The success of your business is about more than the product you sell; it’s also about creating an inspiring atmosphere. One of the easiest ways to elevate your company’s appeal is through décor! Whether you want to motivate your employees or delight your customers, wall art is the perfect way to boost your business. We’ve created the ultimate guide to choosing the best wall décor for your office. With expert design tips and research on what’s trending for 2022, you can create an unbeatably stylish office space.  

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Office Wall Art Customers Will Love

Top Trending Art for Office Walls

Motivational Wall Art for Offices

Office Wall Décor Color Schemes  

Size & Layout Considerations for Office Art

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Office Wall Art Customers Will Love

Making a good first impression is imperative when it comes to making clients feel at ease. Not only should your customers feel relaxed when they enter your space, but they should immediately get a sense of your business style. If your goal is to be a modern resource with an easygoing attitude, choose a laid-back piece of wall art that boosts the mood of your clients. For a more professional atmosphere, choose a print that directly reflects your profession. If your office is a creative space meant to foster innovation, opt for something more abstract and thought-provoking. Still not sure where to start? No worries! We’ll break it down business-by-business.

Shop Wall Art by Industry

A super easy way to select artwork for your office is to narrow down décor by industry. This will ensure a topical print that showcases exactly what your business is all about. We’ve created a super simple function that categorizes hundreds of prints into an easy-to-navigate, curated selection. Whether you’re a dentist or a yoga teacher, we have something for everyone.

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Top Trending Art for Office Walls

Once you’ve discovered the right wall art for your chosen industry, it’s time to talk about style! Determine whether you want your office to look sleeker and more professional, or fun and playful. For an effortlessly chic look, you can’t go wrong with minimalism. A neutral color scheme with a pop of style is the perfect option if you don’t want your wall art to be the focus of your space. A minimalist piece will elevate your office without distracting from what’s important – your business! If your goal is to create a lighthearted, eye-catching atmosphere, dare to pick a statement piece! For business owners looking to shake things up, a bright, bold piece of artwork will satisfy your desire to stand out from the competition.

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Wall Art for Business Ideas – From a Pro

ElephantStock's interior design expert, Elimar Lobo Sáenz, shares her tips for how to make the most of your business with wall art and other décor:

“There are several benefits to incorporating wall art into your workspace. Artwork can encourage creativity, reduce stress, and communicate the values and corporate identity of the company. If your goal is to project sophistication through artistry, consider an abstract print for the perfect blend of sleek and contemporary. You want your space to look professional, but not too formal. Geometric paintings can also be a good option for a dynamic, elegant space. For a more minimalist approach, go with a foolproof black and white painting. Pop and figurative art can create a casual, less rigid environment and help to fill the office with good vibes. A landscape-inspired piece (either natural or urban) can instantly relax the mind. Finally, there are the inspirational phrases, i.e., a quote that reflects the spirit of the company or that helps to establish its values."

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Motivational Wall Art for Offices

Motivate your employees to reach their full potential! Wall art can have a significant psychological effect on the people who frequent your office – including those that work there! We have an entire category of inspirational artwork to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. Hang a piece of typography with a phrase that will inspire your team every morning. A positive attitude is imperative when it comes to running a successful business! We offer inspirational typography in every style – so you don’t have to sacrifice your company aesthetic for a boost of motivation!

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Office Wall Décor Color Schemes  

Color psychology is real! You can curate the color scheme of your office to have a specific effect on your customers and employees. Blue tends to be a more calming color, if serenity is your goal. Red is stimulating, which is great for prompting fiery discussions and problem-solving. Green is the color of nature, which means green wall art will create a refreshing feel. Another professional decorating tip is to use the colors of your business throughout your workspace! If your logo is purple, add pops of purple for a subliminal message.

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Size & Layout Considerations for Office Art

Once you’ve decided on the best design for your office, it’s time to get technical! The proportions and overall layout of your wall art are imperative for a well-designed space. First, decide whether you want a more classic or modern look. If the vibe of your company is more traditional, go with a framed piece of artwork. For a contemporary feel, opt for an unframed, multi-panel print. Avoid making common design mistakes, like hanging your artwork too high! Always hang your prints at eye-level to imitate a gallery-feel. Also, it’s always better to go too big than too small! When choosing the size of your print, order a size bigger than you initially anticipated. There’s nothing that screams design amateur like a piece of art that is too small for the overall space. This rings especially true in corporate and professional environments! For a more detailed overview on sizing, check out our Ultimate Wall Art Size Guide.

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You’re (almost) an office wall art pro! If you need a little more guidance, we’ve got your back. We have a team of designers to help you manage your artwork account and curate your space. Our business benefits are 100% free and give you exclusive deals to trending wall art! It’s a win-win. Create the office of your dreams with a few simple (albeit eye-catching) additions. We also offer custom artwork tailored towards your unique business. Contact us here to learn more.

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