A medium gray with a hint of blue, slate gray is a new way to use your favorite neutral. Slate is a shade reminiscent of natural stone with cool-colored undertones. If your goal is to create a contemporary space, slate gray can help you create the ultimate modern color palette. From abstract wall art to slate-toned furniture, we’ve made a list of the top five ways to incorporate this sophisticated hue. Slate gray exudes effortless sophistication, and it acts as the perfect base for your surrounding décor. This chic color can work in your living room, bedroom, and everywhere in between.

Stony & Serene

Because of the subtle blue tint, slate gray has a distinct soothing quality. Like a cool stream trickling over polished stones, slate connotes memories of nature at its most tranquil. Use natural stone finishes to bring out slate gray’s earthy roots. Accessorize with colors like yellow, green, and teal for a touch of contrast that won’t take away from the relaxing atmosphere. Opt for cozy, laid-back furniture for a look that values both comfort and style. Wow your guests with a space that radiates cool serenity.

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Natural meets Abstract

Keeping with the soothing style, combine slate gray with soft textures and abstract shapes. The less structure in your décor, the better. Slate gray is already strong, which means your surrounding elements should feel free. Hang an abstract print with a slate gray base and ribbons of warm neutrals. Incorporate natural elements like live houseplants and raw wood. Create a soothing environment with slate gray bedroom ideas. 

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Indie & Industrial

Looking for a more striking style? Let’s get a little edgy! While it’s true that slate gray may give the appearance of structure on its own, you can also commit to the industrial style for an ultra-modern interior. While this may not be the coziest concept, some designers prefer interiors that make a strong statement. Get inspired by Bauhaus design and use primary colors to complement your slate gray base. Use concrete throughout your home, and emphasize metallic accents. Experiment with geometric patterns and contemporary lines.

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gray home decor ideas

The Perfect Pop

There are several colors that make a stunning contrast with slate gray, but none so eye-catching as pink. Bright baby pink looks surreal against a slate gray backdrop. You can also choose warmer or cooler variations such as peach or lilac. Paint your walls a medium slate gray for visual drama, and then add pink-toned wall art and accessories. Gold details also make an interesting combination with slate and pink.

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Calm & Contemporary

Looking for gray and blue living room ideas? Slate gray will make your space look serious without looking boring. Combine different tones of blue and gray for a sleek, slate-based color palette. Hang a piece of brushstroke-style art that uses slate gray liberally. Utilize glass accessories and matte black finishes for an ultra-modern look, and experiment with hints of academia like globes, paperweights, and contemporary coffee table books.

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Gray home decor ideas

Slate Gray Living Room Ideas & More

It’s easy to fall head over heels for steely slate gray. Modernism has met its match with this gorgeous gray variation. Traditional gray is overused, which is why slate gray is the perfect twist on this contemporary trend. Ideal for any room in your house, slate has unmatchable versatility. The truth is, there are endless ways to use this stunning shade. Take this opportunity to give your home a brand-new look by adding a universally flattering hue. Try out your favorite slate gray ideas and watch your interior transform into a mecca for modern décor.

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