Amazing Hallway Painting and Canvas Print Ideas

Once you’ve completed the bulk of your interior décor, it’s time to dive into the details. Now that your main living space is curated to perfection, you have the opportunity to add pops of personality in every corner of your home. Bare hallways are the sign of an inexperienced designer, and you want your guests to be taken aback by your professional décor abilities. Use our expert tips to discover the best wall art and décor to make your hallways stand out. From modern prints to classic canvases, add artwork in unexpected places.

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In Between Rooms

A Splash of Style

A Pop of Color

Hallway Canvas Prints: Sizing

Hallway Canvas Prints: Shapes

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In Between Rooms

Hallways lead from one room to another, which gives you an excellent opportunity to set the tone for your space. If you’re a minimalist at heart, a single, simple canvas print will do the trick. For the lover of creativity and color, create an eclectic gallery wall. The opportunities are endless!

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Hallway Canvas Prints: Pro Tips

For more professional (and affordable!) hallway décor ideas, check out our expert guide to hallway design. View a handy excerpt below to get you started:  

“Hallways are one of the most highly trafficked areas by guests, so you want to make a statement. Whether you prefer to showcase your love for family or stay true to your overall aesthetic, there are so many options for sprucing up your home’s hallways. The best part about redesigning your hallway space is that it’s super affordable! The small size of your hallway makes it even easier to make a maximum impact while spending very little.”

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A Splash of Style

Combine contemporary trends with your personal style. Add a print that screams “modernism,” and surround it with pieces of décor that make you feel inspired. Whether it be personalized prints or memorabilia from your travels, combining canvas art with sentimental décor is a great way to decorate your hallway.

Hallway Canvas Prints: Pro Tips

Décor expert Caitlyn Davidian (Owner & Interior Designer, NCIDQ, RID.) shares her ideas for the best hallway artwork ideas:

"The Ballerinas Canvas wall art would look great framed and paired with other art pieces in similar shades to create a gallery wall. You could pair it with a couple of framed figure line drawings and black and white photographs for a minimalist look. Keeping the gallery wall simple with clean and neutral frames will help make every piece shine and not overpower one another."

PS This piece is also on-trend with art director Tirzah Goodman’s curated collection of “Abstract Figure” prints!

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A Pop of Color

Hallways are a great opportunity to play with a pop of color. Because this is a transitional space rather than a lounging area, you can be more daring with your choices. Consider trendy shades of magenta, yellow, and bright blue.

Blue Hallway Paintings

Speaking of blue, ElephantStock’s resident design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz supports the turquoise-toned trend:

Turquoise, a blend of light blue and green, has tropical undertones that bring to mind the cooling properties of the ocean and can instantly transport you to a relaxed day on the beach. It is said that turquoise represents a desire to make your own way in the world, under your very own terms.”

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Hallway Canvas Prints: Sizing

Seeking out the perfect canvas size? Reference our Ultimate Wall Art Size Guide to help you through the process. For a fast fix, read through these quick tips below:


Large wall art that measures 36 inches by 75 inches in height and width can create a polished, classic look in your hallway. This wall art size works well in long hallways as well as over your entertainment area.
Wall art of this size can have printed inspirational quotes or a collection of your favorite travel or family photographs printed on the canvas.


Wall art that you want to hang over furniture, such as a credenza or bookshelf, should be between 2/3 and 3/4 of the furniture's width. To measure the ideal art size above your furniture, consider this example: If your couch is 6 feet wide, multiply it by 0.66 and 0.75. You need a canvas between 3.96 feet and 4.5 feet wide to fit impressively above any piece of furniture.

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Hallway Canvas Prints: Shapes

Now that you have a better grasp of our canvas size options, it’s time to choose your perfect shape. Select the layout that best reflects the aesthetic and intention of your hallway décor. Explore our shape options below:

Classic: 1-Piece Canvas

Contemporary: 2-Piece Split Canvas

Trendy: 3 to 5-Piece Multi-Panel Canvas

Daring: 7-Piece Hexagonal Canvas

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More Design Topics

For more stunning design topics, scroll through our décor inspiration blog. We’ve put together endless articles full of expert tips and tricks. No matter what piece of artwork you decide to hang in your hallway, any canvas print will elevate your space. Most importantly, decorating should be fun! Browse through everything from botanical prints to abstract geometric art, and discover what inspires you.

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