Build a contemporary sleeping space with shades of grey. From deep charcoal to pale pearl, there is a grey-toned variation to suit every interior. Go bold with deep, dark grey hues, or choose something softer and smokier. Whichever version of grey you select, your bedroom will instantly look more modern. Create an elegant look with taupe-toned wall art, or a sleek, silvery accent wall. We’ve consulted the top design experts to curate a comprehensive guide to the trendiest shades of grey. What are you waiting for? Find the shade of grey that’s right for you!

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Grey Room Décor in 2022





Black & Grey

Grey as an Accent

Grey Bedroom Wall Décor & More

Grey Room Décor in 2022

If you can believe it, 2021 is coming to an end. As we enter the new year, it’s time to explore new ways to experiment with a classic trend. Grey has been a representation of modernism for a while, but its popularity hasn’t waned. While 2022 is bringing warm neutrals to the color palette party, grey is still standing strong as a staple. The key is to blend grey with other trending tones like gold, mauve, and teal. However, 2022 is also about staying true to yourself and making bold choices. Showcase your personality and create a sleeping space that makes you happy!

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Light to Dark Grey Bedroom Ideas

The first step in your grey bedroom journey is deciding whether you prefer light or dark tones (or both!) Light grey is the perfect alternative to white, and it is ideal for winter décor. Dark grey works as a contemporary accent color, or as a daring paint color for updated walls. Try a dark grey base with pops of vibrant colors using fuchsia/magenta furniture. You can also combine both light and dark grey with a top trending hue like yolk yellow. Choose a print from our "geometric canvas sets" collection (curated by Tirzah Goodman) for an ultra-modern touch. 

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grey room decor


Looking to decorate a dramatic, moody space? Charcoal grey is right up your alley! This edgy color is softer than black but darker than a medium grey. Inspired by the color of hot coals and smoky ash, charcoal grey looks effortlessly chic. Choose charcoal-colored bedding for a sophisticated take, or hang charcoal curtains for a slightly softer look. It’s also an excellent color for an accent wall!

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Cool tones giving you cold feet? Give grey a warmer hue by incorporating taupe! Taupe lies somewhere in between grey and beige, which makes it the perfect neutral for any interior. Tie in warm and cool tones with taupe details. This is an up-and-coming shade that lies somewhere smack dab in between trendy and traditional. Get a head start on the taupe trend by basing your bedroom décor around this versatile hue.

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Grey bedroom ideas


For our lovers of blue looking for a more mature take on the aquatic hue, we suggest slate grey! Slate grey is a mix of stone grey and pigeon grey, giving it a very slight hint of azure. Take a medium grey and pepper in a pinch of purple and a sprinkle of green, and you get this uniquely cool color. Slate grey is almost impossible to describe in words, as it’s a shade that needs to be seen to be fully understood. A natural tone with something slightly bold, slate grey is almost a rich, matte silver.

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Silver Leaves II Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art


Who said grey is inherently masculine? Certainly not us! If you want to create a softer look while still sticking to this contemporary trend, go for a pearly grey. An ever-so-edgier version of white, this neutral color can be used absolutely anywhere. Slightly warmer than a true light grey, pearl grey is soft without being too delicate.

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Grey bedroom ideas

Black & Grey

Black and white décor is a classic retro trend, but what about giving it a modern twist? Black and light grey has the same striking effect as black and white, but it adds more complexity and fluidity. Pair carbon black light fixtures with a grey bedroom painting. Opt for grey bedding with a jet-black headboard. Use black as an accent color to create a truly eye-catching effect. The possibilities are limitless, and all equally alluring.

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Grey as an Accent

Speaking of accent colors, grey doesn’t have to be the base of your space! Color-lovers can participate in the grey trend too. Switch it up and make colors the focus of your room, with just a pop of grey! Use a few elements of grey around the room to make your colors look even more vibrant. Incorporating grey as an accent color work to subtle refine a bright space. All you need a subtle touch of grey somewhere in your sleeping space.

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Grey Bedroom Wall Décor & More

Find your favorite shade of grey, and use it in the most personal room in your home. From decorating with gray walls to adding just a fleck of fog, there are endless variations of grey to explore. With its undeniable classiness and calming nature, grey is the perfect hue to use in your bedroom. For more décor inspiration, check out our design blog. We have endless expert tips to elevate your interior.

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