You have to see our new collection to believe it. Full of vibrant floral prints and inspirational phrases, this trendy collection is hard to beat. As we move into 2022, interior design trends are bold and bright. Get ahead of the game with our handpicked selection of wall art. Curated by our art director, Tirzah Goodman, these pieces of artwork will transform your home in the blink of an eye. Follow our expert tips as we guide you through this eye-catching collection.

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Definition Wall Art

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More Trending Floral Wall Art

Definition Wall Art

Combine two of our top trending collections with vivid florals and minimalist typography. Our “Definition Wall Art” collection is all about showcasing a single word that inspires you. Two-panel prints are all the rage, and this pairing is the perfect way to experiment with symmetry. One panel is a bright, flowery print, and the other is a minimalist piece of typography. It’s a match made in design heaven! 

Trendy Accent Wall Ideas

Make your new print pop even more by hanging it on a colorful accent wall. Dare to be dramatic, and elevate your space with a textured accent wall in a contemporary color like teal or gray-blue. A double-panel print will look ultra-unique on a wall that isn’t pure white.

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vibrant floral wall art

Motivational Prints

Combine vibrant florals with inspirational phrases. Motivational wall art will encourage you to start your day on the right foot. Feel energized every time you enter your home. Instantly boost your mood with a brilliant, unapologetically bright print. Hang this vivid, positive typography in your living room or workspace to maximize its motivational ability. Pull colors inspired by saturated nature tones like emerald green, rose pink, and lemon yellow.

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flower wall art ideas

Bold & Botanical

Natural interiors are all the rage for 2022. Go wild with houseplants and organic textiles in your sleeping space. However, natural doesn’t mean neutral! Just because you’re basing your space on nature-inspired décor, you can still use eye-catching colors. Use bright greens, along with a balance of both warm and cool tones. Great accent colors are magenta, fuchsia, gold, and bright blue. Hang one of our vibrant floral word art prints over your bed for a playful, stylish look.

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flower typography art

Neon Lights

Embrace the neon look with a print that mimics the style of a glowing, neon sign. Neon art is a hot trend for 2022, so we’ve handpicked a few prints to reflect this resurgence. Mix floral themes with neon lettering for a truly contemporary appearance. If you want to add a splash of fun to your interior, this is the perfect solution. Pull colors from your neon print and pepper them throughout your space for a lively, cohesive look.

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neon flower wall art

Moody & Modern

For a darker take on the vibrant floral typography trend, experiment with a slightly deeper color palette. Shades like purple, maroon, navy blue, and black are daring and perfect for this winter. Jewel tones are timeless, chic, and incomparably rich. Pair a moody print with textiles like velvet, leather, and cashmere. Create a juxtaposition by choosing a piece of wall art that combines dark colors with romantic, optimistic text.

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bold floral wall art

More Trending Floral Wall Art

To say florals are trending would be an understatement. Flowers and botanical designs will be everywhere in 2022, so hop on the trend ASAP! Words and flora are the ideal pairing for a playful space. For more outdoor-inspired design ideas, see our latest article on warm and whimsical nature décor. You can also check out our piece on vintage nature prints for a more traditional take. Visit our inspiration blog for a complete guide to the current trends. Good luck!

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