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It’s no secret that Mid-century modern décor has made a comeback in the recent past. The timeless trend has shown us that some eras will never really go out of style. Sleek, simple, but full of life, Mid-century décor has something for everyone. The perfect balance between masculine and feminine, this design style is both expressive and a crowd-pleaser. If you’re looking for a theme that’s easy to achieve while still packing a punch, Mid-century modern is right up your ally. Contemporary with a retro twist, keep it classy without sacrificing personality. Follow our expert tips to put a 2022 twist on Mid-century modern décor.

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What is Mid-Century Modern Décor?

Mid-Century Living Room Décor

A Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

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What is Mid-Century Modern Décor?

The first step in creating a retro space, is to define the elements that make up a Mid-century interior. You don’t need a lot of décor to curate a Mid-century space. Focus on selecting a few key pieces of furniture with clean lines and low-profile appearances. When in doubt, do more with less. While mid-century décor is not entirely minimalist, it takes a minimalist approach to avoid clutter and unnecessary chaos. It’s all about being intentional, and choosing geometric-based, high-quality pieces.

Mid-century modern décor falls under the “vintage” umbrella, but it can be more specifically described as “retro.” This excerpt from our article on “How to Discover Your Ideal Vintage Era” expands on this definition:

“While vintage décor encompasses the past as a whole, retro design typically refers to the more recent past. Interior design shifted from embracing excess to careful selection of items. We’re going to take you through the more elaborate eras, and then move on to more recent retro ideas. From Mid-century modern to the groovy 1970s, tons of retro periods are making a massive comeback this year.”

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Mid-Century Modern: White-Based Color Palettes

It’s fairly common to start with a white or neutral base in a Mid-century-inspired space. Light and bright neutrals can be a great place to start before adding accent tones. While you don’t have to stick to a solely Scandinavian/neutral home, white and ivory can elevate pops of color. Follow these color palette tips from our article all about Mid-century wall décor:

“Mid-century designers were not afraid of color. Although the contemporary interpretation of Mid-mod is primarily focused on neutral tones, the original aesthetic incorporated bright, surrealistic hues. Pastel pinks were paired with teals, and oranges were paired with just about everything! Anything warm and cheerful was used to liberate the world of interior design and add a revolutionary touch of playfulness. Flamboyance was unapologetically celebrated, and the masculine lines of the Mid-century were directly contrasted by the feminine shades. When selecting retro wall art, seek out pastel hues that pop.”

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Mid-Century Living Room Décor

Mid-century living rooms are nothing short of iconic. The low, luxurious sofas, paired with multi-dimensional curves and lines. While bright colors can certainly work for playful, Mid-century spaces, pastel color palettes are also a great callback of the past. Muted mint, dusty rose, and grey-blue are a few of the more subtle colors you can incorporate into your main living space. Wood details are essential for the Midmod look, and you can’t go wrong with adding a splash of organic greenery. Choose a piece of wall art that combines the various tones in your living room for a cohesive feel. If you want to add a 2022 trend, go for gold, bronze or copper metallics. Silver is so 2021!

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A Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Make your bedroom feel both laid-back and luxurious at the same time. Keep your bed low to the ground, but choose a statement headboard. Hang a piece of artwork above your bed that incorporates modernism and abstract details. Focus on texture over color for visual variation. Minimalist, circular side tables are the perfect finishing Mid-century touch.

Expert Design Tips

Use the Mid-century “Atomic Age” as inspiration for a retro-futuristic space. Follow these tips from our guide to space age decorating ideas:

“Space age décor can still have a refined edge. If your goal is to create a sophisticated space with a scifi twist, look no further! Spruce up your workspace or living room with sleek, leather textiles and polished wood details. If bright colors aren’t your jam, use subtle patterns as the focus of your interior. Hang a print that plays on the theme of space travel in a classy, stylish way. Balance warm and cool neutral tones to ensure your décor will stay on-trend for 2022 and beyond.”

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A Pop of Mid-Century Décor

If you’re not ready to redo your entire interior with a Mid-century feel, you can still explore this mod trend. Use your hallway as a transitional space to test out Mid-century décor. To see if this sleek style is up your alley, hang a piece of wall décor with a simple, color block pattern over raw wood furniture. Choose a Mid-century pendant lamp or circular overhead lighting for a retro touch that’s hot for 2022. Accessorize with a few authentic Mid-century vases and trinkets as a finishing touch.

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Trending Mid-Century Wall Art Ideas

There are more than a few trending wall art styles that lend themselves well to a Mid-century modern interior. For example, our geometric canvas sets collection incorporates the funky Midmod shapes with a current twist. Another popular collection curated by Tirzah Goodman, our retro americana posters are reminiscent of a bygone era of coast-to-coast travel.

Mid-Century Modern Accent Wall

To make the most out of your Mid-century modern wall décor, try painting an accent wall with an eye-catching geometric design. Accent walls can add a splash of color to your space without taking up any space. Plus, they can draw attention to your new print!

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More Mid-Century Modern Interior Design

If you’ve fallen in love with Mid-century décor, you’re not alone! That’s why our resident design pros have put together multiple guides to give you an endless source of inspiration. For example, check out this piece on the best retro wall art ideas for 2022. Visit our blog for the complete collection of expert articles.

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