Go big AND go home when you redecorate your interior this year. 2021 décor is all about being larger than life. Whether you choose a huge, ornate mirror, or a stunning piece of large wall art, oversized interior design packs a serious punch.

Ready to make your décor the focus of your space? Here’s all you need to know about the oversized trend.

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Large Home Décor Styles

Best Rooms for Oversized Wall Hangings

Color Schemes for Large Wall Décor

Large Wall Décor: Mirrors

Sparkling Style: Chandeliers

Bright and Bold: Large Wall Art

Timeless Throwback: Sculptures

Bigger is Better: Area Rugs

Vintage to Modern: Clocks

Fun with Fabric: Tapestries

Size XL: Furniture with Flair

Livin’ Large: Home Décor Ideas

Large Home Décor Styles

Your personality should shine through your interior décor. Large wall art is a great way to show off your unique aesthetic. If you consider yourself a traditionalist, hang a striking classic print in the center of your space. For the modern decorator, try an abstract or alternative piece of artwork to wow your guests.

Large Boho Wall Art

If you’re a free spirit, our boho wall décor collection is right up your alley. From nature-inspired prints to rich colors and textures, give your interior a bohemian look. Art director Tirzah Goodman has curated our “Mandala Wall Art” collection for homeowners who want to increase positive energy and add a spiritual touch.

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large home decor ideas

Best Rooms for Oversized Wall Hangings

While any room can benefit from a large piece of wall art, some rooms were meant for statement décor. Hang an oversized print above your living room sofa or your bedroom headboard. Highly trafficked areas are ideal for large wall art so you can make the most of your new print.

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Large Kitchen Wall Art

Add large wall art to your kitchen for a super easy statement piece. Consider framed wall art to protect your print from heat and moisture. Browse our kitchen artwork collection for a curated piece that will work perfectly in your cooking space.

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Color Schemes for Large Wall Décor

Wall art is an excellent way to tie together your existing décor. If you have a plethora of colors throughout your space, choose a piece of art that makes your color scheme look intentional. You can also use wall art as a pop of color in a predominantly neutral color scheme.

Large Blue Wall Art

Blue is the perfect color for any space. It can look classic or contemporary, and it is highly versatile. If you’re stumped on which color print to choose, blue is a foolproof choice.

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large horizontal wall art

Large Wall Décor: Mirrors

A tried-and-true oversized trend is the massive mirror. With the correct frame, mirrors can act as a piece of art, and make a space appear bigger at the same time. Maximize your natural light with these reflective accessories, and find a style that suits your unique interior aesthetic.

Choose a gilded vintage mirror for a little French Haussmannian charm, or seek out something sleek and modern with a trendy backlight. While a round mirror can make your space look more open, a rectangle will make the ceilings appear higher.

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oversized mirror home decor ideas

Sparkling Style: Chandeliers

Chandeliers are more than classic crystal flashiness. Today there are tons of exciting styles to choose from. Look for contemporary chandeliers with metallic finishes to brighten up your space.

You can hang several modern chandeliers at different heights to create dimension and visual texture. This trend is versatile enough to incorporate into the living room, dining room, or even the kitchen!

Bright and Bold: Large Wall Art

We offer tons of big wall décor ideas, and we mean BIG wall décor ideas. Whether you fancy a giant framed piece to hang above your fireplace, or a multi-canvas marvel to fill a blank wall, the name of the game is commitment. Commit to color with vibrant prints and abstract pieces. Look for art that instantly grabs your attention. Another foolproof oversized wall art idea is to follow the rule of three. Simply hang three pieces adjacent to each other with equal spacing.

While there are guidelines you can follow for optimal cohesion, you don’t need to follow any rules when it comes to large wall art. It all boils down to personal taste and individual creativity. Add some flair and drama with your loud and proud pick. Our selection of large canvas wall art is waiting for you to browse.

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Abstract Landscape Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Timeless Throwback: Sculptures

Life-size sculptures are making a comeback in 2021! Even if you have a more modern interior, classic marble statues aren’t the only option.

Bronze sculptures in abstract shapes are ideal for putting a contemporary twist on a timeless trend. Glass is also a beautiful finish that can work with any existing décor. Nothing radiates confidence quite like a statuesque statement piece.

If sculptures aren't your thing, you can opt for a serene Buddha canvas print which is just as eye-catching!

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Celestial Buddha Canvas Wall Art

Bigger is Better: Area Rugs

Area rugs can turn an interior from cold to cozy in the blink of an eye. These long-time oversized favorites are a super easy way to transform your space.

Choosing the right rug will instantly add a chic sense of comfort to any room. From fluffy faux fur to dynamic patterns and textures, there are tons of different styles depending on your artistic vision.

Vintage to Modern: Clocks

Big Ben may not be a modern invention, but it did pave the way for oversized clock décor! Clocks bring an industrial touch to your interior without overpowering your living space.

Depending on the style of your choice, decorative clocks can look modern, rustic, or even futuristic. If you’re looking for a large design element that won’t pull focus but still makes a statement, clocks are the way to go!

Fun with Fabric: Tapestries

Why limit your use of fabric to the floor and furniture? Look for eclectic textured wall hanging and detailed tapestries.

Consider fabrics like hemp, cotton, leather, or macramé depending on the aesthetic of your home. While any space can benefit from the soft touch of a tapestry, fabric wall hangings are ideally suited to a bohemian-style interior.

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oversize wall decor ideas

Size XL: Furniture with Flair

If you’re lucky enough to have a space big enough for large furniture, utilize it! From king beds to sprawling sectionals, don’t be afraid to make your furniture a focal-point. Ideal for entertaining, oversized furniture gives a welcoming appearance. Don’t let your guests feel cramped and crowded.

If you can’t quite fit sizeable furniture in your space, don’t fret! Oversized pillows and large poufs can also act as eye-catching pieces.

Livin’ Large: Home Décor Ideas

Get inspired to think bigger with these big wall décor ideas. Don’t hesitate to go with décor that dominates. Play around with your favorite prints and patterns, and look for pieces that grab your attention at first glance. Happy decorating!

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