Create a peaceful, stress-free home environment with Zen décor ideas. The concept of “Zen home décor” has increased in popularity over recent years. It has become a top contemporary trend for modern designers.  Zen-inspired design is all about open spaces, calm color palettes, and minimalist décor. It is often associated with simplicity and purity. From wall art to storage ideas, our décor experts have put together the top easy and affordable ways to execute this stunning style.

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Zen Room Décor Ideas

Creating a Zen Living Room

Go for Earthy Colors

Create a Soft Atmosphere

Use Light, Natural Textiles

Achieve Ultra-Soft Lighting

Be Smart with Storage

Enhance Your Room with Greenery

Let the Natural Light In

Zen-Inspired Wall Art Ideas

Zen Décor: Topic Summary

Zen Room Décor Ideas

You can apply the principles of Zen-style décor to elevate almost any room. From a spa-like bathroom to a serene bedroom, any area of your home can benefit from a Zen theme. Focus on organic details that are reminiscent of nature and the great outdoors. Zen décor is all about celebrating the harmony between us and the natural world. Designate a space in your home for meditation and reflection. Hang wall décor that represents gratitude and simplicity. Make sure to keep your furniture minimal, as Zen is about finding beauty without excess.

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Creating a Zen Living Room

If you’re not such where to begin your Zen décor journey, why not start with your main living space? Your living room is the main gathering place in your home. Zen spaces are meant to be shared with like-minded people. Connect with others and connect with the earth by creating a social space with organic elements. Keep your furniture low to the ground and focused on functionality. Accessorize with wooden details and a light, bright color palette.

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Mandala Wall Art

If you’re looking for a spiritual print to elevate your living room, go with a Mandala wall print. Curated by our art director, Tirzah Goodman, these pieces of wall art are meant to act as a symbol of spiritual guidance. Plus, they look absolutely gorgeous!

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Go for Earthy Colors

Warm and earthy tones can transform your space in no time. They can instantly make your space feel peaceful and welcoming. From deep reds, to sandy hues, to cool, contemporary greys, every earthy shade radiates pure Zen. There are plenty of ways to incorporate earthy tones into your interior. For example, paint your walls with neutral shades and hang a piece of nature-inspired wall art to tie together the theme.

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Create a Soft Atmosphere

Soft materials are a huge part of Zen design. Adding a soft rug will give you a multi-sensory experience. Create a plush pad for your feed, and consider luxe textiles in grey, dusty pink, or beige. Keep in mind the color of your floor and choose an area rug that complements your existing color scheme.

Use Light, Natural Textiles

Whether it be bedding or curtains, all textiles should be natural and light. Experiment with fabric like cotton, silk, and wool. The two most important elements of Zen décor are the drapes and upholstery, which provide a sensation of peace and comfort. Billowy, lightweight fabrics are essential to achieving a calm and serene look.

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Achieve Ultra-Soft Lighting

In addition to soft fabric, soft lighting is also a major part of Zen décor. Install dimmer lights in the bedroom to set a relaxing mood. You can also add some scented candles in the living area, bathroom, or bedroom. Scented candles also add to the aromatherapy aspect of Zen interiors.

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Be Smart with Storage

Zen is all about calm, open spaces. If your home is full of clutter, then you need to make it clutter-free! Adding concealed storage will give your space a cleaner, more expansive appearance. Create storage spaces in empty corners of your kitchen and utility spaces to maximize organization. Plus, remember to rid yourself of anything that doesn’t serve you.

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Enhance Your Room with Greenery

A Zen interior would be incomplete without live greenery. Adding potted plants to your space is an easy an inexpensive way to create a natural space. In addition to their stunning appearance, indoor plans can help purify the air.

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Let the Natural Light In

Allow natural light to stream into your space as much as possible. Make sure not to block windows with any furniture or décor and use sheer, gauzy curtains that let in the maximum amount of light.

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Zen-Inspired Wall Art Ideas

To complete the Zen look, hang Zen-inspired wall art in your room. One of our favorite Zen prints is the Little Oasis Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art. Wall art takes a more literal approach to Zen décor. You can also hang a large wall art piece on a large wall of Zen meditative practice to inspire you to tap into your inner self. View our top trending wall art prints for more ideas.

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Zen Décor: Topic Summary

Zen interiors are meant to promote peace and serenity within your home. You can elevate any room with a Zen-inspired aesthetic using the tips and tricks mentioned above. For more trending décor topics, visit our inspiration blog.

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