Tips for Creating and Arranging a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a timeless design technique. If you’re looking for an eclectic way to fill empty wall space, you can’t go wrong with a gallery wall. Hanging your images in a visually pleasing arrangement is key. While a gallery wall is an easy DIY project, there are a few technical tips to take into consideration. Plus, there are tons of different types of gallery walls to explore! From the traditional technique to a more modern approach, discover the gallery wall that best suits your interior.

These are our top tips on how to make a gallery wall and wow your guests:

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Technical Considerations

Custom Photo Wall Ideas

A Trendy Retro Twist

Pre-made Canvas Set

Symmetrical Wall of Pictures

Traditional Photo Gallery Walls

More Photo Wall Ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Considerations

Achieving the perfect gallery wall is all about the planning process. Cut out pieces of paper with the dimensions of your desired prints and temporarily tape them (with painter’s tape!) on the wall. This will allow you to visualize the best formation for your space. Plus, you can play around with placement until you find a layout you like.

The Ideal Layout

If you want to follow the advice of the pros, your central point should be at eye-level. Each image should be hung about three inches apart. Creating a gallery wall above furniture like a couch or a bed?  Make sure the lowest print is hung about 6” above the top of your piece of furniture. Check out our article on how high to hang your artwork for more tips.

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Framed or Unframed

Another important decision to consider before creating your gallery wall is whether you want framed or unframed prints. While all-framed artwork was the traditional standard for gallery walls in the past, mixing and matching formats has risen in popularity. If you want a contemporary look, try hanging both framed and unframed canvas prints. You can also experiment with vintage and modern artwork.

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Custom Photo Wall Ideas

A gallery wall is a great way to display personal photos of your friends and family. From your staircase to your main living space, curate a gallery wall of precious memories. The most important factor in a personalized gallery wall is the quality of your prints. Get your artwork printed professionally in a perfect gallery wall arrangement. Our custom wall art creator will turn your family photos into high-quality canvas panels. Plus, you can order a layout that is already curated to perfection.

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Picture gallery wall

A Trendy Retro Twist

While gallery walls typically include different images, get inspired by Warhol for a more unexpected technique. His vibrant pop art style often included different colorful renderings of the same image. This repetitive collage-inspired artwork is making a huge comeback. Hang multiple panels of the same image using different color schemes. This is a gallery wall your guests won’t have seen 100 times before. If you love experimenting with current design trends, the Warhol-style gallery wall is right up your alley.

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Making a gallery wall

Pre-made Canvas Set

If choosing images for your gallery wall is overwhelming, we have the perfect solution. Order a pre-printed set of matching canvases! Canvas sets are the perfect way to dip your toe into the gallery wall trend while ensuring a cohesive look. If curation isn’t your forte, or you just want to choose a foolproof option, you can’t go wrong with canvas sets. From street art to boho-style sets, there’s a pre-printed arrangement for every style.

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Symmetrical Wall of Pictures

For another unexpected gallery wall layout, experiment with symmetry. While a typical gallery wall includes panels of all shapes and sizes, symmetrical gallery walls are getting more and more popular. Hang six to eight panels parallel to each other for a stacked, symmetrical look. If you want to take the visual cohesion one step further, opt for matching minimalist images. This clean style is ideal for a chic kitchen or dining space.

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Traditional Photo Gallery Walls

The traditional gallery wall is the most popular for a reason. This technique typically incorporates larger prints towards the center of the formation with the sizes getting increasingly smaller further out. However, this isn’t a hard and fast rule! As long as you vary the height of each panel and ensure even spacing, you can combine prints of any shape and size.

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Creating a gallery wall

More Photo Wall Ideas

Before you curate your gallery wall, you have to find the perfect images! Our online marketplace offers thousands of professional prints in every style you can imagine. Browse subjects like pop culture and natural landscapes. Don’t be afraid to mix and match contrasting pieces. For more design inspiration and expert advice, visit our décor blog.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I arrange pictures on a wall?

A: There are a few key tips to consider when arranging several pictures on the same wall. The first is to hang your biggest image first to anchor your space. You can then build around the central image as long as you avoid putting similar photos (in style or size) directly next to each other. However, rules are made to be broken, and there are tons of ways to hang artwork in a visually pleasing way. The most important thing is to plan your photo set by marking the dimensions of each piece on your wall before hanging.

Q: How do I create a gallery wall?

A: A gallery wall is the combination of several prints to create a single focal point. Feel free to combine both framed and unframed prints as well as vertical and horizontal images. Don’t leave too big of gaps (around three inches tops) in between each piece or you’ll lose the cohesive look. An easy way to make a gallery wall look unified is to use a consistent color scheme.

Q: How do I create a gallery wall from scratch?

A: There are a few ways to source images for your gallery wall. You can choose stock images and get them printed at your local copy store. However, buying separate frames for your printed images can be just as expensive as using an online printing service. You can also pick pre-framed vintage photos from your local flea market or secondhand store. Finally, consider ordering canvas prints from an online artwork marketplace.  

Q: How do I make a photo wall?

A: A photo wall can be anything you want it to be! One technique that never fails is hanging photos of your own memories. Use our custom gallery wall creator to print your family photos on high-quality canvas. You can also hang an array of framed family photos on any black wall for a personal touch.









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