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Create a soft and romantic atmosphere in your bedroom with the color pink. This delicate shade can easily be incorporated in a sophisticated and mature way. Pink is one of the top trending colors for 2023 and it’s easy to see why. From pastel pink to muted mauve, this shade has been on the forefront of modern design. Our decor experts have put together the ultimate guide to incorporating pink into your sleeping space. Explore our top picks for wall art and overall decor for your bedroom.

Pink Bedroom Decor: An Overview

Pink is the perfect shade to use in your bedroom due to its subtle ability to brighten a space. Your goal for your bedroom should be to create a relaxing space that feels warm and welcoming. Pink is the perfect balance between warm and cool, making it ideal for a serene space. Adding a splash of pink can add character and visual dimension. Experiment with different textures and comfy details for a space that makes you want to snuggle up.

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Pink Color Combos: Expert Tips

ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz shares her tips for pairing pink with neutral shades like grey:

“Pair pastel pink with grey for a romantic, peaceful look. Play with other pastel colors in your space like apricot, light yellow, and blue. This will give your interior a calm and dreamy appearance. “

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Grown Up Pink Bedroom Decor

Pink isn’t a juvenile shade, there are plenty of ways to add this color in a mature way. The easiest way to make pink look more grown-up is to incorporate a more muted hue. Variations like mauve and dusty rose are perfect for a master bedroom. These colors aren’t overly feminine, but still retain the romantic undertones of a classic pink color scheme.

Mauve Decor: Expert Tips

For more advice on the mauve and muted pink trend, consider these expert tips from our article on dusty rose-inspired tones:

“While a pale, cool-colored pink is a common shade used in bedroom decor, 2021 introduces several new ways to explore mauve and pink/purple bedroom ideas. Hang a muted pink light fixture for a contemporary, playful look, and keep your furniture minimal. Choose a modern grey headboard and layer various shades of mauve and dusty rose textiles. Dried flowers like peonies and lavender are an edgy alternative to fresh flowers, and a floral wall print will tie your color scheme together while still keeping it soft.”

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Classy Pink Bedroom Decor

Pink can be a chic and refined shade when paired with the right decor. Light and bright neutrals like white and ivory can elevate pink accents. Create an easy, breezy space with modern details and a minimal atmosphere. Incorporate pink-tinted metallic tones like rose gold.  Your bedroom is a great area to experiment with rosy shades and cozy textiles.

Rose Gold: Expert Tips

If you’re looking for specific decor and accessories to enhance your rose gold details, follow these tips from our article all about rose gold:

“Choose a piece of wall art that incorporates a photorealistic print of pink roses. Add rose gold accessories on a nearby surface or shelving unit, and finish the look with mauve textiles. Florals are a great way to combine modern decor with traditional decor. Place a rose gold vase with roses for an extra touch.”

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Modern Pink Bedroom Decor

Modern color trends are seeing pink as a major frontrunner for bedroom decor ideas. While warm neutrals and cool accent tones are the heart of 2023 decor forecasts, pink is peppered into almost every prediction. The combination of pink and cool colors like green and blue can create a nature-inspired space with a splash of pizazz. Take inspiration from lush gardens for a serene sleeping space.

2023 Color Trends: Expert Tips

Pale pink was a part of Sherwin-Williams’ 2023 Color Palette, and it's officially here to stay for 2023! Read our article all about this trending collection of colors, and discover how to blend pink with other popular hues. This iconic color scheme is STILL one of the most requested palettes this year!:

“Inspired by young flower blossoms and pale plant life, the “Dreamland” palette looks exactly like it sounds. This whimsical collection is intended to ring in a new season of your life, full of rebirth and untouched possibilities. Let yourself drift off to a refreshing fantasy world of sage greens and pale pinks. Create a base of linen-inspired neutrals and add accent colors through wall art and decor. Velvet textiles and other delicate elements are perfect for maintaining the ethereal appearance. To avoid a space that looks overly feminine, add modern details like contemporary light fixtures.”

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Pink Wall Decor for Your Bedroom

An effortless way to add pink to your space is by hanging a piece of pink wall art. Create a stylish, monochromatic appearance with a pink accent wall and pink artwork hung on top. You can also use wall art to add a subtle splash of pink. One of our most popular bedroom wall art collections is the pink category. Unsurprisingly, designers opt to use this shade everywhere from master bedrooms to guest spaces. For an ultra-modern look, place your bed on the floor and hang a vertical piece of multi-panel wall art instead of using a headboard.

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Pink Destination Poster Ideas

A pink-toned poster of your favorite destination can be a great addition to a bedroom, bringing color and a sense of adventure to your sleeping space. The use of pink can add a delicate touch, and when combined with the imagery of your favorite destination, it will create a warm and inviting atmosphere. For example, imagine a pink-toned poster of cherry blossom trees in Tokyo or Washington D.C. The use of pink will promote a calming and relaxing environment, perfect for unwinding after a long day. It can also inspire wanderlust and motivate you to plan a trip to that dreamy destination. When choosing your pink-tinted poster, consider the style and size of your room. A large poster may dominate a small room, while a small poster may get lost in a large space. Also, consider the other colors in your room, and choose a poster that complements or contrasts with them.

Finally, hanging a pink-toned poster of your favorite destination can be a great conversation starter when guests come over. It can also provide a personal touch to your bedroom, making it feel like a cozy retreat that reflects your personality and passions. Use this trick to add a touch of color, inspiration, and personalization.

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More Decor by Color

You can’t go wrong with a pink bedroom, especially going into 2023. From velvet to fresh flowers, there are endless ways to add this soft shade to your space. If you’re looking for more guidance on specific colors, visit our decor inspiration blog. We have articles on adding green to your bedroom, and decorating with grey. Fill your home with trendy tones, and give your interior a brand-new look with a few simple color changes.

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