Boho style has been hot for a minute, and it’s only getting hotter! As summer quickly approaches, there’s no better time to explore this carefree trend. If you’re a free spirit at heart, bohemian décor is right up your alley. Celebrate adventure and organic design by adding boho details to your home. One of the easiest ways to give your home a bohemian boost is by hanging a piece of wall art in any empty space. If you have a room that feels lacking when it comes to design, try hanging a bohemian art print. Our design experts have handpicked several boho canvas ideas to instantly elevate your space. When it comes to modern design with a natural twist, you can’t beat boho décor.

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Top Trending Bohemian Art Styles

Elevating Your Room with Boho Wall Art

Creating a Bohemian Color Palette

Large Boho Wall Art Ideas

Boho Canvas Art Shapes & Layouts

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Top Trending Bohemian Art Styles

Bohemian décor is all about connecting with nature and promoting positive energy. One of our top picks for spiritual-inspired design is a gorgeous mandala print. Mandalas symbolize spiritual guidance, and are ideal for curating a sacred living space. Plus, the intricate design looks absolutely gorgeous. A mandala art print will instantly add visual variation, and maintain a bohemian theme. Mandalas have appeared throughout several ancient Eastern religions, and continue to be used as beacons of positive energy today.

If you want to add an extra-trendy boost to your space, consider a monochromatic look. Play with the main color in your boho art print, and pepper it throughout your space. A single-shade washed over your space is a hot trend for 2022.

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Décor to Pair with Your Boho Print

Our interior design expert, Elimar Lobo Sáenz, shares her suggestions for surrounding décor to pair with your boho wall art:

“Generally speaking, Bohemian style interiors typically incorporate lots of different textures, attractive patterns and colors while also putting high emphasis on natural materials and comfort as a whole. Below are some trendy decorations to bring additional visual interest to your interior:

-Pouf ottomans

-Woven baskets

-Candle lanterns 

-Macrame hammocks

-Fringed rugs

-Faux fur pillows

-Wool throws”

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Elevating Your Room with Boho Wall Art

Bohemian wall art can instantly tie together your entire home. If you’re looking for an easy way to create cohesion without breaking the bank, wall décor is the way to go. For a bohemian-specific space, start with visible textures and eclectic details. Fabrics like velvet and wool, along with textures like macrame and raw wood, are ideal for a boho home. Finish the look with a piece of modern, bohemian artwork. The contemporary print will prevent your home from looking too vintage, while still creating a free, timeless feel.

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Creating a Bohemian Color Palette

You can either go light and bright with your bohemian interior, or dark and moody. If you’re not sure which way you want your color palette to swing, you can’t go wrong with neutrals! Organic tones like sage and moss green, beige, taupe, and peach are perfect for creating a bohemian vibe. Neutrals are staple shades for a boho space, and it’s easy to see why. These peaceful colors will instantly evoke a serene feeling – which is the ultimate goal!

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Large Boho Wall Art Ideas

Make the most of your boho wall art and opt for an oversized print! Because wall art is a low-cost, low-commitment décor option, you might as well go big! Make a statement with a single piece of décor by choosing a large layout. One of the biggest mistakes amateur designers make is choosing wall art that is too small for the space. If you’re stumped on which size print to choose, always opt for a size larger than your initial instinct.

Pro Tip

Browsing our website for wall art? Don’t forget to apply this tip when selecting your perfect size:

“The image displayed is the largest of that design. Please note that the sizes shown are the overall size of all panels combined. Please keep an eye on the "Canvas Size Chart" to see the individual panel sizes. Feel free to reach out to support@elephantstock.com for further assistance.”

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Boho Canvas Art Shapes & Layouts

Once you’ve chosen your favorite boho wall art design, it’s crucial to consider the right layout for your print. You can choose from framed or unframed options, depending on whether you want a classic or contemporary look. Curious about the aesthetic benefits of an unframed canvas? Check out this tip from our article on how to choose the right shape and layout for your artwork:

Framed artwork used to be the industry standard. Unframed wall art was seen as naked and unfinished. However, with the recent rise in minimalism and modern spaces, canvas art skyrocketed to fame. Canvas artwork is sleek and simple, which makes it ideal for contemporary homes. While unframed canvases may be a recent addition to the wall art scene, there’s a reason why they’re so popular. Not only do they look effortless and make the art the center of attention, but they come in a wide variety of multi-panel shapes and layouts.”

Style Tip: Consider a custom canvas for a truly unique touch! Our personalized artwork comes in a variety of styles (including boho) and it can be customized to include your name.

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More Bohemian Decorating Ideas

Still on the hunt for more boho decorating ideas? We can’t get enough of this trend either, so we don’t blame you! Lucky for you, our décor inspiration blog has tons of articles on boho décor and more! Learn top interior tips from design experts, and take your home to the next level. Happy decorating!

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