Filling Empty Space: Large Wall Ideas

Undoubtedly, decorating a large, empty wall in your room can be challenging. You have a lot of ideas in your mind, along with a huge space. You want to make it stand out among your entire home. Finding the perfect size, the right style, and the best colors can be tricky.

But not anymore! We have rounded up some proven ways to decorate a large wall.

Let’s have a look at the best wall art ideas for a large wall:

Design a Gallery Wall

Curating a gallery wall is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of your unique style into any room. Gallery walls are a cute cluster of the artwork and loved collectibles.

Your options are endless! For instance, on a large wall, you can use your life’s best memories printed on canvas to surround an artwork that you love or that represents something meaningful to you.

You can also showcase a stunning mix of framed and unframed pieces. The trick here is to mix and match artworks that are different enough to create interest but share one thing in common, like color, style, or shape. But you can always break the rules and create a totally eclectic gallery! 


Gallery wall canvas prints

Moreover, you have countless options for artifacts you can choose for the gallery wall. These include maps, wreaths, original art, kid’s drawings, letters, and much more.

A gallery wall completes your interior by adding character and style to your space. Whether it’s a bedroom, living room, home office, kitchen, or even your bathroom, a gallery wall creates a focal point.

An Oversized Wall Art

Whenever you are in doubt, you can’t go wrong with extra-large artwork. This eye-catching setup adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to your space.

There are tons of stunning painting ideas for a big canvas. From illustrations to photographs, these surprisingly large additions will become the focal point of any room. Don’t hesitate to go beyond your living room with this approach.

A large blank wall in your bathroom, hallways, and kitchen can also reap the benefits of bold oversized wall art. For instance, this Gather wall art adds a sense of harmony and togetherness to your dining room. This big canvas painting idea will evoke coziness without overpowering the room.


GATHER wall art

Make a Statement with Murals

A dramatic mural lends glam and luxury to an enormous wall in your house. It’s true, especially when the room has a tall ceiling.

Murals are an irresistible wall art idea for a large wall, and an excellent way to add pizzazz to your home interior. It makes your room look inviting to you, your family members, and the guests.

Although a painted mural often comes to the mind first, you can also choose a temporary mural for the desired dramatic look.

You can easily install and remove these adhesive-backed murals. Besides these options, you can also get your favorite patterns and photographs custom-printed into a mural.

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bedroom mural large wall ideas

Go for Glam Wall Mirror Decor

Paintings aren't the only way to incorporate wall art ideas for a large wall. Amp up the charm of your space with a large decorative mirror. Nowadays, mirrors are widely used to add a unique decorative touch to your home interior. In addition, mirrors also make your space feel larger and brighter.

Fortunately, you can choose mirrors in various styles and designs to showcase the beauty of your home’s design scheme.

A pair of large, window-like mirrors can add balance to your neutral living room. A gallery wall, including photographs and an ornate mirror, helps make a statement in your master bedroom.

Similarly, a simple square on each side of oversized wall art is enough to beautify your large wall art. 

Leaning the mirror against the wall is super popular, and it adds a causal elegance to the room.


large wall ideas

Create a Book Lover’s Paradise

So you love books! What about a large and stylish bookshelf?

Well, a stylish home library can transform even the most boring room into a pleasant and interesting one. Plus, combined with other decorating ideas for large walls, bookshelves can make your interior a true inspiration for your visitors.

What about hanging beautiful wall art in the center and surrounding it by books and records? If you are a traveler, think about a world map canvas wall art, and surround it with gorgeous books about cultures and travels. 


Ideally, choose an open bookshelf that is an evergreen style. It lets you easily assemble your large collection of books while looking stylish at the same time.

A Decorative Hanging Garden

Another creative, healthy, and environmentally-friendly way to beautify a large wall is to invest in greenery. Choose chic and cute wall-mounted or hanging pots. It will allow you to place your plants at various levels on the wall.

When you choose the placement of these pots, keep in mind the visual balance you want to achieve. Set some plants on the tables, some on the floor, and mount others to the wall in perfect coordination.

If you lack enough time, choose faux plants for low-maintenance but effective decor.


large wall ideas greenery

Final Tip!

When it comes to large wall ideas, it's easy to get excited about the possibilities. Just make sure you don’t over decorate your wall as it can make your space look overwhelming.

Happy decorating!








Annette Schmucker