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Is your kitchen looking a little dull? Don’t fret! We have the ultimate designer solution. 2022 is bringing tons of hot new trends to the table. One of the top colors of the year is orange. Add a touch of a positivity to your cooking space with a splash of burnt orange or tangerine! There are tons of orange décor ideas that can take your kitchen to the next level. We’ve curated a selection of wall art for a simple way to brighten your kitchen with orange. Browse our designer tips and tricks to add orange to the heart of your home! Let’s get started…

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Trending Tones: Orange and Teal Décor & More!

Burnt Orange Kitchen Décor

Modern Orange Kitchen Décor

Light Orange Kitchen Décor

Wall Art for Kitchen/Dining Room Combo

More Orange Décor Ideas

Trending Tones: Orange and Teal Décor & More!

Even though it’s a statement shade, orange is super versatile! A hint of orange can go with practically any color scheme. One foolproof way to add orange in a stylish way is to pair it with contrasting colors. Orange pops against colors like blue, green, white, and gray. You can also take the opposite approach and go with a daring monochromatic color scheme that incorporates colors like orange, yellow, peach, and beige. It’s all up to your personal taste!

Expert Tips

For more advice on mixing orange with contrasting hues, check out this expert tip from our article all about orange:

“Just because you’re focusing on the color orange, doesn’t mean you can’t throw in some cool colors too! Find a modern piece of abstract art with burnt orange tones, and pair it with eye-catching cool colors like teal and aqua blue. Let your chosen piece of wall art act as the base for the rest of your décor. Complementary colors have been a long-time favorite for designers for a reason. A tried-and-true design trick, the perfect balance of colors will instantly elevate your cooking space.”

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Colors that match with orange

Burnt Orange Kitchen Décor

Speaking of burnt orange, this rich, rusty shade is ideal for year-round décor! While light orange can come across as summery, dark orange is more versatile. Plus, dark orange can have a sleek, sophisticated look that blends well with organic décor. If your goal is to create a chic space with a natural twist, burnt orange is right up your alley. Mix different shades of wood and add live greenery for the perfect mix of neutrals and color.

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Burnt Orange Kitchen Decor

Modern Orange Kitchen Décor

Curated by our art director, Tirzah Goodman, our “sunset forest” collection is all about celebrating golden hour and depicting nature in a surreal way. The perfect mix of modern and traditional, this collection puts a glowing twist on classic landscapes. This selection of artwork is the perfect way to incorporate orange and add an ethereal look to your kitchen. Explore the best ways to include these stunning prints in your space with our article all about this handpicked collection:

“Even though we’re in a colder season, that doesn’t mean you have to throw away bright, warm shades. Citrus-inspired hues will always look stunning, and they’re a great way to liven up your interior even when it’s chilly! If you really want to make a statement, we have a daring idea for fearless designers. Paint a portion of an accent wall in the citrus-themed tone you want to highlight in your print. This will create a stylish, bold look that will surely wow your guests.”

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Orange Decor

Light Orange Kitchen Décor

While dark orange may look sophisticated, light orange is ideal for adding a more playful look. If your kitchen is already dark-toned or overly modern, a hint of bright, light orange provides the perfect amount of contrast.

Light and Bright

A great source of inspo for a light, warm color palette is the desert! Check out these expert designer tips from our article all about desert-inspired décor:

“For an instant mood booster, there’s nothing that radiates happiness quite like orange wall décor. Consider tangerine for a vivid, yellow-toned touch for a look that’s reminiscent of the desert. Add some pizazz to your cooking space with an orange accent wall, or an oversized piece of orange wall art. This eye-catching shade will also help maximize natural light, which is ideal for your kitchen! Embrace the sunny illusion whether it’s rain or shine.”

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Light Orange Kitchen Decor

Wall Art for a Kitchen/Dining Room Combo

If you have a kitchen/dining room combo, orange is the perfect color to blend both spaces. Not everyone has a formal dining room, so it’s important to make the most of the duality between areas. Consistency is key, and color is a great way to tie together a combo room with two distinct purposes. Hang a piece of orange wall art in your cooking/dining space, and pick dining furniture that matches your chosen piece of artwork.

Hot Tips

If you need more convincing that orange dining and cooking spaces are “in,” check out this excerpt from our article on mastering warm home décor:

“Say goodbye to dull dining rooms and kitchens in 2022! This year is all about taking chances and being bold. Opt for light, bright variations of orange like melon, tangerine, and marigold. Use juicy citrus fruits as your primary inspiration, and dare to add some zest and pizazz to your room. Vivid orange colors were uber-popular in the 1970s, and they’re having a massive resurgence! To give this look a modern twist, mix light orange with ivory or white for a foolproof look.”

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Modern orange kitchen

More Orange Décor Ideas

Your kitchen isn’t the only space that can benefit from orange décor! Check out these tips for adding orange to your bedroom, or creating a warm-toned living space. You won’t regret adding this eye-popping color to your interior, especially in highly-trafficked areas like your kitchen, living room, or dining room. For our complete array of interior design ideas and expert tips, pay a visit to our carefully curated inspiration blog. Happy decorating!

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