15 Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Home

Transform your home with top trending wall décor ideas. Our design experts have highlighted several clever ideas to take your interior to the next level. We’ve rounded up 15 ways to elevate your space without breaking the bank. It doesn’t take much to give your living area a boost of style, and there’s no better time for an upgrade! Summer is around the corner which means there will be plenty of opportunities to entertain. Especially as we move further away from lockdown, gathering with friends and family is more valued than ever. Wow your guests with a striking space by making a few simple changes. No matter your personal style, discover décor that speaks to you! Blend originality with trending tips for the perfect balance of accessibility and individualism. Your home is your sanctuary, and attention to detail is key! Find the style that speaks to you, but don’t be afraid to take a few chances with your décor. Wall décor is the perfect opportunity to explore trends and experimental design. Artwork and wall hangings are low-cost and low-commitment. From adding a splash of color to creating a sense of visual dimension, wall art is a multi-functional addition to any home.

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Focus on Communal Rooms First

Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

Don’t Neglect Your Personal Space

Display What’s Cool in Wall Décor

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Add an Edge to Your Home with Wall Art

Daring & Colorful Wall Design Ideas

Explore Top Trending Tones

Add a Moody Touch with Dark Wall Designs

Explore Oversized Wall Hanging Décor

Experiment with Small Wall Décor

Get Those Proportions Right!

Unexpected Wall Décor Shapes

Eye-Catching Wall Art Layouts

Blend Modern & Traditional Techniques

Discover More Trending Décor

1. Focus on Communal Rooms First

If you’re trying to decide on a single space to upgrade, opt for the most visible areas of your home. Your living room is the most communal space, which makes it the perfect area to play with trending styles. Choose an oversized piece of wall art to span almost the entire wall above your couch for maximum visual impact. If you’re looking for a foolproof style to try in your main living space, go with an organic, bohemian-inspired print. This modern, minimalist style has a natural twist that will look visually pleasing in almost any space.

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Pssst…don’t forget!

Another important room to consider is your dining area! Don’t neglect the wall above your dining table, and play with a multi-panel print for a dynamic look.

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2. Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

One way to transform your day-to-day living space is by creating a sensorial experience. Turn your bathroom into a spa-like space to start and end your day in a serene headspace. Hang a piece of neutral-toned, spa-inspired wall art for an instantly relaxing appearance. Pair your refined print with natural accessories like cotton hand towels, live greenery, and wooden details. Consider contrasting your neutral space with colored glass jars in deeper tones like red, purple, and teal. Finish the look with scented candles for a whiff of aromatherapy!

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3. Don’t Neglect Your Personal Space

Another crucial space to decorate is your bedroom! This is your most personal space, so you have more freedom with your interior design. However, you also want to create a calming balance to promote rest and relaxation. Choose a statement piece of wall art with neutral tones for the perfect mix of calming and eye-catching. To add even more visual interest, play with tons of contrasting textures in your sleeping space. Pile different patterned blankets and decorative pillows on your bed. Pull colors from your chosen piece of wall art, but be careful not to overwhelm your bedroom with too much chaos or clutter.

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4. Display What’s Cool in Wall Décor

One of the major benefits of wall art is that you can use it to experiment with trends. Because wall art is easy to swap out, it’s a great way to show your keen sense of style according to the ever-changing popular aesthetics. Go for something bold, because why not? One of the top trends for 2022 is surrealism. Inspired by Salvador Dali mixed with modernist architecture, this unique take on dreamlike imagery is popping up all over high-end interiors. This style of artwork is the perfect way to soften your modern space, while still maintaining a current, almost-futuristic look.

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5. Explore Unique Wall Art Styles

Pure minimalism is on its way out, and the perfect blend between minimalism and maximalism is in! 2022 is all about mixing unexpected aesthetics. While we saw a rise in “granny-chic” décor last year, and a love for minimalism the year before, this year is putting a twist on both signature styles! Design your space with sophisticated furniture and intentional décor, and then add an unforeseeable splash of busy artwork with an oversized vintage print. The mix of old and new will create a visually pleasing contrast. When done right, the combination of minimalism and maximalism looks incomparably high-end.

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6. Add an Edge to Your Home with Wall Art

Dare to add an edgy touch to your home with an urban-chic print. Graffiti and street-style artwork are super-hot for 2022, and it’s easy to see why. If you really want something eye-catching, go with a piece inspired by a well-known street artist like Banksy. These prints will make a statement and act as an intriguing conversation piece. Even if your home is sleek and sophisticated, adding a gritty touch can instantly elevate your interior style. Make sure to balance the naturally cool tones of street art with hints of warm décor to avoid a space that looks too industrial.

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7. Daring & Colorful Wall Design Ideas

Neon colors are back in a big way! There are tons of ways to incorporate light, bright colors in a classy way. Consider adding a splash of neon pink or orange through wall décor! You don’t need to douse your entire interior in neon to explore the trend. Transitional spaces like your hallways are the perfect area to experiment with neon and make an impact without competing against the rest of your home. Play with lighter versions of the neon color for a trendy, monochromatic look. For example, if you choose neon pink as your accent color, add touches of dusty rose and mauve.

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8. Explore Top Trending Tones

If you really want to hop on the trendy train, you can’t beat Pantone’s Color of the Year. You’ve undoubtedly seen this whimsical cool color everywhere this year. It’s not too late to add Very Peri to your space! Even though it’s the top color for 2022, it’s poised to stand the test of time. Add a piece of wall décor with a noticeable splash of vibrant periwinkle. This hue is also ideal for balancing masculine and feminine décor. In 2022, the perfect mix of a feminine color palette and more masculine lines and furniture is essential.

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9. Add a Moody Touch with Dark Wall Designs

Don’t be afraid to add something darker to your space. A single piece of moody wall décor won’t make your interior look intimidating, but it will make it look more interesting! Dare to hang a piece of gothic-inspired décor to contrast your cozy space. This is a traditional technique that will create the appearance of contrast while still maintaining a level of sophistication. Offset the gothic elements with cheerful tones like yellow and orange.  

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10. Explore Oversized Wall Hanging Décor

Looking for a super easy way to transform your home? An oversized canvas print is the way to go! Choose a modern, multi-panel print that spans almost your entire wall. These large pieces of wall art are ideal for communal spaces like your dining room to add an eye-catching element.

Pro Tip

For even more visual dimension, try a piece of artwork that depicts modern architecture.

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11. Experiment with Small Wall Décor

On the opposite end of oversized artwork, don’t underestimate the power of small wall décor! Leave no space blank, even the small ones. While it’s true you shouldn’t overwhelm your space with chaos and clutter, you should take care to decorate the atypical and unconventional areas as well. Small, framed wall art with a minimalist design can instantly elevate a narrow space.

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12. Get Those Proportions Right!

When selecting the right piece of wall décor for your space, don’t forget to consider the proper proportions. A well-proportioned piece of wall art can set your home apart from amateur designers. Opting for a print that is neither too large or too small for its intended space is essential. For more tips and tricks on choosing the best dimensions for your unique wall, check out our expert calculations on our Ultimate Wall Art Size Guide.

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13. Unexpected Wall Décor Shapes

Looking for something super unique for your walls? Go with a canvas print in an unexpected shape! A multi-panel hexagonal print is ideal for boosting your interior in the blink of an eye. Wow guests with a piece of artwork hardly anyone else has. Our honeycomb-style prints are not only trendy, but also attention-grabbing. Make sure to keep the rest of your space minimalist so the hexagonal print remains the main focal point.  

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14. Eye-Catching Wall Art Layouts

Handpicked by our art director, Tirzah Goodman, two-piece split canvases are arguably the trendiest layout of the year. While décor in odd numbers used to be the industry standard, 2022 is all about breaking the rules! If your goal is to create a super modern space, you can’t beat a split canvas. Symmetry is in this year, and it’s the perfect trend to add a contemporary touch to your living space. For the design of your two-piece canvas, go with a simple line drawing for a super sleek look. Line art is the ultimate minimalist style. Plus, it will match any existing décor!

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15. Blend Modern & Traditional Techniques

If you don’t want to opt for a totally modern look, why not mix classic and contemporary? Take the split-canvas trend and give it a traditional twist. Choose a design that looks like an iconic piece of fine art. For example, a two-piece print with a Renaissance scene will give your interior the best of both worlds. Pair your piece of fine art with modern furniture, but keep it neutral so the focus stays on your modern masterpiece. Soft tones like rose, baby blue, and cream will go perfectly with your classic-meets-current piece.

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Discover More Trending Décor

That brings us to the end of our fifteen wall décor tips for 2022! Did we hear, an “encore”? Are searching for even MORE top trending wall décor ideas? We’ve got you covered! Take these fifteen tips and tricks, and then explore more! Our design experts have endless design and décor ideas to maximize the style potential of your home. All you have to do is visit our inspiration blog for an endless source of knowledge. From color palette ideas to more wall art picks, the wealth of information is truly limitless. Find the Elephant Stock blog post that speaks to you, and curate the interior of your dreams. Happy decorating!

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