The Ultimate Guide to Modern Home Décor

Inspired by sophisticated city dwelling, there’s nothing quite like a chic cosmopolitan home. Made for metropolitan living, modern homes flaunt urban and contemporary design influences. Modern homes are proof that there’s no need to sacrifice comfort for glamour. From modern canvas wall art to urban-style furnishings, there are plenty of affordable ways to give your home a contemporary upgrade. Think sleek, stylish, and totally trendy.

Divide and Conquer

Modern living is all about maximizing minimal space. Your interior should look light, bright, and airy, but with a clear definition between living areas. You can have an open concept floor plan and still keep your areas well defined.

Set boundaries with sheer curtains that allow light to pass through. These can be moved to either separate the space or open it up. A rolling bookshelf also acts as a versatile divider, so you can change your layout according to your needs. Entertaining has never been easier!

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Chic and Calming

A modern space should feel both tranquil and minimalistic. Stick to neutral tones that blend together seamlessly. Look for neutral shades that are soft rather than stark to prevent your space from looking too sterile. Instead of a bright white, opt for a subtle ivory. Utilize charcoal grey instead of pure black. Don’t be afraid to mix warm and cool tones (like grey and beige,) as long as they are tied together with a touch of taupe.

Choose a piece of modern wall art décor that doesn’t distract from your surrounding décor, but rather complements it. A greyscale piece is always a safe bet, which is why we recommend a chic cityscape like our multi-panel Manhattan skyline.

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Industrial Vibes

A major theme for urban spaces is the perfectly imperfect industrial style. Using exposed pipes, bricks, and décor in its rawest form can prevent your space from looking too put together. Urban/modern living room ideas are all about embracing naturally occurring “flaws” like unfinished woods and brushed metals. Look for pendant lights with exposed bulbs.

Play with steampunk features like decorative gears and benches with metal legs. Everything should look slightly unfinished, as if you converted your sleek space from a factory. It’s all about doing the most with very little.

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Tons of Texture

What you lack in color you will make up for in texture. This is where the comfort factor plays in. Invest in a high-quality rug in warmer tones like tan and beige. For seating, a low-profile sectional is a foolproof choice. For a typical urban/modern living room idea, look for a sofa that is low to the ground and find stools and poufs to match. Seating should be the most casual element in your space.

The affinity for silver details has been shifting to an appreciation for gold and bronze, so you can incorporate lamps, coffee tables, and other décor in this timeless metallic hue. Use fabrics like wool and velvet with throws and pillows to add visual dimension.

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Multipurpose Marvels

Everything in your home has its purpose – and some have more than one! Multipurpose furniture is not only undoubtedly practical, but it can also be super-sleek and attractive. Look for a coffee table that can be raised into a dining table, or a sofa that doubles as storage. Keeping your home clutter free is essential when crafting an urban/modern interior, which makes multipurpose furniture even more beneficial.

There are several unique, geometric pieces that look like art but serve several purposes. There are side chairs that become shelving units, and shelves that fold out into kitchen tables. Multipurpose furniture will also let your guests focus on the more exciting visual elements in your space – like modern wall art décor!

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As Good as New

From urban modern living room ideas to choosing a contemporary color palette, any space can benefit from a 21st century upgrade. Combine sophistication with grittiness to create an artistic juxtaposition. Let your art be the center of attention, and make your style look absolutely effortless. A modern interior has never been easier to achieve!

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