Backed by paint Haus Pantone, purple is officially the hottest color of 2022! Calming blue hues have always been in for bedroom décor, but it’s time to add a delicate twist. Purple can look modern or traditional depending on how you integrate it. From wall art to bedding and textiles, add a pop of purple for a stylish addition to your sleeping space. We’re going to take you through our top expert tips to exploring purple in a contemporary way. Get ahead of the current trends with these unique purple bedroom décor ideas.

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Purple Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Modern Purple Bedroom Ideas

Dark Purple Bedroom Ideas

Light Purple Bedroom Ideas

Purple Bedroom Wall Décor

Explore Purple Décor for Your Home

Purple Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A major component to consider when adding purple to your bedroom is the overall color scheme. Purple can work with a wide variety of color palettes, but 2022 trends are all about making purple the focus of your space. Pair purple hues with neutrals like gray, beige, or off-white for a calming look. Because you’re decorating a space meant for relaxation, avoid louder color palettes with competing tones.

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Purple and Black Wall Décor

Purple and black is a classy combo with a contemporary twist. If you want a room that looks bold but not overwhelming, consider hanging a piece of wall art with amethyst purple and carbon black. Accessorize with different shades of purple textiles. Royal, warm purples are perfect for balancing the black accents. For a subtle pop of color, add live greenery for a natural touch.

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Purple bedroom decorating

Modern Purple Bedroom Ideas

For a modern bedroom that still looks daring, paint an accent wall! Consider a heather gray that has natural purple undertones for a matching look that’s not monochromatic. Bright purple bedding will provide the perfect amount of contrast for a striking appearance. To avoid a bedroom that looks too cold, add gold light fixtures and warm metallic finishes. Add fresh flowers with vibrant, magenta hues like tulips or purple peonies.

Expert Tips

One of the top trending styles for 2022 includes vibrant floral details. Hang a piece of wall art above your bed with a vivid, flowery theme. Curated by our art director, Tirzah Goodman, vibrant florals are taking the design world by storm. If you want to boost the trendy feel of your bedroom, you can’t go wrong with, “Very Peri.” Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2022, Very Peri is a bright, periwinkle color that represents an exciting future ahead.

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Purple bedroom wall decor

Dark Purple Bedroom Ideas

Create a dark, moody space with purple, dusty rose, and charcoal gray. Pairing these feminine colors with deep hues will instantly elevate your sleeping space. Whether you prefer fresh flowers or dried flowers, adding a floral touch will prevent your bedroom from looking too dark. Focus on cozy bedding and plush pillows for a welcoming feel. Add décor with dynamic shapes and lines for an eye-catching look that won’t compete with color.

Lavender Dreams

Steal style inspo from the French lavender fields of Provence. Drift off to dreamland with the most relaxing flower on the planet. Check out this expert tip from our guide to lavender-inspired interiors to flawlessly incorporate lavender into your bedroom:

“Lavender is universally known to promote sleep. Let your lavender-inspired interior go beyond just visual details. Spritz your pillow with lavender essential oils before bed, and place satchels of dried lavender flowers in your drawers for a subtle, relaxing scent. Layer different shades of purple blankets, and add pops of purple throughout the room. The goal is to create a laid-back look with an ultra-chic color palette. An authentic French interior looks both stylish and casual all at the same time.”

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Purple room ideas

Light Purple Bedroom Ideas

Speaking of lavender, consider a lilac-inspired hue as the base of your bedroom. Light, pastel tones are a lovely soft take on the purple trend. Paint your walls in a light purple hue instead of a plain, bright white. Purple velvet blankets or throws can add a stunning pop of contrast. Pastel pinks and even sage greens will instantly create a dynamic look. A multi-panel piece of wall art with light purple, gray, and baby blue is the perfect finishing touch for a light purple bedroom.

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Modern purple bedroom

Purple Bedroom Wall Décor

Wall art is one of the easiest ways to give your home a trendy look in the blink of an eye. The benefit of wall art is that you can swap it out as trends come and go. If you’re looking for an easy, affordable way to dip your toe into the purple pool. Choose a whimsical piece of wall décor and make sure it is well-lit in order to highlight your new addition. Another form of wall décor to consider is hanging a formal mirror with a purple frame. Anything you can hang on your walls is a great, space-saving way to add style. If your bedroom is super compact, wall décor is your saving grace for saving space!

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Purple Room Decor

Explore Purple Décor for Your Home

You don’t have to use purple solely in your sleeping space, purple is a stunning shade to use all over your home! There are several different variations to choose from, and you can add purple to any interior. Whether you love classic or contemporary décor, purple can add a trendy touch to your space without sacrificing style. From purple-tinted mirrors to purple textiles, there are endless ways to play with this gorgeous hue.  Visit our décor inspiration blog if you’re looking for more expert tips and tricks. There’s no time like the present when it comes to giving your home a makeover for 2022. Happy decorating!

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