Futuristic décor is a top trending style for 2022. This space-age look combines geometric shapes with ultra-modern details for an interior that’s out-of-this-world! Partially inspired by the Atomic Age during the Mid-century modern movement, we are seeing a contemporary variation of this retro look. We’ve selected the top wall art and décor ideas to give your home a futuristic touch. From soft curves to bright colors, create a surreal, ultra-trendy space in the blink of an eye.

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Joyful Geometrics

Curved, fluid shapes are ideal for a future-fueled look. Combine clean lines with organic shapes for a modern juxtaposition. Abstract art will create a surreal look that still feels contemporary. Play with geometric details, and make sure to have enough visual variation. Even if you choose to have a minimalist, modern space, you can still have vibrant pops of color and character throughout your home. Consider painting a geometric pattern on an accent wall for a bold look that doesn’t take up any valuable open space.

Trending Wall Art Ideas

Our brand-new collection is ideal for futuristic interiors. Curated by our art director, Tirzah Goodman, the “Geometric Sets” collection is full of multi-panel prints. These pieces are perfect to give your home an instant contemporary boost.

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Primary Colors

A major trend for 2021/2022 is the primary color palette. The three original colors, red, blue, and yellow, are a great base for any color scheme. This iconic trio is bright and bold, which means you have to avoid chaotic and busy décor. Simple furniture will prevent your space from looking overwhelming. You don’t want anything competing with the bright colors and bold shapes. Combine a primary color scheme with the geometric details mentioned in the previous paragraph for a foolproof, retro futuristic look.

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Ultra-Modern Trends

Add a splash of futurism with one of our trendy crypto-inspired prints. The age of modern technology is here, so highlight this future-focused time we live in. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency may have become a bit of a fad, but our crypto décor is just as stylish as it is topical. Whether you are a fan of digital currency, or you just want to put a modern twist on your workspace, these prints are ideal for a space-age style. If you’re not on board with the crypto collection, you can get an equally futuristic effect with a print that celebrates any sort of technological advancement – either real or fictitious. Wall art is also a great way to tie together a color scheme for a cohesive look.

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Space Age Chic

Space age décor can still have a refined edge. If your goal is to create a sophisticated space with a scifi twist, look no further! Spruce up your workspace or living room with sleek, leather textiles and polished wood details. If bright colors aren’t your jam, use subtle patterns as the focus of your interior. Hang a print that plays on the theme of space travel in a classy, stylish way. Balance warm and cool neutral tones to ensure your décor will stay on-trend for 2022 and beyond.

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Playful Pops of Décor

If you’re an eclectic designer, try this funky take on the space age trend. Experiment with terrazzo details and bright, retro colors. Mix bright white and grey with shades like coral pink and golden yellow. Hang spherical light fixtures in a symmetrical layout. Choose a print that portrays a tongue-in-cheek take on technology and the future that lies ahead.

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Up-and-Coming Design Ideas

Stay ahead of the upcoming décor trends with advice from our inspiration blog. Ring in the new year with a space that will stay in-style for the foreseeable future. For more space-age looks, check out our article on using circles in your 2022 interior. Learn about the top trending color schemes here, and geometric print ideas here.

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