How to Hang Wall Art the Right Way

You have the right to design your home however you want. If you want to cover your walls in art, or leave them completely bare, it’s your call! However, there is a theory to interior decorating. Designers have perfected the optimal composition for an eye-catching interior. While it’s ultimately up to you, these tried-and-true tips and tricks are worth a shot! Give these clever concepts a try, and you might love the results.

Here’s how to hang wall art the right way, according to the pros!

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Hanging Wall Art like a Pro

How Low Can You Go

Save Some Space

Bigger is Better

Flush & Fabulous

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How to Hang a Canvas

Hanging Wall Art like a Pro

Before you get to hanging your canvas print, choose a layout that best suits your space! We offer a wide variety of shapes and layouts to fit your unique interior. Choosing the right formation and style is just as important as hanging your artwork correctly. First, decide on the style you want to convey. For example, a rectangular, single-panel print has a chic, classic look. A frameless, multi-panel canvas is ideal for a more contemporary space. If you’re stumped on which layout to choose, check out our guide to framed vs unframed artwork.

Beyond our framed and unframed options, we also have several stunning shapes depending on the look you are trying to achieve. For an ultra-trendy look, consider a symmetrical two panel or triptych three-panel print. If your goal is to make a statement, go with a five-panel piece of wall art that will cover your entire wall.

Expert Tips on Hanging Artwork

If you do decide on a multi-panel canvas, make sure you’re prepared for the hanging process. Keep these materials on hand so you’re ready to roll once you take your measurements:

* Nails/screws (one for each panel)

* Pencil

* Hammer/drill

* Spirit level ruler

* Toothpaste

For a complete breakdown on how to use these supplies, read through our comprehensive article on hanging your multi-panel artwork.

Now, let’s get into the designer details to make your home look like it was decorate by the pro!

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How to hang wall decor

How Low Can You Go

Any designer will tell you that the most common mistake homeowners make, is hanging their art too high. Large wall art should be hung at eye level. While it may seem low at first glance, eye-level artwork is a longstanding gallery standard. Guests should not have to crane their necks to look at your prized prints. Your artwork should be in plain view, and blend seamlessly with the rest of your interior. If you’re hanging a piece of art above a sofa, leave no more than 6”-8” in between the top of the couch and the bottom of the print.

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Save Some Space

Leave enough room in between the edge of the wall and your canvas print. There should be at least a foot from where the wall ends, before your artwork begins. Hanging your art too close to the edge of the wall can make a space look cramped and disproportionate. Your interior should feel comfortable, so it’s important to avoid an unsettling layout. Give your home the greatest potential to feel open and welcoming.

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How to hang wall art

Bigger is Better

Sometimes bigger really is better, and that rings true when it comes to large wall art! While you may not want a print to overwhelm your space, homeowners tend to pick pieces that are too small. For example, if you’re hanging a piece of art above a credenza, the canvas should be almost as wide as the piece of furniture itself! A print that is too small can look awkward and misplaced. Whereas a well-proportioned piece of large wall art can transform your space in seconds.

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Flush & Fabulous

Another common mistake is not hanging the artwork flush with the wall. A canvas that sticks out too far can cheapen the overall look of your space. Attention to detail is crucial when crafting a well-curated interior. If your nail is sticking out and causing a gap between your canvas and the wall, it can be distracting to onlookers. A flush frame or canvas is especially important when creating a gallery wall or hanging a multi-panel piece.

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how to hang wall art

Better Together

While leaving enough space is essential, you also don’t want matching artwork to sit too far apart. Whether you’re hanging two images side by side, or an entire wall of family photos, each piece should be 2”-3” apart from one another. Putting too much distance in between corresponding canvases can look awkward and disconcerting. It should almost look like one continuous work of art, with just enough space to create a dynamic appearance.

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How to Hang a Canvas

Now that you know how to hang wall pictures the right way, it’s time to implement these tips! Transform the look of your home from amateur to professional with these five easy guidelines. Anyone can decorate like a pro with a little design knowledge. You’re well equipped to create a perfectly balanced interior. Now all that’s left is choosing your work of art!

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