are the three primary hues. Red, yellow, and blue pop up frequently throughout Bauhaus-style homes. This technique was popularized by renowned Russian artist and Bauhaus teacher, Wassily Kandinsky. He believed that the combination of these three shades held a specific psychological symbolism. He perceived blue as serious and calming whereas he thought that warm yellows and reds were eccentric and energizing.”

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Personalized Geometric Wall Art

For another print that has similar features to the Bauhaus movement, consider a personalized piece of "Mondrian" artwork. Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan was a Dutch painter who was made famous for his boxy, minimalist, primary-colored pieces of artwork. We offer personalized quotes in a variety of styles – geometric included! Take inspo from the Mondrian color scheme, and embrace red, blue, and yellow, and clean lines. If you’re in love with abstract art but you’re looking for something with more structure, a geometric print is right up your alley. Add a hint of black and white to make your geometric pattern stand out in a sophisticated way. Keep your décor simple to emphasize your geometric wall art as the centerpiece of your space. Play with different shapes within your space for contrast that won’t overwhelm you interior. Consider one of our panoramic prints for a trendy, space-savvy look. Curated by our art director, Tirzah Goodman, our personalized quotes collection is meant to uplift and elevate. Enhance the style of your home while adding an inspirational twist. Add a name or a personal message for a one-of-a-kind look. By combining geometric artwork and personalized typography, you can blend modernism with a homey space. Your interior should be a reflection of who you are, so it’s important to give everything a personal touch.

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Personalized Geometric Wall Art

Mixing Warm & Cool Tones

Abstract, geometric prints are a great way to elevate your color scheme. Mixing warm and cool tones is a hot trend for 2022, and wall art can tie together these two contrasting color palettes. For instance, choose a multi-panel print that incorporates muted tones like dark orange and golden yellow, along with teal and navy details. As long as you keep your colors predominantly subdued, you have more freedom to combine hues.

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Sherwin-Williams Color Forecast

For an expert take on mixing warm and cool colors, reference our guide to the 2022 Sherwin-Williams Color Forecast. Warm neutrals and cool accent colors are a major part of the predictions for the upcoming year. Pair this trendy blend with low-profile, modern furniture for an ultra-sleek look.

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Multi-Panel Design Ideas

You don’t have to stick to a single design when it comes to incorporating geometric patterns. In fact, hanging a selection of coordinated prints can add a dynamic look to your space. Our geometric canvas sets ensure a perfectly matched array of prints. Different geometric designs can add visual interest while maintaining a modern vibe. Don’t be afraid to add other patterns throughout your space, as long as you are selective with décor. Geometric pillows and rugs are a great way to pepper patterns throughout your space.

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Black & White Patterned Art

If your color scheme is already bold and bright, patterned artwork can compete with your surrounding décor. The way to avoid this design faux-pax is to use a black and white patterned print. The colorless appearance will keep the focus on the lines and geometric details. The goal is for the geometric wall art to elevate your space rather than distract. Black and white is the perfect solution if you already have bold pieces and colors woven throughout your space. Try out a trendy two-piece for an ultra-contemporary touch.

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Trending Color Schemes

A major trend for 2022 is a monochromatic, cool color scheme. After a host of bright and bold colors coming to the forefront in 2021, next year is all about a peaceful, serene interior. If you really want to model your home after the upcoming styles and trends, a calming, cool color scheme is a must. However, calm doesn’t mean bland. A rich, geometric print can keep your space from all blending together. Even if you’re using a cohesive color palette, it’s important to have some contrast in the form of accent pieces.

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A Summary of Geometric Décor  

Our single and multi-panel geometric prints hint at the Mid-century modern trend, but provide a refreshing new twist on contemporary décor. They are vibrant, eye-catching, and ultra-versatile. Give your home an eye-catching new look, and stay up to date with current styles. For more decorating inspiration, check out our blog full of expert advice. Never miss another trend!

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