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When Lucas Moore bought his first camera back in 2013, he immediately felt passionate about his new hobby. Lucky for us, he has been capturing beautiful landscapes ever since.

Meet our artist of the month!

Lucas Moore Photography

Lucas Moore lived most of his life in the little rural town Gladys, Virginia, until he moved to the island of Maui in 2017 where he met his wife. They quickly returned to VA, and Lucas received his bachelor's degree in graphic design and minor in photography. 

We asked him a few questions to get a glimpse into his world.

What inspires you most as an artist?

"What inspires me most as an artist is other artists. I love seeing the different types of creativity that are shown from artist to artist. People create in their own way, and no two people do it the same so it’s always inspiring to see the way someone utilizes their creativity and for me to realize I could be that to someone else."

When did you begin creating?

"I started creating in 2013 when I bought my first DSLR camera. I had no background in photography or really anything creative at the time. I was at a point where I was trying to find different hobbies that I might enjoy and got into photography. As I learned about the camera and how to use it properly, I knew I had found something that I had a true passion for." 

Do you have a favorite creation?

"I don’t have one specific favorite creation, but I would say that any photo of the northern lights is my favorite. Yes, I do love the way the photos turned out, but honestly, the way they make me feel is why I am drawn to them. When I see them, it takes me back to that moment looking up watching the lights dance across the night sky leaving me in complete awe." 

What is your life motto?

"Hold on loosely to whatever you’ve been given. I realize that can seem fairly pessimistic to some, but it has been helpful for me throughout life so far. I believe everything we’ve been given is a gift, and nothing is guaranteed permanence in our life. I’ve come to realize that holding onto everything loosely gives it the proper level of importance in life. Whether it’s money, relationships, materials, talents, health, etc. it’s great to use and cherish those things as blessings but to not elevate them to be all life is about. If I am clinching onto any one physical thing in my life with all I have, and that thing gets taken away then what will I be? I personally have put my faith and full identity in Christ whom I believe will sustain me forever even when things in my life may not last." 

If you weren't an artist, what would you be instead?

"That’s a tough question at this point in life, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I used to work with my dad doing auto-body work on vehicles, so there is a chance I would be doing that. I like to work with my hands, so I could maybe see myself doing something that was very hands-on like wood-working/carpentry."  

Check out his beautiful collection right here.

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