Looking for creative ideas to refresh your interior?

If so, consider filling your empty walls with these large wall décor ideas. Art never goes out of style, and the popularity of oversized wall art is growing exponentially in 2021. The options are practically endless, and the impact is HUGE. Hanging a large canvas print will make your area look undeniably impressive. You can also use oversized wall art to make a massive impact in small spaces.

Read on for expert tips and striking large wall art ideas.

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Large Wall Décor: Shapes & Layouts

Large Wall Décor Ideas: Size Guide

Large Wall Ideas for Your Bedroom

Large Living Room Wall Décor

Large Framed Wall Art for Kitchens or Dining Areas

Tips for Picking Large Wall Art & Décor

Large Wall Décor: Shapes & Layouts

There are tons of shapes and layouts to choose from when it comes to oversized wall art. You want to match the canvas shape to your desired aesthetic. Below are the two traditional layouts to consider:

If you love a tried-and-true décor tip: The Single-Panel Rectangle or Single-Panel Square

If you want to save space and put a twist on tradition: The Single-Panel Vertical Canvas or the Single-Panel Panoramic Canvas

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Modern Large Wall Décor

For the more modern homeowner, we have layouts to fit your contemporary home! Opt for one of these three stunning canvas shapes:

The balanced but bold option: The Triptych Tri-Panel Canvas or the Symmetrical Five-Panel Canvas

The unapologetically trendy take on wall art: The Split Two-Piece Canvas or the Four-Panel “Wave” Canvas

The ultimate option for eclectic designers: The 7-Piece Hexagonal Canvas Set

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large wall decor ideas

Large Wall Décor Ideas: Size Guide

Choose the best oversized wall art for your space with these tips and tricks from our Ultimate Wall Art Size Guide:

“Are you planning a gallery wall above your couch, or did you opt for a multi-panel canvas? The best size is 52 inches by 32 inches. Hang asymmetrical canvases, and arrange them symmetrically create an effortless, eye-popping look on your wall.

If you want to create a major focal point, go with these dimensions: 66"X33" This is an excellent option for starting a giant, oversized gallery wall. Add a focal point to any room that has a large, empty wall that’s begging for adornment. Make sure to measure the space before installing your canvas, as this size can easily look overwhelming in a room with small walls.

Searching for something REALLY dramatic for a massively large empty wall? Go with 68"X45"! Choose a humongous, oversized canvas that measures 68 inches by 45 inches in height and width. If your ultimate goal is to cover the entire wall above your couch or bed, this is the right selection for your interior. It makes your space look dramatic while adding a luxurious look.”

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Large Wall Ideas for Your Bedroom

Large framed wall art can act as a focal point for your bedroom. The right piece of art will tie the entire room together. If your bedroom lacks solid design features, having oversized wall art will instantly create the look of a deliberately designed room. You can match the large wall art with the paint of your bedroom, or choose a contrasting piece of wall art

Large Living Room Wall Décor

Are you looking to fill the blank wall space above your couch? If so, look no further than large canvas art prints and huge pieces of wall art. Match your print to your couch and coffee table, or choose an eye-catching canvas. A piece of wall art above your couch in the living room will instantly complete the look of your home.


Abstract Landscape Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Large Framed Wall Art for Kitchens or Dining Areas

The kitchen is often the most used room in your home. It is the place where you and your family spend the most of time together. Therefore, it’s essential to decorate it with warm and welcoming details! What better way to add a homey touch to your kitchen or dining space than a large piece of wall art? Update your cooking space with a selection of expansive prints and large wall ideas. Wall art can take your kitchen from bland to bold in the blink of an eye.

Consider a piece of culinary or produce-related wall art to match your space. You can get a large canvas with wine, vegetables, coffee or any other food to display in your kitchen.


 Big Waves Nightfall Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Tips for Picking Large Wall Art & Décor

Complement and contrast: Try to pick large wall art that contrasts the colors of your walls at home. If the wall art blends in too much, the chances are high that it could end up getting lost. You can have dark-colored large wall art in a light interior, or consider large white wall décor against a dark background for a super striking look.
Contemporary canvas prints: In a room designed in a traditional style, don’t be afraid to add contrast with contemporary large wall art. A modern piece against a classic backdrop can make the whole room pop.
Multi-panels: Multi-panel large wall canvas prints give your home a truly modern feel. These layouts are ideal for the trendsetter!




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