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When art meets science: Albert Koetsier's artworks are an intersection of beautiful photography and X-ray technology.

Meet Our Artist of the Month! 

Albert Koetsier

Dutch artist, Albert Koetsier, has been fascinated by photography since the age of 10. As a kid, he constructed his first homemade camera using old matchboxes and magnifying glasses.

After working as an X-ray engineer, Koetsier combined the technology and his passion for photography to create stunning X-ray photography.

His art is mostly inspired by flowers, seashells, small animals, leaves, and botanicals.

We asked him a few questions to get a glimpse into his world!

What inspires you most as an artist?

"To speak in the language of beauty and originality about Nature and the Universe."

When did you begin creating?

"I started with photography when I was about 10 years old (68 years ago). I was always interested in and studied art all my life. At the high school final exam I had a 9 for art (1960). In my files are about 30,000 negatives.

I started with X-ray photography 40 years ago, (for fun - not money). I had built my own X-ray generator (now I have about 2,500 X-ray negatives). I was then a manager at an X-ray company. I still remember that I showed my X-ray photos around 1994 to other artists. Their reaction: Albert, you should sell these!

By 1998 I finally discovered how to sell art and become very successful with it. It took early retirement from my Manager position." 

Do you have a favorite creation?

"AHH! Too many! From the Mona Lisa and Vermeer's "Lady with Earring", unto Picasso's "La Guernica", and many, many more!"

What is your life motto? 

"Study and enjoy art, science, and history. Also, create positive relationships with people."

If you weren't an artist, what would you be instead?

"In the last 10 years I was a part-time Prof. at the University of California. I like that very much. I taught Classes in History of Art, Science, and other. I think I could have been a full-time Prof. instead of what I did."

Check out his stunning collection right here.

Gold Tulip Bouquet Wall Art by Albert Koetsier Albert Koetsier wall art print

Neutral Lovers wall art by Albert KoetsierAlbert Koetsier wall art prints

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