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The popularity of green has never wavered in the world of interior design. This classic color can swing traditional or trendy depending on the shade. Not only is it highly versatile, but it’s a great way to add color to your space while keeping a natural feel. From your bedroom to your main living space, we’ve created the ultimate guide to incorporating green into your décor.

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Shades of Green Wall Art

Green Bedroom Wall Décor Ideas

Green Abstract Wall Art Styles

Framed Green Wall Art Shapes

Large Green Canvas Wall Art Sizes

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Shades of Green Wall Art

There are several variations of green to choose from depending on your interior goals. If you want to create a dramatic space, go with a dark shade of green. For a softer, more understated look, choose a cool pastel color.

Emerald Green Wall Art

Emerald green is a stunning shade that can make your space look instantly regal. For a more in-depth summary of this luxurious hue, read this excerpt from our comprehensive article on emerald green décor:

“Emerald hues rose to fame in the 1920s throughout the Art Deco period. Borrow style inspo from this iconic design era, and add a touch of vintage glamour to your interior. Paint your walls in a moody, deep green, and experiment with jewel-toned textiles. Don’t forget to add a hint of gold! Gilded details are perfect for completing the Art Deco look. Play around with classic 1920s geometric shapes, and green velvet curtains for a striking monochromatic appearance. This lush look is the way to go if you're searching for 5-star hotel-inspired bedroom decor ideas.”

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Seafoam Green Wall Art

If more delicate shades speak to you, it’s difficult to go wrong with seafoam green. From mint to light teal, seafoam evokes the feeling of a soft summer morning. Learn how to pair seafoam green with stylish décor in our article on coastal décor ideas:

 “Seafoam lies somewhere in between blue and green. This seaside shade is more muted than aqua, but bluer than mint. Find a piece of trendy artwork that uses seafoam green in combination with neutral colors for a sophisticated look. Find furniture in hues like beige and sand for a beach-inspired interior with a refined twist. For a finishing touch, add cozy textiles in both cool and warm colors like seafoam green mixed with butter yellow.”

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Green Bedroom Wall Décor Ideas

Green is the perfect color for your bedroom because of its calming quality. Because it is reminiscent of nature, it creates a soothing atmosphere. It’s the ideal stylish shade for your sleeping space.

Master Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Add green to your master bedroom for a gorgeous look that’s both understated and mature. Steal these tips from our expert post on master bedroom décor:

“First and foremost, your master bedroom should be your sanctuary. Don’t overwhelm this space with excessive clutter. Make sure to be intentional with your accessories. Choose artwork that represents your personality while still blending with your décor. It’s important to balance both style and practicality.”

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Green Abstract Wall Art Styles

If you’re stumped on what kind of green décor will best suit your space, try an abstract piece of green wall art. Abstract art is a great way to add a contemporary twist that is sure to match your existing interior.

Abstract Art: Pro Tips

ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz emphasizes the power of abstract art:

 “Whether you want to convey an edgy-meets-elegant mood, or simply add urban glam to your home, abstract art is a great way to grab your guests’ attention. It instantly inspires onlookers to uncover the mystery that lies within the print.”

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Framed Green Wall Art Shapes

Decide whether you prefer the look of a framed or unframed green canvas. Our unframed canvas prints come in a variety of modern, multi-panel layouts, whereas our framed pieces are more traditional.

For the benefits of framed artwork, view this passage from our guide to framed vs unframed wall art:

“A framed prints looks like a single panel canvas, but this wrapped artwork features a third layer: a wooden frame that makes it look like your art is floating. Framed wall art adds a refined aura to your space, and a solid black border keeps the focus on the art itself.

If you are looking for a large modern artwork with an abstract design, consider a framed layout to balance edge with elegance. This format will seamlessly blend with your overall interior theme.”

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Large Green Canvas Wall Art Sizes

Go with a statement piece to make the most out of your wall art. Let your green artwork shine by choosing a print with large, eye-catching dimensions. Follow this advice from our Ultimate Wall Art Size Guide for canvas sizes that make an impact:

“If you want to create a gallery wall above a large piece of furniture, consider a canvas that is 52 inches by 32 inches in height and width. Choose canvases that include panels in asymmetrical sizes, and arrange them symmetrically to create the ideal look on your wall.
Gallery walls and multi-panel artwork looks especially eye-catching above a king or queen size bed. Always make sure you have enough empty space around the artwork so that the arrangement looks clean and sleek.

If you want to craft an oversized gallery wall that really packs a punch, go with these dimensions: 66”x33”. Instantly create a focal point in your room that has a wide open, empty wall. You should measure the space before installing this oversized canvas, as this size can be overwhelming in a room with smaller walls.”

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More Décor Topics: Green Wall Art & Beyond

From emerald to sage, green is a beautiful shade for any interior style. Consider creating a green base in your bedroom or your main living space, and adding wall art to accentuate this earthy look. For more décor ideas and design trends, visit our inspiration blog.

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