The Best Beach Wall Decor for Your Living Space

Some of life’s sweetest memories are made at the beach. Hardly anyone can resist the enticing ambience of rest and relaxation that the seaside provides. If you live far from sandy beaches and ocean waves, don’t fret. You can still embrace coastal living with these beach wall decor ideas.

With our simple tips and tricks and a little coastal wall art, you can create an ocean-side paradise right in your living room!

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Top Trending Beach Wall Décor

Coastal Wall Décor: Shapes & Layouts

Beach House Wall Décor: Size Guide

Cruising with Coastal Colors

Go Glam with Your Feet in the Sand

Create a Nautical Focal Point

Beach-Themed Wall Décor: Gung-Ho for Grey

Breezy, Bright, and Lots of Light!

Coastal Wall Décor Ideas: Sand is On Brand

A Seaside Summary of Beach House Wall Decor

Top Trending Beach Wall Décor

Add a retro twist to the classic beach-themed aesthetic. 2022 is all about mixing contrasting styles, and you can’t go wrong with the perfect blend between classic and contemporary. Consider one of our vintage road trip prints that mimics the look of posters from the golden age of cross-country travel. Curated by our art director, Tirzah Goodman, these playful pieces are perfect for a beach-inspired space. Harness the feeling of a relaxing vacation with an eye-popping print. If you really want to make your wall art pop, consider painting an accent wall in a golden yellow or sea blue. These summery colors will brighten your home all year long, and capture that coastal feel. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, finish your beachy look with wooden furniture and natural textiles.

Different Takes on Beach Décor

While tropical beach décor is the go-to for island-themed interiors, you can also opt for an all-American coastal vibe. Explore décor inspired by Northeastern beaches in Massachusetts, Maine, as well as lakeside Mid-western beaches in Illinois and Michigan. While these beachy locales might not have palm trees and aqua waters, there’s a rugged charm with an inherent summer vibe. Include traditional American furniture and incorporate nautical colors. Blue, white, and red are truly timeless tones that pair perfectly with neutrals. You can also add subtle splash of warm hues like yellow and orange for a sunny atmosphere. Beach décor can be as broad or specific as you want it to be, and there are tons of seaside and lakeside locales to steal inspiration from.

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Coastal Wall Décor: Shapes & Layouts

When choosing the best beach-themed wall art ideas for your interior, it’s important to consider the technical aspects as well. We’ve put together a guide to help you select the canvas shape that will best reflect your décor goals:

For the charming, classic interior: The Single-Panel Rectangle or Single-Panel Square

The space-saving shape that works in every home: The Single-Panel Vertical Canvas or the Single-Panel Panoramic Canvas

The modern option for contemporary spaces: The Triptych Tri-Panel Canvas or the Symmetrical Five-Panel Canvas

The trendy pick for ultra-stylish homeowners: The Split Two-Piece Canvas or the Four-Panel “Wave” Canvas

For the eclectic designer with playful taste: The 7-Piece Hexagonal Canvas Set

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Beach House Wall Décor: Size Guide

Selecting the best shape of wall art is essential to ensure your space looks professionally decorated. Follow these tips from our Ultimate Wall Art Size Guide:

“Your wall art should take about 60% to 75% of the available wall space, meaning, the portion not covered by moldings or furniture. First, measure the height and width of the wall. Next, multiply the measurements by both 0.6 and 0.75. As a result, you will get the range of canvas print sizes to suit the space. Voila!

As an example, if your blank wall is 9 feet tall and 5 feet wide, 9 feet by 0.6 to get the low end of the ideal height range. Then multiply 9 feet by 0.75 to get the high end of the ideal height range. Do the same for your wall's 5 feet width. The ideal height of the canvas would be 5.4 feet - 6.75 feet and the perfect width would be 3 feet - 3.75 feet.

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Living Room Wall Art Ideas

For your living room, consider this helpful equation when choosing the dimensions of your canvas:

Wall art that you want to hang over furniture, such as over a sofa or couch, should be between 2/3 and 3/4 of the furniture's overall width. For instance, if your couch is 6 feet wide, multiply it by 0.66 and 0.75. That means you would need a canvas between 3.96 feet and 4.5 feet wide to fit nicely above the couch.”

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Cruising with Coastal Colors

Subdued seaside hues are timeless for a reason. If you’re a traditionalist through and through, combine muted blues and off-whites for a space that is brimming with beach vibes. Hang the perfect piece of beach wall decor to create a stunning statement piece. Use soft blues and beiges to allow your wall art be the focus of the room.

Beyond the neutral nautical color scheme, there are tons of bright colors suited for a beach-themed interior. Consider tropical pops of hibiscus pink, palm green, and sunshiny yellow. Throw in a touch of teal to complete the vibrant color palette. No room in the house has to be dull! 

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White Wall Décor Ideas

For the marine-obsessed minimalist, opt for a pristine, light-colored living room with a crisp, white sofa. Accessorize this airy space with a nautical rug that’s reminiscent of Cape Cod and the iconic Northeast beach towns.

Monochromatic enthusiasts can stick to sandy shades for understated warmth. Add metallic gold details that mimic the sparkling sea while still sticking to a neutral color scheme.

Turquoise and coral shades are ideal for the trendy homeowner who wants to put a twist on tradition. These colors are super modern and highly versatile, not to mention visually pleasing.

If you haven’t quite pinned down your overall aesthetic, go for blue and white stripes. They’re always a winning choice among beach themed wall decor ideas.

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Go Glam with Your Feet in the Sand

Beachy style is inherently easy and breezy, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a luxurious touch to your interior.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize with a seaside scheme. The smallest accessories can take your home from simply cozy to resort-level relaxation. Glamor can be understated and exciting at the same time. 

It doesn’t get more nautical than antique cage lights. Go for bronze metals and exposed bulbs to capture the essence of a ship at sea.

Another excellent accessory is pearls! Hangs strands of pearls practically anywhere to create truly a lavish living space that still fits your theme.

Create a nightstand with vintage steamer trunks and suitcases. Try replacing your lamp with a vintage lantern for some serious beachy bliss.

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Create a Nautical Focal Point

Every room needs a centerpiece, and we have a plethora of beach wall decor and accessory ideas. Use turquoise-toned seaglass for a chic addition to any area.

A bowl filled with shimmering shells makes for a great conversation piece, and branches of driftwood work well as wall hangings.

Mermaids aren’t just for kids! There are tons of mermaid-adorned accessories that are elegant and classy. Look for ornate vintage pieces that incorporate sirens and sea creatures.

Set miniature sailboat replicas on an empty shelf for a truly nautical atmosphere, or choose wall art with a tropical view as a focal point. 

Other nautical wall-hangings include metal anchors, images of lighthouses, and fish-themed art. 

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Beach-Themed Wall Décor: Gung-Ho for Grey

It’s no secret that grey is popular in modern décor. It’s super versatile and ultra-chic. Grey is also an excellent shade to compliment beachy blue and white.

Grey is a great addition to any room. It blends seamlessly with shades such as seafoam green, baby blue, and bright white.

From your floor to your ceiling, grey is an excellent base color. Grey tile is totally timeless and soft grey walls are beautifully understated. When you go with grey, you can’t go wrong!

Breezy, Bright, and Lots of Light

One of the most important elements for a beach-inspired interior is light-colored wood. Incorporating soft shades of wooden details is a great way to go nautical without going overboard (pun-intended.) Wood can counteract the cool tones and give just the right amount of warmth.

If you accessorize correctly, you don’t need to invest in all new furniture for a beachy interior. Light-colored throws and nautical pillows give just enough of a nod to the sea.

Use sheer, white curtains in your living room, and distressed rugs made of natural fibers on the floor. Daily life has never been brighter.

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Coastal Décor Ideas: Sand is On Brand

Besides the sea, sand is the second most important element of the beach. Sand radiates a calming energy that promotes inner peace. Jars of sand or sand-inspired wall art can capture this source of serenity.

Use sandy shades to decorate your space. Beige candles, cushions, and throws are a great way to offset your oceanic details with sandy hues.

Beach house wall decor depicting a sandy shore is the perfect addition to your brand-new coastal cottage. 

Even if you’re experimenting with bright blues and sunny yellows, you can still bring it back to basics with neutral, sand-centric shades.

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A Seaside Summary of Beach House Wall Decor

Embrace wicker baskets and distressed details. When designing a beach-inspired interior, you want to bridge the gap between casual and chic. Bring the beach home with you and transform your space into the ultimate staycation.

Serenity has never been simpler when it comes to capturing the essence of a day at the beach. Make your living room a coastal retreat every day of the week with our curated selection of beach wall decor.

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