Create a peaceful and stress-free home environment with Zen décor!

The ideas of Zen home design have an increase in popularity and become a trend in modern homes. It is all about open spaces, calm palettes, clutter-free and minimalist décor.

Zen style is often associated with minimalism, simplicity, and purity of lines. Consider these eight ways to make your home totally Zen.

#1 Go For Earthy Colors

Warm and earthy tones can transform any space in no time. They make the space feel peaceful and special as well. From deep reds and sandy hues to inviting cool grays, every earthy shade looks amazing in all home designs.
How to incorporate earthy tones?

There are many ways to add earthy colors in your interior. Some of the ways are painting the walls with neutral shades, hanging nature's multi-panel canvas prints, and more.

Adding natural elements and art pieces are a surefire way to employ earthy tones color and to make a room totally Zen.

If you're looking for more inspiration, you'd love the calming home decor color trends in 2020. 

zen inspiration home decor

#2 Place Softness at Your Feet

Soft materials are part of Zen design. Therefore placing a soft rug is a great option to add softness at your feet. White, light gray, light pink, rusty shade, or any light-colored rugs work great in Zen interior.

Further, soft carpets provide a real sense of calmness while covering the hard flooring in style. However, when you choose a carpet or rug for your home, keep in mind the color of your floor.

zen inspiration home decor

#3 Go for Natural and Light Fabrics

Whether it is a sofa cover, bedding curtains, or mat, the fabric of all should be natural and light. Try to get cotton, silk, wool, or any other natural fabric for the home interior to make it complete Zen.

The two most important elements of Zen décor are the drapes and upholstery, which provide a sensation of peace and comfort. The drapes block air noise and make the space more peaceful. However, a sofa in the room offers you great comfort after a long day at work.

So, give them special treatment by selecting natural as well as light textiles that match the rest of your home. Also, choose natural material for throw pillows and rugs.

Cotton Bouquet Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

#4 Zen Inspired Wall Art

To make your home complete Zen, hang Zen-inspired wall art in your room. One of the examples of Zen-inspired wall art is Little Oasis Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art. Wall arts take a more literal approach to Zen décor.

You can also hang a large wall art piece on a large wall of Zen meditative practice, nature's beauty, and more. Check out our top trending wall art prints for more ideas.

Little Oasis Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

#5 Set the Tone of Space with Soft Lighting

In addition to the soft fabric, soft lighting is also a part of Zen's home. So, install dimmer lights in the bedroom to set a relaxing mood and to get a comfortable sleep. For tasks like reading, cooking, bathing, and more, switch to task lights that are soft to your eyes.

You can also layer the lights with some scented candles in the living area, bathroom, or bedroom. Scented candles also help complete the Zen interior in your home.

zen inspiration home decor

#6 Create Uncluttered Space with Storage

Zen is all about calm, free and open spaces. If your home is full of clutter, then you need to make it clutter-free to create a Zen. Storage helps you make your home free from clutter and make the space look open as well.

So, create ample storage in your empty corners, kitchen, and bedroom to keep the things at the place and to organize everything in a better way.

Also, when you're going, Zen is to clean and organize. Get rid of everything that you don't need anymore.

Mandala in Blue I Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

#7 Enhance Your Room with Green Plants

Zen home is famous for natural beauty, earthy tones, and calm hues. So, having green potted plants indoor is one of the best ways to make your house a complete Zen.

Further, it is easy and non-expensive too. You can place any indoor plant in your space to make the area look more happening. In addition, to add beauty, these plants also fill your home with fresh and oxygen-rich air.

zen inspiration home decor

#8 Allow Natural Light to Come In

Allow more natural light to come in your rooms; be it a living room or bedroom. Natural light makes the space brighter, which visually opens up the area. For this, opt for large open windows in the rooms and cover them with light fabric.

Keep in mind that you can also go for blinds as during day time, they allow much natural light to come in, and at night offer you complete privacy.

Zen inspiration home decor


Zen home interior looks great in every home design and offers you a peaceful environment.

You can update your home with Zen style with the help of the above-mentioned tips. Remember wall art, wall paint, drapes, fabric, and furniture play an important role in designing your house with Zen style.



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