Mixing modernism with tradition has never been prettier. Vintage floral patterns are back in a big way, and these stylish prints are proof. Our “vibrant vintage floral pattern” collection is full of vivid imagery inspired by classic textiles. Put a contemporary twist on this timeless trend by opting for a bright-colored piece of wall art. We’re going to walk you through our favorite ways to incorporate this curated collection in your living space. Get ready to fall in love with large floral wall art, and this juxtaposition of striking styles.

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Mix Vintage with Neutrals

Put A Twist on Art Nouveau

Discover Paisley-Meets-Pantone

Create Multi-Panel Magic

More Vintage Floral Patterns

Mix Vintage with Neutrals

The easiest way to modernize a vintage trend is by using a contemporary color palette. Choose a piece of wall art that showcases a classic pattern, and give it a modern facelift. Neutrals are the perfect way to bridge the gap between traditional and trendy. Choose artwork that incorporates shades like grey, beige, and ivory. This will also create the ideal balance between masculine and feminine energy in your space, while avoiding an overly flowery look.

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Vintage Floral Décor: Pro Tips

Take a cue from our article on the most popular patterns for 2021, and eye this excerpt explaining “grandmillennial” style:

“Grandmillennial” is 2021’s hottest new trend. Bring back your grandmother’s old floral curtains, because this ultra-feminine theme is all the rage. Inspired by granny’s frilly décor, add a shabby-chic touch to your interior. Modernize floral patterns with a splash of Millennial Pink, and use refurbished vintage furniture to complete the look.”

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large floral wall art

Put A Twist on Art Nouveau

Art nouveau is the iconic art and architecture style from the turn of the century. This whimsical style incorporates organic shapes with stained-glass-like details. While art nouveau originally used a warm color palette comprised of yellow-greens, orange-golds, and rust-reds, consider pairing this vintage pattern with an unexpected color scheme. Add purple and cobalt for a contemporary take on this century-old design statement.

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abstract floral prints

Discover Paisley-Meets-Pantone

You can’t go wrong with the classic paisley style. Paisley is a gorgeous vintage pattern that is having a major resurgence. Give this retro décor a modern twist by choosing a print with Pantone’s Colors of the Year. Pantone has dubbed “Illuminating” yellow and Ultimate Gray as the hottest shades for 2021. Paisley and Pantone are a match made in design heaven.

Vintage Floral Décor: Pro Tips

Our resident design expert, Yoko Chow (of Yoko Chow LLC), expands on why Pantone’s picks are ideal for current décor:

"Understandably, 2021’s colors are a reflection of the on-going phenomenon - fortitude facing the pandemic. The combination of Illuminating (yellow) and Ultimate Gray may give you a very contemporary impression, but it can easily swing traditional as well.”

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flower pattern paintings

Create Multi-Panel Magic

Give your vintage prints a trendy look by selecting a modern layout. Our multi-panel canvases are perfect for a contemporary space. These canvas shapes are unexpected, but still maintain a sleek, low-profile look. The mix of a stylish layout with a retro pattern will create a timeless appearance. If you’re on the hunt for something eye-catching and well-balanced, this is an ideal option for your living room.

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large floral wall decor

More Vintage Floral Patterns

The best part about our vintage floral collection is that it will suit any style of interior. While this collection is perfect for décor all year round, it’s a particularly strong choice for an end-of-summer celebration. If you’ve completely fallen in love with florals, you’re not alone! Take advantage of this trend and explore even more floral print ideas on our inspiration blog.

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