Bohemian décor is all about embracing freedom and personality. Elevate your home with natural textures and accessories. Steal inspiration from organic scenery and lively color schemes. Modern boho décor is all about putting a playful twist on the natural style. While classic bohemian trend included mostly neutrals and deep, muted tones, 2022 is for daring decorators. Plus, incorporating boho design doesn’t mean you have to stick to boho exclusively. You can easily add a boho touch to your home without committing to the entire style. Mixing and matching top 2022 trends will show your guests that you have taste AND personality. Discover décor that inspires you with our expert boho décor tips and tricks.

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Bohemian Style Décor: An Overview

Trendy Bohemian Décor Ideas

Nature-Inspired Boho Décor

Modern Boho Living Room Décor

Bohemian Style Wall Art Ideas

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Bohemian Style Décor: An Overview

The key to bohemian style is to show your unique personality while maintaining an organic, free-spirited theme. Simply put: choose décor that brings you joy. The beauty of boho décor is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Take inspo from the colorful, light-hearted 1970s. Combine warm, orange and yellow décor with live greenery and woody details. Boho style is the perfect blend of feminine and masculine energy, making it an ideal décor scheme for couples looking to blend their contrasting visions. Focus on minimalism and natural textiles, while creating a dynamic look through color and thoughtful accessories.

Expert Boho Décor Advice

ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz shares her tips for curating a bohemian living space:

“Incorporate natural fibers inside and outside your home. Fabrics and fibers like wicker and macrame will add a nostalgic element to your interior. Rattan, cane, and other light-toned wood will help you maintain elegance while adding the quintessential airy, spacious feel that is typical of boho décor. Keep your furniture minimal and incorporate textiles like rugs, lamps, and bohemian-style wall décor. Embrace adventure and freedom in your décor choices, and don’t forget greenery! Earthy details are essential, and succulents are at the forefront of the houseplant trend. If you’re afraid that your lifestyle isn’t suitable for live plants, succulents can be a low-maintenance way to add a splash of green.”

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Trendy Bohemian Décor Ideas

Because bohemian style is about being unapologetically yourself, dare to incorporate empowering messages in your décor. Make a statement with wall art that exemplifies your social and political views. 2022 trends revolve around fearless choices. No matter what you believe in, shout it from the rooftops! Your home should represent your values. Plus, powerful artwork and décor makes for a great conversation piece. Whether you’re throwing a dinner party or kicking back in your safe space, don’t shy away from social commentary. If you don’t want to cause controversy, don’t fret! You can make a universally uplifting statement with positive affirmations and joyful typography. Something motivational and moving is ideal for creating a home that is both comfortable and stimulating. Pair this positive print or piece of décor with warm, welcoming neutrals that don’t distract from the message. Add cozy textiles for a soft, cozy touch.

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Nature-Inspired Boho Décor

Nature is one of the quintessential elements to include in a bohemian-inspired space. While houseplants and live greenery is essential, it’s far from the only way to add an organic touch. Try painting a daring accent wall in a deep, emerald green color for an unexpected look. Add vintage-inspired furniture in similar deep green and teal tones. Explore exciting patterns like checkers or plaid for a quirky twist on the natural look. Finish your room with modern, botanical-inspired wall décor to tie together the trendy and natural elements in your space. This contemporary mix of styles is ideal for putting a 2022 touch on the typical bohemian aesthetic.

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Modern Boho Living Room Décor

When it comes to your living room, show your guests your sense of style by being anything but basic. Bohemian décor isn’t about palette-cleansing neutrals anymore. Let’s get edgy with our boho style! Add unexpected hints of grunge through darker décor. Paint your walls in a shocking shade like charcoal or chestnut. For lighting, consider mixing in industrial pieces like Edison bulbs. Sprinkle in some metallic touches in matte black and brushed bronze tones. Because your living room is the most visible space in your home, you want to create an eclectic feel to stand out from the rest.

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Bohemian Style Wall Art Ideas

There are endless options when it comes to bohemian style wall décor. Wall art is a great way to add a hint of boho to your space if you’re looking to experiment with the style. You don’t have to add bohemian style to every corner of your interior. In fact, sometimes you can make more of an impact with less! With a minimalist space, try a neutral-toned print with a trendy design. For example, single line art is super-hot for 2022, and can easily be incorporated into a minimalist bohemian home. Combine single line art with another hot trend: the human figure! Sultry silhouettes are IN when it comes to artwork in 2022.

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More Eye-Catching Décor for 2022

You can’t go wrong with bohemian interior design. Equally laid-back and striking, boho style is hotter than ever. If you’re ready to explore more top trending décor, visit our design inspiration blog. Every article is filled with up to date expert tips and tricks. If you still haven’t gotten your bohemian fix, we have more blog posts to devour! For more boho wall art ideas, click here. If you want to see more empowering boho décor that makes a statement, this is the article for you.

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