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Summer is officially here! Are you excited like us? It’s time to give your home an update with the summer decor trends of 2020. 

You don’t need major and expensive makeovers. With some easy and affordable home decor ideas, you can prepare your home for the warmer months ahead.

From splashy hues to calming floral wallpapers, these trendy summer decor ideas are sure to impress you and your guests.

Botanical Wall Art

Bring outdoor settings in! Though you can have real houseplants in every room, one easiest way to pull the look is to invest in beautiful botanical wall art. It not only sparks your creativity but also adds interest to an otherwise empty wall.

botanical wall art

The best part is you can have it in every room - from the living room and bedroom to the bathroom. You can use plants- and flowers-based gallery walls by mixing various botanical pictures to create an energizing and uplifting look.

Let the Sunny Yellow In

Yellow has an energetic and feel-good effect. The earthy color lends a wow factor and relaxing vibes to your interior. It adds sunny visual warmth while evoking cheerfulness, freshness, and summertime happiness.

Though yellow works magically in every room, it’s ideal for the kids’ bedroom. Put it within white, grey, and light wood tones, and use yellow as an accent rather than as a dominating shade.

Any shade of yellow can transport you from hot days to fun days by the beach. You don’t always need to go overboard with yellow. Instead, choose to brighten up some features and details to create an easygoing and pleasing vibe.


Yellow decor trend

Floral Wallpaper

Floral prints freshen up the look and add a spontaneous feeling of coolness to your home. On top of that, floral wallpapers are gorgeous and timeless.

Since floral wallpapers have been around for decades, you may think of them as a too common idea. Not true!

Today, in the modern world of choices, you can see prettier, bolder, and unique floral wallpapers, for literally any room, even your bathroom.

Make a statement in your bedroom by covering the headboard wall, or create a fantastic nursery with a vibrant floral wallpaper.

Make your bathroom super-refined, and add a summery vibe to your living space with an oversized floral wallpaper.


floral wallpaper

Uplift the Outdoor Spirit

Did you think about your backyard, porch or garden? Well, in 2020, your outdoor space gets prominent. After all, your outdoor area is the very first impression of your lifestyle. So, it makes sense to spruce it up this season.

You need a few simple additions. Invest in some vibrantly printed throw pillows to compliment your outdoor furniture.

Get some freshly potted flowers and plants. Having some oversized Chinese ginger jars that you’d normally find indoor. These jars add some pattern and style to your outdoor space.

You can go a step further by getting a brightly-colored and stylish bistro table and chairs to liven up your garden even more.


Backyard summer ideas

Relaxed Poufs and Floor Cushions

Get away from the expensive ottoman and think of floor cushions and relaxed poufs. These affordable items infuse comfort and a laid-back look to your home decor. They look perfect and provide extra seating when you have more guests.

Choose interesting and stylish patterns that can feature ethnic touch, like Moroccan poufs or even something Bohemian, to set off the decor with an eclectic charm. Choose trendy and calming home decor colors for cushions. 


Bohemian Pouf

Incorporate Copper Tone

This year is all about copper. This metal finish can work in both vintage and industrial spaces and instantly adds a touch of glam.

When it comes to metallic tones, 2020 is mostly about copper. This metallic finish works excellently in both industrial as well as vintage spaces. It adds instant glamor while making your home look stylish and rich.

Copper accents add a pleasantly warm and glowing deep orange and pink shades into your home. It works well with all neutral colors you might have incorporated in your interior.

Instead of overdoing it, you can give an effortless touch to your room by having copper-toned coffee tables, kitchen accessories, candleholders, etc.


Copper home decor summer trends

Animal Print

A little lion or zebra print goes a long way. Adding a few animal prints can add forestry vibes to your space. It gives your space energy and feel of the outdoors during warmer months.

But, make sure you don’t go overboard with it. Instead, keep things simple with a detailed throw or a rug. You have plenty of options. For something a bit bigger, you may think of an accent wall or accessories or a table covering wrapped in playful animal prints.


Zebra print living room

Another option is to opt for some animal-themed wall art to freshen up and add glamor to your space exotically.

Zebra Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Bonus Ideas

Burlap or linen textures are very popular these days. You can use them to give your headboard a beachy cottage feel.

Another popular trend you might see around is the mixed print. For instance, oranges and reds can liven up your living space. Make sure you keep the color scheme similar to keep mixed prints chic and purposeful.

So, which idea do you like the most? Let us know!



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