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If you're expecting a little bundle of joy, one of the first steps is creating the perfect space for your child to grow. A nursery is more than just a room, it's where your child will spend their formative years. From nursery wall art to color schemes, we have teamed up with our design experts to create a comprehensive guide to nursery decor.

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The Basics of the Room

How to Choose Your Colors

What Is the Ideal Style

Wall Art Sizes

Wall Art Shapes

Helpful Nursery Decor Topics

The Room

It’s imperative to make your nursery as enriching and stimulating as possible. On a lighter note, it can also be the most fulfilling room in your home to decorate! Unbound by playful color schemes and unexpected décor, nurseries are full of love and life. Wall art can completely change your room in the blink of an eye, which is all the more reason to select the perfect canvas for your nursery.

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Choose Your Color(s)

Choose whether you want to incorporate traditional decor, or keep your décor gender-neutral. For example, you can select a typical feminine color scheme of lilac and baby pink, or you can go for a more modern color palette like sage and burgundy. Once you’ve decided whether to go classic or contemporary, the colors will follow suit. Create a calming atmosphere, but make sure to include pops of vibrant, eye-catching colors for visual impact. When it comes to wall art, choose a multi-colored piece that can work with a variety of color schemes. This will offer more freedom when it comes to selecting your surrounding décor.

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ElephantStock's interior design expert Elimar shares her tips for nursery color schemes:

"Gender neutral colors and decor have become [increasingly] popular. [For example,] earthy shades of sand and gray, as well as pastel hues. [Consider a] monochromatic space with some splashes of color."

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The Ideal Style

Select a style/theme for your child’s nursery. If you want to share your love for fantastical literature, decorate your space with castles and mythical creatures. For a more educational approach, include décor from around the world along with a world map print. You can also experiment with evergreen themes like the cosmos or the animal kingdom. Whatever you choose, make sure to hang a piece of wall art that ties your theme together.

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Size Considerations

When choosing your perfect piece of wall art, it is crucial to order the right size for your nursery. Note the measurements of your favorite print, and use a tape measurer to visualize the size on your wall. A major design faux-pas is ordering a piece that is too small for the surrounding space. If you’re not sure where to hang your kid-friendly print, always place your wall art in the largest empty space for a balanced look.

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Shape Solutions

While there’s nothing wrong with the tried-and-true rectangular print, there are tons of different options when it comes to shapes and layouts. A multi-panel canvas is a trendy take on nursery décor. Choose from two to seven-piece panels depending on how creative you want to get. The layout of your wall art is completely up to you!

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Related Topics

There are endless décor ideas when it comes to creating the perfect nursery. As your child grows, their taste will develop and their interests will shift. A kid-friendly bedroom is always morphing and changing. This guide is meant to help you navigate the topic of enhancing their nursery, and providing them with an enriching space to grow into. If you’re ready to learn more about decorating your baby’s bedroom, view our top tips for educational décor.

Congratulations on your new member of the family!

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