Looking for the next big trend to incorporate into your interior? Look no further! Marbling is everywhere in 2022. This eye-catching design can be incorporated in a wide variety of ways. Like paint swirling, or the inside of a geode, there’s nothing quite as striking as a marbled surface or piece of décor. We’re going to take you through the trendiest ways to add marbled patterns to your unique space. Get your home ready to host as the world opens back up again. Follow these tips, tricks, and wall art ideas to elevate your home with a dynamic, marbled look.  

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The Difference Between Marble and Marbled

Shimmer Meets Neutral Shades

Marbled Abstract Artwork Ideas

Experimental Modernism

Texture Meets Tonal Variation

More Trending Patterns

The Difference Between Marble and Marbled

Don’t make the mistake of getting the “marbled” trend mixed up with “marble” surfaces. While marble surfaces have been a popular addition to modern interiors in recent years, marbling is another concept altogether. Marbling refers to a swirled pattern reminiscent of churned paint. While it looks similar to natural marbled stone, it has a more abstract appearance than the organic counterpart. Popular during the psychedelic era in the late 60s and 70s, marbling is just one example of a mid-20th century trend making a comeback. Think vibrant colors and conceptual, fluid designs.

Choosing an Eye-Popping Pattern

There are several different types of marbled patterns to choose from, depending on your personal interior goals. Some designs resembled vibrant feathers, while others look like stormy skies. Decide whether you want a subtle, sophisticated look, or something more playful. If you want to stick to neutrals, combine warm and cool tones to keep your interior up-to-date. For a pop of color, consider a trending shade like Pantone’s “Very Peri” or a bright, earthy green.

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Trendy Wall Art

Shimmer Meets Neutral Shades

Even if your goal is to create a contemporary interior, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a splash of shimmer! Metallic tones are hot for this coming year, even in minimalist spaces. Shades like gold, bronze, and copper can instantly liven up a modern room. Hang a print with a metallic, marbled design over a large piece of furniture to balance your space. An abstract piece of wall art that includes a shimmering illusion can add a playful element to your home, while still maintaining a chic feel. Pair your swirling, sparkling print with trending details like pendant lights, floating shelves, and indoor greenery.

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Trendy Art Ideas

Marbled Abstract Artwork Ideas

There’s nothing that makes a statement quite like abstract artwork. 2022 is not about sticking to safe choices. In fact, adding color and unexpected details is an essential part of creating a current interior. Consider adding the illusion of marbling to your main living space through fabrics or artwork. Choose a marbled piece of wall art that is reminiscent of a peacock feather for a trendy pop of teal. Start with a neutral base, but pair your print with décor that mirrors the colors in the canvas. This will maintain cohesion and still capitalize on visual variation. In addition to a modern living room, vivid, marbled designs can brighten up a bedroom or communal dining space.

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Trending Wall Decor

Experimental Modernism

Modern interiors have branched out past the tried-and-true minimalist trend. While modernism is still about being selective with your pieces and avoiding unnecessary chaos and clutter, 2022 is bringing a daring new crop of contemporary trends. Marbled details pair beautifully with rich, jewel tones inspired by the Art Deco period. The past always comes back around, and 2022 is proof that the 1920s are coming back exactly a century later. Marbled artwork and furniture can either tie your color palette together, or add a hint of contrast. If you really want to explore a bold trend for 2022, experiment with a monochromatic space. Choose a single color scheme and add flecks of neutrals for a reverse effect that’s still cohesive.

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Trending Decor Ideas

Texture Meets Tonal Variation

As mentioned above, wall art isn’t the only way to explore the look of marbling. Marbled textiles and fabrics are getting just as much praise this year. Embrace fluidity and the lack of harsh lines with a marbled throw or arm chair. Plus, your marbled décor doesn’t have to be the only daring and dramatic element in your space. While modernism has historically been about choosing a single statement piece, the rules are much looser these days. For example, paint your walls in a dark color AND use patterns that pop. Neutrals can be used as accent tones, instead of the other way around.

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Top Trending Art

More Trending Patterns

Marbling isn’t the only trendy pattern for 2022, but it’s certainly one of our favorites! There’s a ton of stunning designs to explore this coming year, and wall art is a great way to experiment with different décor ideas. Low-cost and low-commitment, artwork can easily be swapped out depending on your mood and the ever-changing trends. Besides the striking appearance of marbled décor, discover popular patterns like geometric prints and futuristic designs. For more contemporary interior ideas, visit our inspiration blog for a host of curated expert tips.

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