Planning to Gift Artwork? You Need These Tips!

Wall art is the perfect holiday gift. Bold, customizable, and totally unique, you can give artwork to almost anyone in your life. From coworkers to family, everyone will appreciate a personalized print. We’re going to take you through the top tips to selecting wall art as a holiday or Christmas present.

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Know Your Audience

Consider Custom

Dare to Go Bold

A Personal Message

Holiday Inspiration

Trending Custom Gift Ideas

Know Your Audience

If you’ve known your recipient for years, choose a piece that only you could select. Consider their taste and current décor, and choose a print that matches their style. If they have a favorite animal, landscape, or artist, opt for a piece of wall art that showcases what they love. Plus, reflect on the colors they use frequently and go with a print in a color scheme that complements their décor.

Drop Subtle Hints

For recipients who aren’t as familiar, you can still give the gift of wall art! The trick is to either go for a universally stylish print, or drop hints to hone in on their style. For example, ask what kind of design eras they prefer to get a sense of their aesthetic preferences. You can also ask their opinion on one print versus another, under the guise that you are shopping for yourself. If you don’t want to give away the surprise, consider an abstract, minimalist print that can go with any interior – contemporary or traditional.

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Consider Custom

The most thoughtful gift is a custom one. You don’t have to go with a printed piece of artwork that anyone can buy. In fact, we offer several custom options for a personalized present. This gift is ideal for the holidays because of its considerate nature. Upload photos of friends and family to immortalize special moments and memories. Your gift recipient will be blown away by the unique quality and personal feel. Consider one of our brand-new, easy-to-hang foam photo tile options.

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Dare to Go Bold

Although you want to make sure the artwork is in their taste, you also don’t want to play it too safe. Select a piece of art that is bold enough to make a statement. Whether you choose bold colors or an eye-catching design, the name of the game is taking a risk. Dare to go bold and make a stylish splash. The person who receives your gift will be wowed in the best way.

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A Personal Message

Pictures may speak louder than words, but you can’t beat a combo of the two! Typography art is the perfect gift for several reasons. Most notably, you can select a word or phrase that means something to your recipient. If they love adventure, choose a wanderlust-inspired print. For avid yogis, you can’t go wrong with “Namaste.” There are practically endless, versatile options when it comes to typography.

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Holiday Inspiration

A piece of winter-inspired wall art is perfect for a Christmas or holiday gift. Go for a snowy, seasonal landscape, or a more Christmas-specific print. Similar to giving an ornament or piece of Christmas décor as a gift, wall art can be festive and full of holiday spirit. Celebrate the joy that surrounds the holiday season with stunning canvas art.

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Trending Custom Gift Ideas

For more personal gift ideas, check out our article that expands on giving the gift of custom prints. We also have a super handy guide to choosing images for your custom gift. Looking for additional holiday wall art ideas? We’ve got you covered! This Christmas wall art guide has even more seasonal suggestions. Happy decorating!

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