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The telltale sign of an expert designer is their attention to detail. Don’t let your hallways go unnoticed! Bleak hallways will give away your status as an amateur designer. Impress your guests with a curated hallway, full of inspiring accessories. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to trendy hallway pictures and  décor ideas. Let’s get started!

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The Underrated “Room”

A Splash of Style

A Balanced Color Scheme

Sizes: Hallway Picture Ideas

Shapes: Hallway Picture Ideas

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The Underrated “Room”

If you need convincing on why your hallways deserve a little décor TLC, take a look at this excerpt from our professional hallway décor page:

Hallway Décor: Pro Tips

“It’s easy to ignore the importance of interior design when it comes to hallways. Corridors are often seen as a passageway from one room to the next, but they should be treated as a room of their own! Hallways are one of the most highly trafficked areas by guests, so you want to make a statement. Whether you prefer to showcase your love for family or stay true to your overall aesthetic, there are so many options for sprucing up your home’s hallways. The best part about redesigning your hallway space is that it’s super affordable! The small size of your hallway makes it even easier to make a maximum impact while spending very little.”

A simple way to make a major impact without breaking the bank is by hanging one of our trendy abstract-figure prints, curated by ElephantStock art director Tirzah Goodman.

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A Splash of Style

We’ve consulted with top design experts to bring you inspiring hallway décor ideas. Beyond the addition of wall art, consider combining light, bright details with cozy accessories.

discount wall art sale

Hallway Décor: Pro Tips

ElephantStock's resident decor expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz expands on 2021 design trends:

“Shifting our daily life indoors has sparked a revitalization that has increased the importance of coziness and a harmonious flow. That’s why Nordic style keeps on rising, with light-colored wood and pops of color to brighten up the space. Combine organic materials and give your space a personal touch by including elements that represent your interest (such as a mini art gallery!).”

Elimar Lobo Sáenz provides additional décor advice based on this year’s top styles:

“Popular decor ideas include the concept of ‘live-able luxury.’ [ie combining practicality with panache.) Indoor plants are also a modern trend, as well as statement light fixtures. All of these trends work towards the same goal – expressing a message of strength and hopefulness, and creating a synergy between coziness, functionality, and the sense of comfort.”

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A Balanced Color Scheme

You don’t need to go overboard with color in your hallway, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a few pops of color. Learn how to balance neutral tones and statement shades through our professional design tips below.

Hallway Décor: Pro Tips

Expert designer Yoko Chow, of Yoko Chow Design LLC, seconds the idea of combining neutrals and statement colors, and gives her tips on executing this trend:

“The combination of bright colors and neutrals are represented by a few popular styles today including Boho and Mid-century modern. With the Boho style, most of the space is filled with neutrals and highlighted by plants in vivid green hues. The mid-century modern style usually includes bright colors for a splash of color among a wood-toned space.”

Yoko Chow explains and emphasizes the importance of a well-balanced color palette:

“Neutral background colors should assist in prioritizing the color that you want to stand out. For example, if you have a blue side chair, you may want to consider an orange-toned neutral (complementary color of blue) to make the chair appear as blue as possible. It helps to be mindful of which features you wish to emphasize in your space; not only the color being introduced, but also in conjunction with the existing colors."

Black and White Hallway Pictures

If you can’t decide on a color scheme, don’t fret! You can’t go wrong with black and white. Create a gallery wall of black and white pictures for a classy, foolproof look.

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Sizes: Hallway Picture Ideas

View our handy Wall Art Size Guide for more information on selecting your ideal dimensions. Check out this hallway-specific idea below:


Large wall art that measures 36 inches by 75 inches in height and width can create a polished, classic look in your hallway. This wall art size works well in long hallways as well as over your entertainment area.

No matter what you decide, make sure your art isn’t too small for the empty space! The biggest design faux-pas is choosing a print that doesn’t fill enough of your hallway. When in doubt, go with a gallery wall!

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Shapes: Hallway Picture Ideas

After you’ve read through our comprehensive size guide, it’s time to consider which shape and layout will best suit your aesthetic and artistic vision. Choose a canvas that lines up with your design personality. View our options below:

The traditional canvas: 1-Piece Canvas

The contemporary two-piece: 2-Piece Split Canvas

The dynamic multi-panel: 3 to 5-Piece Multi-Panel Canvas

The eclectic hexagon: 7-Piece Hexagonal Canvas

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More Expert Design Topics

Still looking for ways to spruce up your hallway? Take a look at our list of eight affordable hallway décor ideas. For more trendy design topics, view our inspiration blog. Happy designing!

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