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Incorporating abstract art into your home décor can add a unique, conceptual touch. No matter your overall interior aesthetic, there are abstract pieces to fit every theme. Whether your home is rustic, contemporary, or something in between, abstract art can have a dynamic effect on your space. 

Abstract art is not only trendy, but it’s also timeless. It’s a technique that has been used throughout art history, and it radiates an incomparable sense of creativity.

What Defines Abstract Art?

Also referred to as non-objective or non-representational art, abstract art does not attempt to show images in their recognizable form. The intentionally inaccurate depiction of reality can be done using color, texture, lines, and overall style.

Prior to the 20th century, abstract art was used to reflect human nature. The style originated in the 19th century, and it differed from previous styles in its intention to capture emotion rather than the physical form.

How to Incorporate Abstract Art

Some of the best ways to use abstract art in your décor are:

Use a Colorful Focal Point

We’ve made it super easy to find your perfect abstract statement piece by sorting abstract art by color. Fill any large, empty space with the art of your choice.

Don’t worry about the piece overpowering your room. In spite of the vibrant composition, abstract art has a subtle quality that works to create depth rather than overwhelm.

Colorful abstract art pops against light walls, but they also work well on a dark backdrop. The best quality of abstract art is its ability to complement almost any existing décor. Don’t shy away from bright colors!

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Abstract Flowers Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Bring on the Black and White

Color may be this year’s biggest design movement, but you can never go wrong with black and white. If you want to keep things sleek and simple, monochromatic abstract art will always be in style.

From line drawings to splatter art, there are so many black and white pieces to add a contemporary touch to your home. Black and white abstract art is further proof that elegance can still be exciting.

Abstraction Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Picture-Perfect Pairs

Abstract art is great way to explore symmetry. Try flanking a doorway or windowsill with two equally proportioned abstract pieces. The inconsistent shapes and lines offset the balanced proportions in a suitable way.

As long as your arrangement looks intentional, you can use symmetry to your advantage. Cohesion is key with this technique.

Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are shades that sit on opposite sides of the color wheel, like tangerine orange and cerulean blue. It may sound counterintuitive to pair opposing hues together, but it’s a tried-and-true design technique that breaks up a space that’s feeling mundane.

Look at the fabric around your room, from the curtains to your bedding. If everything is following a similar color scheme, a piece of contrasting abstract art will make the space look much more lively and intentional.

Indigo Tie Dye Combo Canvas Set Wall Art

Gallery Goals

Gallery walls date back to the 1600’s when they were originally referred to as “salon walls.” This technique of hanging a collage of canvases or framed prints originated in France in the late 17th century. There’s a reason this method is still popular today.

You can combine abstract art with more realistic landscapes and photorealistic pieces. The best part about creating a gallery wall is that there are no rules when it comes to the subject matter of the art. 

Stick to a loose color scheme when building your gallery wall. Choosing predominantly warm or cool tones will provide just enough visual unity. Mix and match different artistic mediums for a truly unique look.

Gallery walls were intended for large blank walls, but 2020 scraps the rules and allows for gallery walls in small spaces too! The possibilities are endless.

Combine Trends with Tradition

If your space is overwhelmingly ornate, that doesn’t mean you can’t hang modern art. Even with gilded pieces and crystal chandeliers, your space can still benefit from adding a few contemporary details.

Choose geometric prints and simple abstract paintings if you want to modernize an opulent interior. If you really want to commit to contrast, you can hang an ultra-modern piece in a vintage frame.

Pendulum Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Relaxed and Refined

If you’re more of a laid-back homeowner, Caitlyn Davidian, owner of Studio C Interiors, suggests that the Indigo Batik III Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art- One piece framed canvas 49”x 33” would be a great addition to a bohemian-style home.

She explains, “While it is a specific tribal pattern, because of its repetitious over-sized abstract shapes it really lends itself well with just about any design style. Pair it with a neutral linen sofa for a soft bohemian look or complement it with a pop of color like a bright yellow velvet pair of chairs for a more eclectic look.”

Indigo Batik III Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Casually Chic

If you want to maintain a serious tone throughout your home, you can still use abstract art in your sophisticated space. There are tons of understated options that don’t swing too playful. Choose neutral shades with just a hint of color, and stick to deeper tones. Consider something like this Morning Fjord canvas wall art:

Morning Fjord wall art

An Abstract Summary

Abstract art is about embracing surrealism and eliciting emotions. Add some personality to your interior and show your zest for life through your eye for design. Remember that abstract art doesn’t have to have an obvious meaning, it’s all up to interpretation!

Everyone views abstract art differently, and that’s all part of its beauty. Dare to be bold and add a touch of mystery to your space with abstract art.



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