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Soft pink and lilac tones are huge for 2021. These 80s-inspired shades can easily be made modern with a mauve painting or a rosy touch. With endless versatility and a palatable appearance, dusty rose is the new neutral. Pair this romantic hue with everything from grey to sky blue. It radiates sophistication without being boring, making it the perfect color to spread throughout your space. It looks delicate next to ivory and trendy next to burgundy, making it adaptable to your personal style. From blushing wall art to pink-tinted paint, dusty rose is here to stay.

Mauve Bedroom Ideas

While a pale, cool-toned pink is a common color used in bedroom décor, 2021 introduces several new ways to explore mauve bedroom ideas. Hang a muted pink light fixture for a trendy look, and keep your furniture minimal. Choose a contemporary grey headboard and layer various shades of mauve decor and dusty rose. Dried flowers are an edgy alternative to fresh flowers, and a geometric wall print will tie your color scheme together while still keeping it current.

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Cool Landscape Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A Romantic Living Room

Living rooms are all about emphasizing a sense of coziness and community, which makes dusty rose the perfect shade to create a welcoming environment. Play with different textures, and include warm neutrals like beige and tan. Find a piece of wall art that combines warm and cool shades to allow more freedom with your surrounding décor. To avoid a living space that looks overly youthful, paint your walls a deep neutral like grey or taupe.

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Eventide Plum Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

A Kitchen Tickled Pink

All-white kitchens are out and colorful kitchens are in! Use pale pink liberally throughout your kitchen for a bold look. Pair your rose-colored cabinets with a trendy slab of marble on your countertops. If you really want to commit to the monochromatic look, opt for rose gold appliances and dishware. Stay away from using too much silver to keep your kitchen warm and inviting.

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Dusty Rose Decor

A Delicate Dining Room

2021 is all about embracing pastel-toned dining rooms. Rather than a traditional dining space composed of deep, serious shades, this year we’re going light and bright. Choose light-colored wood with pastel furniture. Dusty rose chairs are stylish and chic, while still keeping your space carefree. If you want a super subtle touch of formality, explore combining light colors with luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk.

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A Blushing Bathroom

Turn your bathroom into a spa with sleek finishes and minimal décor. Give your contemporary bathroom a colorful twist with a dusty rose accent wall. This shade won’t distract from the luxury surfaces, but it will make your space feel more personal. You can also create depth and dimension with a soft touch of pink. Plus, dusty rose is a modern choice in contrast to overused bathroom hues like blue and green.

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dusty rose decor

Dusty Rose Decor

Dusty rose can elevate your interior without overwhelming it. Fall in love with this subtle shade and give your space a kiss of color. Use this hue to achieve visual cohesion throughout your home. Dusty rose can swing both modern or vintage depending on your personal taste. Give your interior a touch of understated elegance with the timeless color that is dusty rose.

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