Originally popularized in the art deco period, jewel tones can create a dramatic interior. Inspired by the colors of sparkling gemstones, these ultra-saturated hues are ideal for adding depth. Throw pastels and neutrals aside, and dare to go dark. Instantly up your style with glamorous shades like amethyst and citrine.  From emerald green wall art to ruby red velvet, there are countless stylish ways to add a touch of jewel-toned luxury to your space.

Emerald Green Decor

This cool jewel tone is sophisticated and versatile. Emerald green decor is effortlessly stylish, and it can make a room look more expensive in the blink of an eye. Hang a piece of wall art that incorporates dark green, and add deep sage-tinted furniture to bring out the emerald tones. Paint an emerald green accent wall in a dramatic flat or eggshell finish for a velvety effect. Add a houseplant with deep green leaves for a natural emerald green bedroom idea. This color is a great introduction to the world of jewel tones.

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Sympathetic Profile Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Amethyst Plum

Take “amethyst” literally, and opt for a piece of wall art that showcase this shimmering gem. Real amethyst crystals are easily attainable and relatively affordable, making this stone a perfect addition to any space. Pair your amethyst details with deep, plum-color furniture. Soften the overall look by using a grey base rather than stark white. Purple is a hot color for 2021, making this amethyst-meets-plum color palette super on-trend.

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Amethyst Geode Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Citrine Gold

Citrine lies somewhere in between yellow-orange and mustard. This gold-hued gemstone is perfect for those who want to warm up their interior without sacrificing sophistication. Paint your room in this dark yellow shade, and add a variety of orange and gold accent pieces to match. This color is an excellent option for those who want a slightly more organic space, as it pairs well with wood and natural fibers.

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Decorate with Jewel Tones

Sapphire Blue

There are infinite colors of blue, but sapphire is one of the most indulgent. A rich, darker version of cobalt, sapphire is a true blue that leans slightly more towards purple than green. Feel free to use this jewel tone liberally, as it won’t overpower your space. Hang a piece of wall art that exemplifies this glamorous cool tone, and find furniture in the exact same shade. Sapphire will match almost any existing décor, making it a great choice if you’re dipping your toe in the jewel-toned pool.

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Cracked Navy Marble Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Ruby Red

Fiery, passionate, and undeniably eye-catching, ruby red is for daring designers. Make sure that this deep color is on the cooler side of red, as you want it to resemble a pomegranate more than a cherry. Pick furniture with a velvety finish, and use dark woods to complement this sensual tone. Excellent for sitting rooms and formal dining rooms, ruby red screams wealth. Add a few hints of dark teal and emerald green to bring out the subtle cool tones in this rich red even more.

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Decorate with Jewel Tones

Jewel Toned Living Rooms & Beyond

Jewel tones are both timeless and full of life. Ditch bland neutrals and obvious white walls, and go for a moody interior instead. Gold complements jewel tones much better than silver, so make sure to switch your surrounding hardware and metals. Although jewel tones are considered classic, there are tons of stunning ways to make them work for a contemporary space as well. From emerald green bedroom ideas, to jewel toned living room decor, You can’t go wrong with colors inspired by expensive gemstones!

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