Add some sparkle to your home with silver wall art. Set in a stunning frame, silver-colored artwork can add a touch of luxury to your space. Framed artwork can create an opulent look, and silver is the perfect color for a contemporary interior. Our design experts are major advocates for adding silver wall art to unexpected areas in your home. From your hallway to your utility rooms, use framed artwork to spruce up every corner of your space. Follow our professional tips on how to make the most of your eye-popping print.

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Silver Framed Pictures: Color Schemes

There are benefits to pairing silver with both warm and cool color schemes. A cool color scheme will blend well with the silver tones, whereas warm hues will provide contrast. If you want a completely contemporary interior, go with cool colors like blue and green. For a more traditional look, add shades like red and orange. In 2021, mixing metals is also a popular rebellious trend! Just because you’re hanging a piece of silver wall art, doesn’t mean you can’t use gold (or even bronze) finishes throughout your space. For a narrow area like a hallway or entryway, use three main colors to avoid overwhelming your interior. In fact, the 60-30-10 color rule is a great way to ensure a well-balanced space.

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Silver Hallway Wall Decor Ideas

Silver wall art is the perfect accessory for your hallway due to its inherently modern look. If you want a way to instantly make your home look current, silver is the way to go. It’s also a great choice because it won’t overpower a transitional area like your hallway or foyer. Hang a silver-toned piece of wall art above a credenza for an effortlessly chic look. Place a few pieces of chic memorabilia on top of the surface, and stick to a neutral color palette. If you’re dying for a pop of color in your hallway, fresh flowers or live greenery is a great way to create visual dimension without adding clutter.

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Silver Framed Picture Styles

There are tons of different silver artwork styles to choose from. Minimalism is a highly popular trend that pairs well with framed silver wall art. Look for a print that makes a statement without appearing too busy. You can also opt for the foolproof abstract print. This style of artwork will fit with almost any existing décor. Seek out a piece of framed art that enhances rather than distracts from the rest of your space. Simple, sleek, and unconventional are all great descriptions for your perfect silver print.

Metallic Décor: Pro Tips

If you’re looking for metallic décor to complement your framed silver artwork, follow our tips from design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz:

"Add a glamorous touch to any space by using metallic wallpaper as a striking accent wall. Silver-toned fixtures and appliances are still a top choice when it comes to contemporary metal finishes. However, you can still branch out from stainless steel. Experiment with other silvery variations like chrome or nickel. You can also explore an array of different finishes from brushed to highly polished metal. If you’re a fan of the classic look, don’t stray away from silver all together! Silver décor can still hint at a traditional Hollywood regency look. From the deco period to the 21st century, silver is both trendy and timeless."

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silver framed picture ideas

Hallway Wall Art: Size Guide

Choose the ideal size of framed art for your empty wall. These tips will ensure you don’t make a major design faux-pax with the dimensions of your print:

Your wall art should take up around 60% to 75% of the total wall space, excluding the portion covered by moldings or furniture. Measure the height and width of the wall. Now, multiply the measurements by both 0.6 and 0.75. As a result, you will get the range of canvas print sizes to fit your wall.

If you’re specifically looking for wall art to fit your hallway, consider our foolproof size of 36 inches by 75 inches. This will give your hallway a sleek, polished vibe. This artwork size works well in long hallways as well as entryway and foyer spaces.

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silver hallway wall art ideas

Framed Art Layouts & Shapes

Our framed prints come in rectangular, panoramic, and square shapes. If you’re wondering what the major benefits are to choosing framed artwork over a canvas, check out this passage from our guide to framed vs unframed wall art:

“Below are our top reasons for opting for framed artwork:

The Polished Look

Framed artwork always looks chic and polished. The air of refinement subconsciously impacts the viewer's perception of your overall space.

The Floating Illusion

Because of the intentional gap between the canvas and the frame, the print appears to be floating inside the frame, giving your wall art an ethereal, three-dimensional look!

A Low-Profile Appearance

One of the major pros to framed artwork is that it looks light and low-profile, which results in a sleek, clean appearance.”

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silver hallway wall decor ideas

Beyond Silver Framed Pictures: Topics

Silver wall art is a stunning addition to any home. Fill every area of your interior with something that shimmers. From metallic accents to a solid silver theme, these décor ideas will elevate your space in the blink of an eye. Hang a piece of framed silver artwork to tie your décor together. If silver’s not your style, or you’re just on the hunt for more design tips, visit our inspiration blog. We have endless advice for homeowners looking to give their interior a makeover.

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