White is the shade that never goes out of style. You simply can’t go wrong with this colorless hue. Whether you choose an off-white, ivory, or greyish tone, any color in the white family will undoubtedly look chic and sleek. Your bedroom is the perfect space to play with this calming hue. You can instantly create a serene atmosphere with white décor. Our décor experts have predicted that white-toned bedrooms are going to be trendy for a while – so don’t hesitate to jump on the light, bright bandwagon! Whether you want to coat your entire bedroom in white, or you just want to brighten up your sleeping space, we’ve rounded up the top white bedroom ideas for 2022.

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Creating a White Bedroom Color Palette

Modern White Bedroom Ideas

The Daring Choice: An All-White Bedroom

Choosing Décor for White Bedrooms

Wall Art for White Bedroom Walls

More Ways to Decorate with White

Creating a White Bedroom Color Palette

The beauty of white is that it won’t clash with any other color. You can incorporate it into literally any color palette! White walls have remained the industry standard for a reason. There’s something about white that screams “blank slate.” White will complement your space without distracting from your surrounding décor. That means you can still put your own stamp of personal style! In fact, white can elevate practically any aesthetic. Decide whether you want to completely commit to minimalism, or you just want a hint of white to offset your busy space. The basis of a great color palette is balance. White can add a refreshing touch to your current color scheme, and it’s the perfect shade to equalize your sleeping space.

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A White and Gold Bedroom

Looking for a timeless, classy color combo? Go with white and gold! Warm colors like copper, gold, yellow, and rust will instantly make your bedroom feel cozy. White will make your space still feel breezy in spite of the rich, warm tones. The gilded details will look regal next to the white, while still maintaining a comfortable atmosphere. Explore gold-toned textiles like pillows and blankets, and pair your crisp white comforter with a matching white canvas print.

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Modern White Bedroom Ideas

White is a modern color through and through. If your goal is to create a contemporary bedroom, white is your new best friend! Implement minimalism for a truly modern feel. Only display the essentials, and stick to an organic aesthetic. Take nature as inspiration, and explore materials like wool, cotton, and raw wood. Experiment with abstract pieces like line art and avant-garde light fixtures. Less is more when it comes to modernism, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice detail and style. Choose pieces that are eye-catching, but don’t crowd your sleeping space. Elevate your bedroom with interesting accessories, but keep your color palette neutral. The formula is foolproof!

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The Daring Choice: An All-White Bedroom

Monochromatic spaces are all the rage for 2022, and it’s easy to see why. If you’re really daring, try the all-white trend! That doesn’t mean you can’t use other neutral tones, but the goal is to have all major pieces in a whitish shade. Your décor should be predominantly pale, with the only source of color from natural elements like wood and live greenery. Make your clean white linens the star of the show, and ensure that your space is well-lit. There’s nothing more relaxing than a bedroom that feels pristine.

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Choosing Décor for White Bedrooms

Speaking of live greenery, white and green are a match made in heaven. When in doubt, opt for a boho-inspired style that incorporates off-white and leafy green. Green velvet fabrics will offset the light, bright linens. There’s nothing more peaceful than a minimalist bedroom with organic details. Create your bedroom with a free mindset, and allow your sleeping space to be your sanctuary. Unwind after a long day and enter a space that feels cool, calm, and collected. If you’re worried about your décor feeling TOO cold, simply swap classic white for something slightly warmer like ivory or beige.

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Wall Art for White Bedroom Walls

Wall art is the perfect way to add white to your space. A minimalist piece of wall art will breathe new life into your bedroom. Choose to hang a piece of white artwork over your headboard for maximum impact, or adjacent to your bed for a more unexpected look. Something with a white base and sharp, black lines will match any décor. Decide whether you want a vertical or horizonal print, depending on the size and layout of your space. When you’re decorating with a colorless piece, achieving the correct proportions and format are essential. View our ultimate wall art size guide here.

Trending White Wall Art Ideas

Looking for a truly one-of-a-kind piece? Try one of our personalized prints. You can add your name or a meaningful phrase to an already stylish piece. Your bedroom is the perfect space to add a custom touch of trendy décor. Ideal for a master bedroom, create a canvas print with you and your sweetheart’s nicknames for a sentimental touch. There’s nothing wrong with adding a little romance to the bedroom! Our art director, Tirzah Goodman, has highlighted personalized wall art as one of the top décor trends this year.

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More Ways to Decorate with White

If you’ve fallen in love with white-toned décor, you’re not alone! That’s why we’ve outlined several ways to add white to any room in your home. While your bedroom will undeniably benefit from a touch of white décor, this timeless shade can work in any corner of your interior.  Learn how to decorate a room with white walls here, and discover black and white décor for your kitchen here. For more inspiring interior design ideas, visit our home décor blog.

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