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The color of your walls affects the ambiance of your home. It is not always about being bold or beautiful, but it is all about the vibe. The paint color you choose can truly affect your mood!

Did you know that there is a connection between science and creativity? Well, according to psychologists, there is a color made for every room and there is a science to back it up.

While the bright shades are perfect for a space like a kitchen we are sure you are curious to know about color combinations for other rooms as well.

Don’t worry! We have got you covered with a list of colors for every room. So, the next time you plan to renovate your home, this post will be your partner in crime.

Let’s move ahead and check out the colors!

Living Room Walls: Warm Sand

Living Room color ideas

The living room is known for setting the first expression. It is like an introductory chapter of your home that wants to hook the attention of the visitors. Psychologists say that the warm shade of sand is perfect for the living room walls.

Your living room holds all the social meetings and get-together. It is a space to spend some quality time with the family. Warm sand touches in the living room will help it boost energy and present a warm atmosphere in your home. With this pleasant shade, colors like green, blue, grey, and beige work best. You can pull the look with a blue wall art like shown in the picture above. 

You can complement the shade with a little darker tone of furnishings or accessories. You should avoid bold and loud colors in the living room since they suppress an optimistic vibe.

Bedroom Walls: Sky Blue

To promote a feeling of protection and give a serene look, it is advised to use shades of blue in the master bedroom. A dusty blue can be paired up with sky blue to fill the room with tranquility. The bedroom is your private space where you relax so make sure to fill it with colors that give a restful atmosphere to your space.

You can play with different tones of blue for the walls and for the linens and accessories. You can also add a touch of white to complement the blue shade in your room. For instance, you can get a beach wall art to kick-start your mornings with inspiration and happiness. 

Bedroom wall ideas

To have serene experience psychologists recommend using blue shades in the bedroom. Many people are fond of blue shades because it creates a cool atmosphere in your room. So if you are looking ahead to renovate your bedroom, make sure you include the shades of blue. 

Kitchen Walls: Yellow for the Appetite

While you always dream of decorating the kitchen in your own style, you should make sure to use a brighter tone. According to science, different shades of yellow are perfect for a kitchen. Yellow paint color helps you gain the appetite, according to the psychologists.

Kitchen wall ideas 

Yellow color brings in warmth and increases your energy levels. While there are food and fire in the kitchen, it calls for a color that is not bold. You can use a tone of yellow to add motivation and enthusiasm to the atmosphere. You can pair the yellow walls with white, or warm shades like orange, pink, or brown.

Bathroom Walls: Rosey Pink

While there is science for every room, the bathroom is not neglected. According to the psychologists, a bathroom should be given a light pastel look. To begin with, you can use a shade of baby pink for your bathroom walls which gives a warm look when you step out of a shower. 

Make sure you don’t turn your bathroom into a pinky affair. A pinch of rose-shaded look is enough to make your bathroom sizzle with subtleness.

Bathroom wall color ideas

Pair your pastel bathroom walls with the right style of fixtures. You can include a glass partition for the light to beam in and reflect. Uniquely-styled fixtures and lights also play a major role in deciding the vibe of your bathroom. 

White or gray with accents of gold will work best with your pink walls! 

Wrapping Up

Like how every room plays its part to come together as a home, there is a color for every room to enhance its beauty and functionality. A blend of science and colors is interesting and quite helpful while renovating your home.

Now that you have a complete list of colors for every room, you can easily decide and play with the beauty of it. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and experiment with creativity.

Bonus tip: Check out our list of calming home decor colors that do not feel overwhelming. 



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